Miss Neko

Miss Neko

Dienstag, 25. August 2015

4 year anniversary with my love Valentin in Berlin ♥

Hi there (^-^)v
This sunday my boyfriend Valentin and I had our 4 year anniversary ♥ 
We became a couple on the 23th August of 2011.
As a gift he got me this cute drawing of us by Mary Fraser.
I absolutely love it ! He even asked the artist to draw
our mascot plushie Fant on it ♪
Fant originally is Mouton from Sentimental Circus and we
collect everything with him since we got together.
The dress on this image is a real one of mine by Baby the stars shine bright.
We celebrated our anniversary in Berlin Friedrichshain.
Valentin is currently staying there because he does an
internship in a studio there for his music studies.
I stayed the whole weekend. On Saturday he showed me around the city
and we spontaneously went shopping. I just couldn't resist as there were
so many alternative and artistical stores. It reminded me a little of Harajuku.
I even found a necklace with stag antlers *-*
We also got us matching shirts, he's wearing his on the photo above.
There's a geometrical origami crane shape on it,
 I got the same one as a tank top. I didn't wear mine yet.
I choose to wear a dress by workaholic fashion :
My boyfriend got it for me as a gift, along with
this shirt, also from workaholic :
The shop staff was super sweet and the saleswoman even gave it to
us a whole lot cheaper as she said she really wanted me to have it *-*
The shirt totally reminded me of the kind of vibe
the outfits of and Lana Del Rey use to have.
I can't wait to create a look with it ♥
These sunglasses also were a gift by Valentin ~
yayyy anniversary shopping is the best ^o^ haha
chu ♥
 Later on we went to the Alexanderplatz and did some more
shopping, there he found these shoes for me :
You could see the Berlin TV Tower behind me, right between those
buildings on this picture, but it was impossible to take a
photo on which you can see it =D
 We were lucky we had such warm weather ♥
On sunday we had breakfast at the vegan café goodies* Berlin :
 It was just perfect ♥ I had a berry smoothy and Valentin
picked orange juice, as usual (out of everything he could get there !!).
But I think it's cute, everyone got their habits, right ;D
We also had some vegan burgers *q* and strawberry cheesecake.
Sorry guys, I ate the cake before he could take a photo xD
If you ever visit Berlin, you must go there ! 
Generally there were so many vegan places, supermarkets for organic food 
and veggie friendly restaurants - it was heaven for us ♥_♥
We also came across this store :
They had nuts, dried fruit, roasted almonds and much more !
We first smelled the store before we actually saw it *-*
Oh my gosh just look at it  ♪
The sticks are nuts in caramelized sugar I think.
You can also see dried Kiwi on the bottom right:
 Saturday evening we went to an Italian restaurant with Valentin's
family and after that we went to Berlin's
Harry's New York Bar  :
 I really loved the atmosphere there. It was not stuffed with people
so you could just relax and lay back in one of the settees.
They also had live piano music. After some time Valentin
asked if he could also play a few things on it, so I even
got my own little anniversary concert from my honey ♥

Next saturday, the 29th August he'll also play at the
Bootshaus club in cologne again. If you wanna see him live.
I guess I won't be going this time though, as I need to study
for another upcoming exam of my Japanese studies.

Berlin's street fashion is soo inspiring ♥
Thanks for reading ♥
See you next time (^-^)v nyan ~♪