Miss Neko

Miss Neko

Mittwoch, 13. August 2014

Meeting Sui Princess ♥ Magical Sailor Moon power & Rhine funfair in Düsseldorf

Hi there (^-^)v
I met my dear friend Sui Princess again on the 25th of July ♥
As always we had lots of fun together, went shopping and
talked a lot :3 Thank you for the lovely day !! ♥ チュー
As she likes to take pictures just as much as I do we
took a few in the Gina Tricot store of Düsseldorf. I brought some
of my Sailor Moon items with me so we could take some photos
with them. We both totally love Sailor Moon since our childhood
and as the reboot of the anime came out in Japan on the 5th of July
this year, of course there's a big hype about it again now !
I'm super happy about this ♪ It brings back so many memories ~
Sailor Moon will always be one of my truly favourite animes.
I associate so much with it. I even had one of Usagi's wands
and a mask of her face (which is kinda creepy looking back...)
when I was in kindergarden.
♥ Sailor Neko :
With Sailor Sui ♥
Chu ~♫
Sui Princess's dress: Princess Melody
My dress : Liz Lisa
Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon Crystal ♥ 美少女戦士セーラームーン
When I watched the first episode online together with my boyfriend
Valentin I cried almost the whole episode >.< I was so moved.
The opening scene was so epic and then when I heared the
opening song I couldn't hold back my tears anymore.
I'm so happy they made a new anime. Don't get me wrong
I love the old one ! I've rewatched all 5 seasons again after I finished
my A-levels. Yeah I had some free-time back then... ;D
But I love the style of the new anime as well and it's so cool
that they stuck closer to the manga this time. I think it's
great that you can watch it again but in a different way
with different emphases. In my eyes this
only adds to the Sailor Moon universe.
Back to my meet-up with Sui
 She edited one of our pictures and put lots of images of my
beloved elephant "Fant" on it for me ! wee 
And of course MyMelody is there as well ♪
She also gave me this cute dress by Ma*rs as
she had no use for it anymore ~ really thank you so much again :3
I've always wanted something from them, I really like their look.
When I came home after our meeting I took a quick snapshot with it.
I hope I find an occasion to wear it soon. ♫
This July I also went to the Rhine funfair with friends from my university ♥
It is the biggest funfair at the Rhine in Germany.
I absolutely love to go on the rides, it can't be fast enough for me.
I'm a little adrenaline junkie ;)
With Wiebke and Canan, our friend Annika took the picture >.<
Thank's for the great time everyone ♥ you're awesome !!
Rhine funfair :
The beautiful skyline with the Rhine tower :
My outfit for the rides :

I was so glad I wore the bun hairdo, not only because it was practical
but also because it was an extremely hot day. It was one of the hottest
summer days here so far, I really loved it *-*
The atmosphere at the funfair was great. Here are some snapshots I took:
Slow viewing tower for tourists and the like :
Coconuts *.* This display looked so cute !
Have you been to a funfair this year, too ?
Are there any cool funfairs near your town ? Please let me know
I really want to check out more of them ♥

Neko's music :

Check out my boyfriend's new EP :

You can get all the songs here:  beatport - We're not alone EP

I also want to show you BoA 
She's Korean but sings in Japanese & Korean ♥
A friend recently showed me her songs. She's an awesome artist *-* 

That's it for today !
Thanks for reading, see you next time ♥
まったね~! (^-^)v~♪ nya