Miss Neko

Miss Neko

Sonntag, 11. Mai 2014

Met Sui Princess & new Liz Lisa mermaid collection ♥ Mermaid fashion boom !

Hi there (^-^)v
This friday I met my good friend Sui Princess again ♥
I absolutely adore her sense of fashion and most of you might know
the twin photos we took when we met each other last time, since she
also dyed her hair pink :3 See the entry about our last meeting here.
Check out her blog for more fashion ♥
I'm totally looking forward doing more twin outfits with you ! *-*
It's really fun and I'm totally glad I finally know someone who shares
lots of fashion preferences with me. This day we even had the same
hairdo by accident
(⌒▽⌒)。☆ ピンクパワ
This friday was really rainy and windy, but we were lucky and managed
to take some photos during the 5 minutes of the day when the sun came out.
It looks like it was summer :D I really do hope the weather gets better soon
as next saturday will be the big Japan Day in Düsseldorf !
It really was a fun day, thank's a lot again ♥ You know how much I
treasure our conversations ^-^ It's so nice to find people you can talk
with four hours and time just flies by. CHU 
(○゚ε^○)v ♥
My look for the meeting :
Dress: Liz Lisa
Headdress: V.aroc.K
Shell necklace: Sweet Spirits
Cross necklace: handmade by my friend Bea ♥
Rose hair-pins: Primark
This is my absolute favourite photo ! Sums up the spirit of the day :D
ヘ(^0^)ヘ ☆ OHHH !
Yes I love Regular show - almost as much as Adventure Time. These 
shows really sum up my kind of humor...maybe this'll explain a lot ;D

Pinku power 。*:★(*^ω^)人(^ω^*)。:゜★。 
The headdress by V.aroc.K I wore :
We decided to go to the Tenten coffee in Düsseldorf which we both 

really like and had some Chai tea latte & Matcha iced tea ~♥ 
It's such a great place to relax. We sat near the window and 
watched the rain pour outside. I really like that feeling. ♫

Sitting in the Tenten Coffee :
But it's also really hard being dressed up so fancy
while the weather is being so crazy >.<
1st world problems ~ it's a constant struggle for girls like us ;D
No, but I think everybody understands how frustrating this can get
sometimes if you have put soo much effort in your look before.
But somehow we made it through the rain ^-^

Magical Pinku girl powers - for sure !
....and maybe an umbrella

Here you can see how windy it was :
At some points I couldn't really go on taking pictures anymore I just
had to laugh so hard as my dress was constantly blown up by the wind
(good thing we both wore bloomers underneath).
Sui also gave me some very cute little things like these
My Melody tissues
And she even gave me some super cute band-aids *o*
Sometimes she's wearing one around one of her fingers
and some time ago I told her that I absolutely love using band-aids as
some kind of cute accessory, so she gave me some of hers ♥ yayy
This really made me happy ~ Thanksies :3
They even fit to the Pastel Goth Mermaid look :
Those of you who constantly follow my blog know that
I really love Mermaid themed looks
Here is my entry about some Pastel Goth mermaid outfits and
accessories of mine : clickme

When meeting Sui I also wore my beloved sea shell necklace from
Sweet Spirits - it's my favourite necklace at the moment !

A picture I took at the bus stop when I was on my way to the meet Sui :
So you can image how super excited I am about the following news:
My favourite brand Liz Lisa 
has lots of mermaid themed looks in it's new catalogue for 2014 !
They call it: French Tropical Mermaid
 It's great to see how this mermaid inspiration suddenly booms everywhere !
Suddenly stores like Cute Can Kill etc. also come up with
mermaid accessories ♥ It's a great time for us mermaid lovers ;)
This really motivates me to go more in this kind of direction with 
my fashion for the summer ~♪

 I really love the sea shell accessories and the soft colours ♥
Gosh I can't tell how how cute I think this concept is *-*

Cute Can Kill Mermaid accesories:
And recently I also got a new shell necklace from the super cute store
Holy Murasaki :
Neko's Music :

The lyrics describe my current spirit perfectly ~ ♥
Kyary Pamyu Pamyu- Sungoi Aura :

It’s Sunday and the temperature’s just right
I take a refreshingly lukewarm shower
And choose my clothes slowly, but
What I what, what I want, is something new
I wish I could go beyond this “just right” feeling
Try out some different things
And be cuter
Cute enough to make you say, “Amazing, amazing”

What should I do? I wonder
If I could polish up these positive feelings
I’ll think it out, I’ll put all my imagination into it
And be surrounded by wonderful

On the path I’m taking a stroll on, there’s a cat
Walking a slight distance away from me
But when I call for it to come to me
Saying “Here kitty kitty!”, it runs away
I’m at the age where challenging yourself is more important
Than doing things the same as always
I wish I could be cute
Cute enough to make you say, “Amazing, amazing”

What should I do? I wonder
If I could polish up these positive feelings
I’ll think it out, I’ll put all my imagination into it
And be surrounded by wonderful

A girl enveloped in such an amazin’ aura
That she’s blindingly bright ♪
I hope reading was fun for you !

See you next time (^-^)v nyan ~♥


  1. I love you girs!! You are soooo cute, beautiful & awesome!!
    I really like your outfits & photos >//////////<!!
    The mermaid themes looks are beutiful *W* awwwww!! I Cute can Kill...I need his accesories!!

    Much love sweetie!

  2. super cute post. you both look adorable with your pink hair ^^