Miss Neko

Miss Neko

Donnerstag, 10. Juli 2014

Meeting Sui Princess, Princess Melody & Porter Robinson's Harajuku style video ! ♥

Hi there (^-^)v
Last week I spent the day with my dear friend Sui in Düsseldorf ♥
Check out her cute blog : suiprincess.com
Pinku Power ! ピンクパワ 
♪ヽ( ⌒o⌒)人(⌒-⌒ )v ♪
I really enjoyed the time with her ♥ thank's again for the lovely day pretty !
I wore my new dress by Princess Melody
Necklace: sweetspirits
We dicided to go shopping as it's always really fun together
and our tastes are quite similar. That's a great advantage
when you go through the stores ! You'll always see something
the other might like or she'll find something sweet for you ~♥
In this case we even found a Top at Gina Tricot that we both
really liked and it was even on sale *^* Lucky ! ラッキー 

We thought the Top is also really great for casual daily outfits 
when combined with a Jeans or a pencil skirt. It's super soft and comfortable.
Her outfit was Swankiss themed combined with items
by Princess Melody, Creepyyeha etc.
For more see her entry about our meeting

Derping around in the store :
I also found an Alice in Wonderland Top during our shopping tour.
I absolutely love the Alice story and all the films & art around it ! ♥
This calls for a new Pastel Goth outfit ! ^^
Here's a quick snapshot I took wearing it late in the evening
after comeing home from the meeting :
Back to my day with Sui ♥ We decided to go to the
TenTen Yogurt 
It recently opened up and I think I even walked past it
during my day without even noticing it. I'm really too busy
with my thoughts during my daily life sometimes >.<
Sui told me about this neat new place and I totally wanted to
go there with her as I have never ever eaten a frozen yogurt in
my life before ! I have eaten self-made ones, I put in my fridge
before but as I found out that's not nearly the same :D
I had one with cherries, blueberries aaand cheese cake ♥_♥
A small inspiring story :
While we were sitting in the TenTen, eating our Yogurt and chatting
a man suddenly walked towards us and politely asked us if
he could take a picture of us. When Sui and I are out together it's
quite often really bothersome to us, as so many people ask us for a
photo and sometimes it really disturbs our plans and we have to
say no at certain points because it would just consume too much of our time.
I completely understand how some people would like a picture
of 2 girls with pink hair all dressed up, I guess they rarely see that ;D
But many people use to be very rude about it O_O
Please don't be scared if you want to talk to me or take a picture if
you see me, it's always okay with me.
But of course I expect to be
treated like a normal human being towards which one should act politely.
And of course I might be tired or busy, like anyone is sometimes,
 but then I'll tell you in a nice way ^^ So don't worry ! I really hear the
sentence "I saw you but I was too scared to talk to you" too often !
chu ♥
Back to my story:
So this man asked us for a photo, complimented us and walked
away again. After a short while he came back to our table again
and gave us caramel candy by the TenTen as a thank-you gift !
How nice is that ! There are really still so many kind and sweet
people out there. I always remember such small & nice
encounters. To me that's really important. That way you'll never get
bitter over all the ugly things in the world. There are so many
great things as well :) And it's good if even the tiniest thing can
light up your mood ♪
Sui also gave me this pink wristband, thanks again 
~♥ 。*:★(´ゝω・ゝω・`)。:゜★。 友達
TenTen Yogurt:

On the left side they display photos of the fruits you can get.
They keep them in a fridge to be as fresh as possible.
It's a really cozy place ♥ If you want you can also take your
frozen Yogurt and eat it in the TenTen coffee, the stores are linked.
During our shopping tour Sui and I also met

It's always a pleasure meeting you guys ! ♥ We all decided to
walk around the stores together and I stumbled across these
adorable plushies *o*
The fox was so huge ! I really have a thing for plushies ^o^
There just can't ever be enough of them =D
Originally I only took the pictures with my phone to show them
to my boyfriend as we use to share such cute things from our day
with each other but I think you need to see this too ♪
The light one is a squirrel ♥
Bunnies & Lambs ♥
Neko's music :

Video featuring Harajuku styles ! ♥

( If you can't see it download ProxTube for free! )

• Lionhearted - behind the scenes video by Elleanor
on Tokyo Fashion channel :

Thanks for reading !
See you next time (^-^)v nyan ♥


  1. It looks so fun! Saw your outfits and photos on Instagram & Facebook both of you are so adorable <3 love your princess melody outfit too, nekochan~

  2. Looks like you had a really fun day out! Shopping with friends is always a good time!
    Bella xox


  3. Omg! Ihr seit beide so Zucker! Kein Wunder dass jeder euch fotografieren will! Aber du hast absolut recht, die Leute sollten freundlich bleiben und euch ganz normal behandeln... Pinke Haare machen einen Menschen doch nicht zum Alien... So was doofes :/

    Ich liebe euren Style ^o^//

    LG, Jade

  4. ich muss jetzt doch mal fragen wo man dieses fabelhafte alicetop finden kann *.*

    1. Hey ^-^ Das Top gab es für ca. 12€ bei Primark *.*

  5. waah ihr beide seid voll süß ^-^
    und das top ist voll toll von Alice ,steht dir echt voll gut.
    LG <3

  6. I love how you did your hair with the Alice top. the twinning tops are so cute!

  7. You two ar so cute *-* I love ur Alice's t-shirt! I want it too jaja