Miss Neko

Miss Neko

Samstag, 4. April 2015

Miss Neko in Kyoto: The Kinkaku-ji ♥ Temple of the Golden Pavilion

Hi there (^-^)v
Today I'll show you my trip to the Kinkaku-ji 金閣寺
("Temple of the Golden Pavilion") in Kyoto ♥
It's a quite famous Zen Buddhist temple.
It's one of my favourite places in Japan and is surrounded by
a stunning garden. For my other entry about Kyoto click here:
Kimono & Kiyomizu-dera
My outfit 
Dress: Liz Lisa
Necklace: Liz Lisa
Bag: Candy Sugar
Here's a map of Kyoto. I've circled the Kinkaku-ji red.
It's on the upper left:
I went to the temple together with my friend Bea ♥
We saw lots of different temples and shrines in Kyoto that day.
She wore one of her Kimono outfits:
It was an extremely hot day, that's why she took the umbrella with her.
I also always carried a black one with me to protect my skin
from the sun. We also made sure to drink enough.
I had this cute My Melody & Hello Kitty peach drink ♥
It tasted really great !
I love My Melody \(^-^)/
This was at another temple area in Kyoto :
A small waterfall *-* It felt so great being surrounded by
such beautiful nature all the time. It really calmed me a lot.
A Shinto Shrine :
♪ Bea :
Here you could pray for beauty I think, so of course I also had
to do that :D
When I recognized Bea was taking pictures ^o^

I absolutely love the gardens and nature which surround Japanese
temple & shrine areas ♥
The entrance to the Kinkaku-ji area :
You could see the reflection of the temple in the water surrounding it
so well ! The pond is called Kyōko-chi (鏡湖池 Mirror Pond).
There's a Phoenix ornament on top of the roof :
And of course there's also a Kinkaku-ji Hello Kitty :
In Japan every region and tourist attraction has it's own Hello Kitty version. ♥
This is one of the many cute and small things about Japan that make me
appreciate it so much.
At the Kinkaku-ji there is, like at most temples, also a place
at which you can wish for love, luck and more.
My friend Bea got an enmusubi lucky charm there for
my boyfriend Valentin and and me *-* Thanks so much again ♥
That was so sweet :3 For everyone who doesn't know, Enmusubi means 
"love knot". My boyfriend has a similar looking one in pastel blue.
I also lit a candle for our relationship ♥
We're together since 3 and a half years now and want to
spend our future together ^^ 

The second candle from the bottom right is ours:
More photos I took from the garden area :
One time we even saw this cute turtle ♥
I think it was a Chinese soft shell trutle. It's head looked quite different to
other turtles I've seen before. I thought it looked really pretty.
On our way back :
There were also lots of shops with typical souveniers from Kyoto :
Usagi ♥ I've got one of these as a pink cat.
And we saw these cool umbrellas. They get sweet patterns
when they're hit by rain.
They would be a good reason for me to like rain a bit more.
Sadly I couldn't take one of these home with me, they were too big.
Geisha (Maiko) doll :
Look at how tall these trees are ! It felt really enchanting when I stood there.
I hope I'm not too obsessed but I can't state enough
how much I like Japanese nature. I even took lots of pictures of the
ground which was covered by moss. (I'll spare you this time and
won't show you my floor photos ;D ). But to me it was
really interesting that even the ground looked so very different than
it does in German forests/gardens.
That's it for today ♥
I hope you enjoyed reading, feel free to ask me any question
you might have now.
See you next time (^-^)v nyan ~♪