Miss Neko

Miss Neko

Sonntag, 30. November 2014

Miss Neko in Tokyo: Swankiss, KOKOkim & meeting Hikapu ♥

Hi there (^-^)v ♥
Today I'll show you some more of my favourite shops in
the Tokyo department store Shibuya 109 !
One of recently most popular shops there is
Since I saw their store in Osaka for the first time
I really love their fashion as it's so romantic and cute.
See my entry about Swankiss in Osaka here ♪
Before I didn't really like Swankiss as I thought their fashion was
more vintage like but now that I've seen their new collections I've
really fallen in love with the romantic, princess like side of their style.
I happened to meet Hikapu when I was in the store in Shibuya. 
She's one of the staff girls and model for Swankiss.
Check our her blog for more fashion: ameblp.jp/hikapupu
She's a great inspiration ♪
My friend Bea, who was with me, and I talked quite some time with
her and she helped us picking out some cute things.
She also posted a picture of us on her instagram and 
we followed each other :3
tm0927 named Tomomi is also a staff girl from Swankiss in Osaka ^-^
She recognized me from when I visited their store ♪
Hikapu also signed my shopping bag :
With Miho-chan ~♥ 
check our her blog ameblo.jp/nninni0129
I decided to buy this cozy cardigan :

I also bought this dress :
 and the headband ♪
 Another really cute store is KOKOkim ♥
There I got this t-shirt:
I just love the print *-*
They even wrote "109" on her stethoscope ♫
 Another thing I bought at Shibuya 109 is this necklace :
After all the shopping my friend Bea and I rested a bit outside ♪
After some time we started to get up again to explorer Shibuya some
more. From time to time people asked me if they could take a
picture with me ^^ Like these girls from America :
 I think it's really cute how they were almost waiting in line ☆0(^^0)
Of course I was really flattered by thier compliments ^////^ ♥
It makes me very happy when something so nice happens.
But I was also glad when there were times when Bea and I weren't
bothered too much and could just enjoy ourselves.
We also came across a Tower Records store ♥
 Their store in Shibuya is said to be one of the biggest
music retail outlets in the world !
So of course I had to
take some pictures for my music loving boyfriend Valentin ♥
He studies music production and performes live shows in Europe.
Most of my dear readers might know him, for those who don't
check out his music if you like EDM, Dubstep, etc.
Virtual Riot :

my honey ♥
We also saw this poster of my favourite band Perfume
It said their 10 year major debut anniversary was on the day
we saw the poster ! *-* Awesome. It's crazy how time flies
I've been a fan of them since 2007 !
I've even been to a concert of them, here's my blog entry about it:
1st Perfume concert in Germany 
Met Iron Man in Shibuya ♪♪v(⌒o⌒)v♪♪イエーイ 
109 Men's  department store:
In front of 109 :
The famous crossing in front of Shibuya station :
Those huge commercials were quite impressive. You could
also hear music most of the time, I really liked that.
I wish we had this in Germany too.
Even though it can be stressful from time to time I still prefer
it when music is playing to create a nicer ambience.
You can also see the Marui ( "OIOI" ) department store
on this photo at the top right :
This duck truck was really awesome by the way :
The famous Yamanote line ♥
I really liked using the train, it was such a pleasant experience
compared to Germany. I absolutely hate it when people
are reckless and inconsiderate and sadly I have to
encounter such people in my daily life in Germany way too often.
Of course there are reckless people everywhere in the world, yes! also
in Japan, BUT the general society definitely acts more
considerate towards each other as it makes life in such a
crowded town so much easier ♥
For example you always wait in lines before entering a train and
nobody would push you away to get on the train faster than you.
In Germany people use to stand way to close to you
when you want to enter a train or subway and very often someone
even pushes themselves passive-aggressively
against your bag or even your body ! 

Neko's music :

Spending all my time loving you !
so loving you forever ~♥

That's it for today ♥
I hope you enjoyed reading !
I'll see you next time, get ready for some
more fashion news from Japan 
。.::・'゚☆ \( ̄ー\)(/ー ̄)/'゚★。.::・
Bye bye ! ♥♥♥

Donnerstag, 27. November 2014

Miss Neko in Tokyo: Shibuya 109, Ma*rs & meeting Himena Ousaki ♥

Hi there (^-^)v
Today I will show you one of my favourite shops of
Shibuya 109 ♥ 
the best department store ever !
During my trip to Tokyo I spend most of my time in Shibuya
and I must say it's really my favourite place in Tokyo
and right after comes Harajuku ♪ I will show you what I saw
in Harajuku in my next entry.
And of course I didn't travel alone
I went together with my dear friend Bea
Ma*rs twin coordination :
Me at the famous Shibuya crossing ♪
When I arrived at Shibuya station of course I had to greet 
Hachiko ハチ公 first *o*
It's a dream come true finally being there after so many
years of adoring this city ~♥
Do you know the movie that was made about the story of
the faithful dog Hachiko ?
I would advise you to watch the japanese version from 1987 !
with english subtitles full version on youtube

But there is also an English version that plays in the U.S. :
Hachi: A dog's tale

Shibuya : 

My coordination: 
Dress: Liz Lisa - Classic Rose Angel one piece
Bag: MyMelody
Socks: Liz Lisa
Shoes: offbrand 
When I was resting a bit and sat down together with Bea
a pretty girl walked up to us and we wondered if she
might be a model. Suddenly she started to talk to us
and asked me if we could take a photo together *-*
Lucky ! ♥
When I asked her if she was a professional model she told me yes
and then she asked me if I was a model too ! ^////^
I answered that I was currently studying Japanese and English but
I hope to get some bigger model Jobs the future ~ ♪
But I know I still have to work harder for that.
She had a whole team with her in the silver bus you can see in the
background. They even filmed our outfits ^-^
Some random women also asked us if they could take a picture.
Sadly I forgot to ask for her name !
Does anyone of you have an idea who she might be ?
Now let me show you one of my favourite shops in Shibuya 109.
Ma*rs :
I went there a few times as I really love their fashion and by
coincidence I even met Himena Ousaki.
Check out her blog : princessdollhime
She's a really great inspiration and models for a few japanese brands.
She also has her own brand called PrincessMelody.
She was super sweet and Bea and I talked quite some time with her.
She helped us find some nice outfits ♥
Then she asked us why our japanese was so good (haha I wish ;D)
and we told her a litte about ourselves and that I really
adore her sense of fashion. She told us that it's great luck that
we met her in the store as she normally isn't present in the stores
very often these days.
She was surprisingly open and not as distant as most japanese
staff girls at all ! She has a really nice & gentle personality ♪
As she told us she isn't present in the store often we
told her that our friend Sui Princess will also visit Tokyo soon and
surely wants to meet Himena again and she said she'll
definitely make sure to meet her again as well ^-^
Himena also posted a blog entry about meeting all of us :

"ドイツから可愛すぎる♥お客様 2014/11/05"
"Himena's blog: Cute customers from Germany" ♥ 

She writes we were all really sweet and
would look like dolls ^////^
The other staff girls were also super nice and helpful ~♥
I ended up buying this cute dress:
It's my very favourite dress now ♥
I love everything about it \(^-^)/

Only thing is, I have to wear black shorts underneath it as
my legs are just too long for those Japanese sizes ;_;
But now I don't see this as something bad anymore, I mean
most woman want long legs and most of the fashion
there is tries to acheive that look by cheating a little
with the way the clothes are proportioned.
So I decided to not feel ashamed about my height (1,78 cm)
any more ! Now I think this is what makes me unique and
I started to value that ♥ Like everyone should value their body !
I really encourage tall girls to wear whatever they want,
you can look cute as well if you want to !

When I was 13 I always wanted to look like
Chi from Chobits and I even have 2 Cosplays of her.

She is said to be about 1,52 cm.
Cute and small- something a tall girl can never be ? Wrong !
As you see her legs are almost 2/3 of her body lenght and
only really tall girls can get very close to this kind of
body proportions with such long legs.
By the way, of course I know she's only a fictional
character and real body proportions are of course still very different.

All I'm trying to say is everyone can look beautiful
or the way they want to, just highlight your best features and
learn to love the things that make you unique ~♥

I really despise body shaming in general.
Everyone can look their best their own way.


I used to not like Ma*rs fashion so much as most I
knew about it came from pictures on the internet and it were old collections...
I didn't like those too much, but I like the sweeter and
softer sides of it that I've seen in the stores now ♥
I simply prefer very girly and cute Hime Gyaru inspired fashion. ♫

And not so much this "cool clubbing look".

In a Kimono & secondhand store in Tokyo :
I also got this necklace from Ma*rs :
And they gave me a flyer with some new coordinations
Himena is showing us :
Outfits for different occasions :
I like the more elegant look (Day1 "lunch" & Day6) a lot ♥
She's also wearing glasses for these ones.
I really want top try these out myself soon.
But if I had to pick one outfit I'd take "Day2 shopping" *-*
When I was in the store they also had small campaign going on.
If you buy something for over 8,000¥ you get a Ma*rs cup for free !
I chose this one : 

New shoes found at H&M :
MyMelody bag I got in Tokyo ♥♥♥
マイメロディ ♥ matching plushie 
I was really happy to see that My Melody is still very big in Japan.
You could get items of her everywhere *-*
And of course I also love the Liz Lisa & My Mero collaboration ♥
I'll tell you more about that in my next entry ;3
With Bea in Tokyo ♥
The famous crossing in front of Shibuya station:
Shibuya Station: 
Look at that cute truck *o*
After all the shopping we had some iced coffee ♥ アイスコーヒー
It's my favourite drink, I had it all the time.
I really miss it T^T in Düsseldorf there are only a few Cafés
that sell iced coffee the way it's made in Japan ;_;
The Relax for example ♪
That's it for today ♥
Tell me how you liked it ? What more do you want to know about
Tokyo, Shibuya109 or Japanese fashion ?
Is there something you want to write me about ? Let me know ♥
My next entry will also be about shops and fashion in Tokyo so
stay tuned. See you next time ♪ (^-^)v Bye bye !