Miss Neko

Miss Neko

Mittwoch, 8. Januar 2014

Visiting a temple with my Kimono club ♥ Neko in a Furisode Kimono

Hi there (^-^)v ~♪
On the 1st of January 2014 I visited the buddhist
Eko-Ji Temple in Düsseldorf with the Kimono club of my 
university in which I am. We had a really great time ♥
I hope all of you had a great start into this year !
My friend Bea who's currently living in Japan let me wear
her Furisode Kimono ! I love how it looks *-*
Our leader Becci helped everyone with the complicated
Obi tie-techniques. Thank's for always being so helpful and caring ! :3
It felt really nice to go out wearing Kimono again in such a big group.
These are some of our Kimono club members :

[ In the background of the photo you can see the temple ]
If you want to wear a Kimono too you can get dressed
 and borrow a Kimono-Set for 1 Day here :
Kimono Rental : Hanabiraya
The service is only available in Düsseldorf and the area around it.
I was really glad Becci let me wear one of their white stoles
for Kimono *-* I've always been wanting to wear one.
You also wear this on
♥ Seijin no Hi 成人の日 ♥
It's a Japanese holiday called coming of age day on which
you realize and celebrate that you have become an adult.
It is held anually on the second monday of January.
So my time finally comes next monday ! I'm really excited ♪
This day has been something really special to me since I learned
about it when I was 14. I think the outfits are really enchanting
and very appropriate for such an important event in your live.
Heer are some pictures from 
Seijin no Hi in Japan :

Oh gosh the pink Kimono on the very left is the prettiest ever !
I want to get a similar one soon ♥

The back of my outfit :
With Wiebke ~♥
A snapshot I took of Valeria *-*
I also did her hair ♪ I think she looked really elegant.
Our leader Becci ~ her Obi was just stunning ♥
Us walking inside the Japanese garden in front of the temple :
At the temple you could put some money in this box and then pray.
Inside :
After our visit at the temple we all cooked together with Becci at her home.
She translated some Japanese recipes for us ♥
I'm always happy to learn some new things to cook from her ! *-*
Her food always is so delicious. We had different kinds of Onigiri,
self-made Miso soup and some side dishes.
I cooked the sweet potatoes :
Neko's music:

A song by Kyary Pamyu Pamyu fitting to Seijin no hi:
can you hear her sing: "Hatachi 二十歳
" ?
It means "being 20 years old" ♥ like I am.
English Lyrics :
Hatachi(=20 years old), hatachi, hatachi, hatachi!
I, hatachi, frisodation of hatachi!
Hatachi, hatachi, only hatachi?
You see, I'm hatachi, hurisodation of hatachi!

on such an aniversary
I can say "thank you" from my heart
Though I'm always shy,
this is the important day, just onece in my life

The bitter part of chocolate...
Is it adult? Is is child?
I wanna dream forever, so 
get into this rhythm 

Thank you,
to meet you everyone,
I have had many kinds of adventure
This year, and even next year comes,
I won't forget this excitement!

I light the candle light
for you, who always love a love like
the sweet and sour part
in a short cake 

Is it happy to be an adult?
Is it sad to be an adult?
What to do?
What can I do?
Can I do only now?

Thank's for reading !
See you next time (^-^)v ~♥ nyan

Sonntag, 5. Januar 2014

My Chirstmas time & New Year's Eve ♥ + my X-mas presents (ノ゚▽゚)ノ☆

Hi there (^-^)v
I hope all of you had a great Christmas time
and a lovely New Year's Eve. ~♥
I spent Christmas Eve with my family at my parent's house.
My mother had even hung some pink Christmas balls on our
Christmas tree for me ^^
On December 25th I went to the house of my boyfriend's family
to spend time with him and his family.
We went to a fancy restaurant which was inside a castle.
It's called "
Restaurant Wasserburg haus zum Haus".
We had a really nice evening and the food was delicious.
We also saw "The Hobbit" together. (●⌒∇⌒●)☆彡
On the photo above you can see my Christmas outfit with my new
Liz Lisa dress ~♪
I didn't really take much pictures as we just wanted to enjoy the time.
But I briefly took some snapshots, this was Valentin and me
on New Year's Eve :
 We spent New Year at my parent's house as we just wanted to
relax and have some time on our own. We spent last New Year's eve
at the riverside of the Rhine (which was also lovely), but this time we
wanted everything to be less stressful as we're both pretty busy with University lately.
Well, now let me show you some of the Christmas presents I got ^^
My boyfriend was super sweet and asked my friend Bea, who's
currently living in Japan, to search for a
Tamagotchi P's
and send it here for me *o*
I can't believe it, I'd never thought I'd ever have one ♥
I used to want this for so long. It's the latest version of Tamagotchi.
It came out on November 23, 2012.
See all information about the Tamagotchi P's in English here :
Tamagotchi P's - wikia
It's really amazing and can do so much more than you'll imagine!
You can buy clothes, decorate your rooms (yes you have a lot of rooms),
play mini games to earn money, go to school/restaurants/dates
and you're Tamagotchi can even have a pet !
Mine has a white doggy with a flower crown ^^
you can put on your Tamagotchi.
They unlock different new items,places and Characters.
I have the Melody Land Deco Pierce :

There is even an anime series which play's in the 
The commercial for the Tamagotchi P's :

The box :
This is how the screen looks.
I already decorated the rooms in a pink diamond style.
The Tamagotchi you see on the screen is not my final one.
I don't really like it's looks, so I gave it a tiara =D
If you let your Tamagotchis date they'll get a baby and then that
will be your new Character, that's how you can get different ones.
I really like that I can practise my Japanese skills with this as well
as there appear a lot of speech bubbles and next to all the items,
kinds of food etc. the names are written in Kana.
So it's really easy to understand and a fun practice ! ^^

These are the female Characters you can get :

Stickers that came with it :
My boyfriend also got me some other things like a
little pat which is heated that I can put under my computer desk.

No more cold feet again ! ♥
And this cute little squid *-*
He said it's exactly the colour of my hair :)
Like I said I also spent Christmas time with my boyfriend's family.
So I saw his cat Luna again *-* She's so fluffy :3
Valentin's mother gave me Katy Perry's perfume Purr
I really like it's smell...not to mention the sweet look !
Thank's so much again! ^///^
As we had so much time during the Christmas holidays Valentin
and I decided to buy Pokemon X together. So we finally have it, too.

First I was not sure if I'd like it as I really like the retro games but
when I started playing I instantly fell in love with it ♥
These are the presents my parents got me :
A practical Japanese dictionary with pictures for travelling.
I also got some money for some more books I really
wanted to have about Japanese fashion :

I recently got into this topic due to a work for my Japanese studies
I need to do. I had to do some research in our library
about Japanese subcultures and found some great literature ♥
I just really wanted to own some of them,
they are like huge treasures to me *-*
I've also ordered the following books :

• We used lots of exerptcs of this book at
university in one of my courses. It's great :

I did find tonns of scientific literature about Lolita and Gyaru fashion.
Also about Cosplay. 
But I did not find anything good or longer about
Decora or even Spank!/Fairy kei fashion yet ;_;
Please help me if you know some scientific literature about that !
In the books I found Decora is often called "some kind of cosplay" -.-
I can't believe no one has written lots about these fashions too.
If not, also great then I can do that ^_~
These are the great photographies of Shoichi Aoki :
This is another great book I found at our library,
I currently borrowed it :
[the cover looks kinda outdated to my opinion, but on the inside
the book really is great and deals with high fashion and important Designers]
My mother also got me this small book with really
extraordinary stories by a Japanese auhor.
It's called The moon is your guest :

Yesterday I went shopping in Düsseldorf with some of my Christmas
I found these lovely shoes at New Yorker :
Shoes from Primark :
Top from New Yorker :
Slippers from Primark :
(I think they were only 2€  *-*)
Cute gum boots from Primark :
I must admit I really love rain gear ~ ♥
I also kinda collect umbrellas ^^
I think with a pretty umbrella you can feel happy
and pretty even on a rainy day ♪ I think rainy days are really
enjoyable and you can also have a lot of fun in such times.

I'm not letting a little rain ruin my day :) I think it feels really
nice to walk around on such a day, the mood uses to be so
enchanting and you get so easily lost in thoughts
while watching the rain pour.
And in case there still appear some worries there are
the "worry-eaters" ♥ My mum got me one for Christmas.

In German it's called "Sorgenfresserchen"
which sounds really cute (to us?!). If you have worries
you can write them down and the worry-eater will eat
them for you. It's this plushie :

Some Hello Kitty candy Valentin got me as kitchen decoration :
And a snapshot of an apple everyone got at the fancy dining place where
I ate with Valentin's family which says "Merry Christmas".
I wonder how they did it, it's not paint.
So I hope you all enjoyed Christmas a lot and your dreams and wishes
came true. If something didn't go the way you wanted it I'm sure things
will get better during this year ♥ I wish you the best :3

Neko's music :

Thank's for reading !
See you next time (^-^)v bye nyan ~♪