Miss Neko

Miss Neko

Dienstag, 22. April 2014

Pastel Goth meets Sailor Moon ♥ & Sweet Spirits review

Hi there !
Recently I've done this Sailor Moon inspired
Pastel Princess Serenity look ♥
What do you think ?
I've got the accessories from this great store :
Southern Moon Creation
The Moon Stick was a birthday present, it even makes 2 cute sounds !
My eye makeup for this look :
The Moon stick ♥ ムーン・スティック (○゚ε^○)v ☆彡
愛と正義の、セーラー服美少女戦士、セーラームーン! 月に代わって、お仕置きよ!
On top is one of 3 rings you can put on the Moon stick,
if it's out the stick makes a different sound.
Princess Serenity ~♥
♥ Pastel Goth meets Sailor Moon ♥
The next thing I want to show you is this shell necklace
I got from one of my favourite stores :
Sweet spirits 
They sell super cute Pastel Goth & Kawaii accessories !
The necklace is made of plastic but very solid. It's definitely one
of my favourite necklaces now ♥
Store photo :
This is how it arrived :
I've never received an item so cute and well packed.
I kept the box and put some stickers, the store also sent me, on it.
I also got this magnet for free :
And on top of that they even also sent me this
sweet star necklace as a gift :
Moreover I've finally done an outfit with a new wig from
I think it looks really romantic ~♪
The flower crown is from Primark.
With a Hello Kitty mask my friend Bea sent me from Japan ^^
Which haircolour do you like the best ? nya (^_~)v*-'♥
Neko's music :

This Sunday on the 27th of April I will finally see
Kyary Pamyu Pamyu live in Cologne (Germany) ! ♥♥♥
It's still totally surreal to me and I'm super excited.
It's a dream come true 
Of course I'll tell you everything about it on my blog !
So stay tuned ♪ Chu :3

Thanks for reading !
See you next time (^-^)v nyan ~♪

Mittwoch, 9. April 2014

Neko's 21st birthday ! Hime Gyaru fashion, Sailor Moon compacts & birthday presents ♥

Hi there (^-^)v
On the 6th of April I turned 21 !
I celebrated on the 5th with my dear friends. We went to the
Korean restaurant Raku Raku in Düsseldorf. Afterwards we went
to a Japanese karaoke box in the Hotel Nikko.
Thank you guys again for that absolutely lovely day !
I'll never forget it ♥ I am very thankful and glad to have such
adorable and kind friends around me ♥
And also thanks to all of you who congratulated me
via facebook 
(○゚ε^○)v ィエーイ☆彡 !
My birthday outfit:
Dress: Liz Lisa (my absolute favourite!)
Bag: Liz Lisa
Neko rose headband: Dolly House 
Shoes: New Yorker
Angel wing rings: zombie unicorn
Pink coat: sheinside
Hime Gyaru inspired ♥
With my boyfriend Valentin in the karaoke box ♥
I am really glad I found this Neko mimi headband
by Dolly house
it's one of my favourite accessories now ♥
It makes me so happy to wear it ^^  nyaa
I also wore a heart necklace which I got from my dear friend Bea
who's currently living in Japan. I miss you so much ! ♥♥♥
But it's really exciting as well and makes me deeply happy in my heart
that she can have this beautiful experience ^^
You were with me in my heart during the whole birthday party ;3 
Closeup of my accessories :
 In the Karaoke box I also took some snapshots with my iPhone ^^
We didn't take much photos during the party as we just
wanted to enjoy ourselves ~♥
They even had songs of one of my favourite bands
♥ Perfume ♥
I have even seen them live in concert here in Germany,
I wrote about it in this blog entry.
My favourite song in this list is Ceramic girl (2nd song).
 Let me show you some more birthday presents ^^
I can't believe I finally own all the
Sailor Moon compacts ♥ :
 I love Sailor Moon so much, I can't describe it.
The story is really deep if you take your time and really watch
all the episodes. It really encourages me up until today.
I've also done a Sailor Moon cosplay in the past (see in this entry).
But that was 3 years ago and I still wore braces ! =D
Now I want to do another, improved Cosplay of Usagi-chan ♥
Stay tuned for that ;3
Moon Crisis Compact ♥ my favourite
Chibi Moon's Prism heart compact :
 "Many has tried to get near her
Deep in the heart of Tokyo
Found nothing there but a mirror
She's no one you'll ever know"
[Tokyo girl- Ace of Base]
On my computer I have a video with this song and all the
Sailor Senshi transformations, as I downloaded it when I was 14,
 but sadly the song is now deleted almost everywhere on
the internet ( or very bad quality v.v )
 Closeup images of the Dolly House headband :
 The back :
 My friend Sarah gave me this cute Yukata *O*
Thank you so much again I really appreciate it a lot ♥
 and this cute bag ♥
Now I want to go on a Natsu Matsuri really bad :O  hihi ^^
 She also gave me this candle it's real wax but the light
is electric. I really love candles and used to light lots of them
in my room when I still lived at my parent's house, but now in my
small apartment which is stuffed with so many things I'd rather
not have open fire inside. So it makes me really happy to now
have this candle to set the mood ♥
The light even flickers like real fire *-*
This is one of the small things that really make me cheerful :3
 Her card was from Sailor Moon *o*
 From my parents I got some money to spend on things I whished for.
Among the things I got are these flower headbands:
 I think they look super pretty, I got them at Primark for only 3.50 € !
I guess sometimes you are lucky and can find
neat things even in mainstream stores.
 My boyfriend Valentin got me some practical things for my apartment
and this little turtle *O* ♥♥♥
You can put it in the microwave, as there is a grain pillow inside of it !
My boyfriend and I both have the same cat which also got a
grain pillow inside of it. Now it has a friend ♥
My boyfriend even made a music video for one of his songs
with his cat plush : Virtual Riot - Mr Mittens groove
You can buy these and many more stuffed animals here :
From my dear friend Bea I got this Kimidoll :
It looks like me ^o^
When I red the text in the evening I had to cry as
it really moved me...thank you ♥ I treasure your friendship.
She also send me this Liz Lisa T-shirt ♥ \(^-^)/ yayyy
And Sailor Moon key chains which I will use as necklaces ♥
 With the gift money from my parents I also got these
2 Manga, they were in a secondhand box at the store. I can't
believe how anybody would give these away *o*
This is a story totally to my taste ♥
Caramel Kiss preview:
Meru and Riku are the happiest couple of the world of magic.
Finally the witch and the werewolf want to marry but a
clumsy magician causes trouble ! By accident he curses Meru
and from now on she's trapped in the body of a little girl
without her magical powers !
How is she supposed to marry now ?!
How will she ever return to her regular form and marry her love ?
 At Primark I also found this sweet bow :
 And these Lis Lisa like Usamimis :
 My friend Becci gave me these cute chopsticks she got in
Japan and a really stunning Obi (she's the leader of our Kimono club^^).
I'll soon post a picture wearing the Obi :3
Thank you so much again ♥♥♥
 Wiebke gave me this pretty box *-*
 and these sweet accessories. I can also use them
as Obidome (Obi accessories) ♥ Thank you :3
 Valeria gave me these cute ribbons and pink soap ♥
Thank you :3 The soap really came just in time as I run
out of it =D  It smells so great *-*
I still need to take some more pictures as that wasn't everything.
For example my friend Roxy made a very pretty handbag by
herself for me *-* She really has great sewing skills :3
I'll soon take a picture with it.Thank you so much for your effort *o*
I really like it ♥ And it's like Hermione's bag ;3
I'm a little embarrassed v///v you guys are really too sweet !
It really meant a lot to me, thank you so much again ♥
Neko's music :

Thanks for reading ! Have a great day ♥
See you next time (^-^)v nayn ~♪