Miss Neko

Miss Neko

Dienstag, 4. März 2014

Pastel Goth Mermaid, Cute Can Kill & Lime Crime review ♥

Hi there (^-^)v
Yesterday I finally did the Pastel Goth Mermaid look
I've been wanting to do since such a long time ♪
What do you think ? I really like blue hair and I'm totally happy
I could finally try it out. My real hair is still pink though ♥
I got the wig here : Geishawigs
Recently I've also bought this cozy Hello Kitty Kigurumi
from my friend Steven ♪ Thanks again ! nya
Sweetheart earrings ♥
Found them on etsy.com
I also got a new lipstick from Lime Crime :
There is a sparkly unicorn on the case *-*
I got the colour "Gradium" :
I think it looks really soft and peachy ♪
Normally I don't like lipstick and I hardly ever wear it,
but this one is really great and I totally love it !
I'm always afraid lipstick looks too flashy and it might be too much
combined with my usual heavy eye makeup, but I think this colour
is really sweet ~♪
I also took some pictures with my beloved fluffy
coat I got at sheinside.de :
"I am lost, so lost, but you're the constellations that guide me" ♫
My eye make-up:
The upper lashes I used:
I also finally got a cross necklace from
I absolutely love their jewelry !
They always wrap their items so neatly and cute *-*
I also want to show you this white headband my friend
Bea sent me from Japan ♥ *-* It kinda reminds me of a
Maid's headdress, but I think it fits my pink hair better ^^
Look what I found ! *o*
I always wanted to have such shoes and I'm so glad I
finally found them ♥_♥ I also saw them as a trend on tumblr.
quite a while ago. I bought them at Primark...so I guess
that 'trend' must be dead now that it arrived at mainstream sales ;D
But like I care about such things...I think they are lovely and
I'm totally gonna wear them ^-^ I think you shouldn't ever
yourself be ruled by some 'trends' other people and
the fashion industry want to put on you.
YOU decide what's fashionable & makes you feel happy ♥
This week I spent lots of time with my boyfriend Valentin
and also went shopping with him ^^ I wanted to get a
blank book I can use as motivation journal into which
I put lots of tips for a healthy mind & a healthy body.
I've started to eat more healthy again and am also still
going to the gym regularly. I also write a diary
(since Im 13, 
yep I have 5 full books so far ^^) 
but I wanted this to be something different. If you also want to
get motivated and some great advise for general things like
time management I can advise you this great youtube channel :
You might have noticed the background is my blog background ^.^
I really like to customize books that way I'm also always
doing that with my personal organizer. In the end I just
put a transparent self-sticking foil over everything
to create a book wrapper. 
Flower headband : Voxpopulijewelry
Dress : Liz Lisa
Necklace : Cute Can Kill
Hair pin: etsy.com
Neko's music:

Yolandi ! She's pure art ♥

I'm absolutely in love with the music of Trentemøller
Just feels so intense ~ perfect for long nights with your love 
& talking about life and everything ♫

I must admit I'm kinda obsessed with playing Animal Crossing =D
This is the best song I've ever heared in a video game *-*
K.K melodie - K.K. Jongara:

When I first listened to this I instantly thought it
totally sounds like they used Kodo by the Yoshida brothers as
model for the song ! Don't you think it sounds really alike ? ^^
The structure and everything.

♥ Crystal Castles ♥

Thanks for reading !
See you next time ~♥
Bye (^-^)v  nya