Miss Neko

Miss Neko

Mittwoch, 11. Dezember 2013

My Pastel Goth fashion update ♥ + great shops !

Hi there (^-^)v
This week my Pastel Goth flower headband arrived *-*
I got it here : Voxpopuli77
I think the shop is really great and they have a lot more
totally cute pastel goth fashion items.
The cross necklace on the photo below is selfmade by
my dear 
friend  Bea ~♥
I'm also thinking about getting these in the future, the're just 
so pretty *-*  Ahh, I can't decide !
Some other items I ordered a few months ago also finally arrived.
Recently I'm really in love with etsy.com ! ~♥
Super lovely Pastel Goth girl necklace : 
Get these and other necklaces here :
 I also finally have a real smartphone , wohooo ^o^
Yeah, I'm a little late I know :D But actually I did not have
a smartphone until now. I was able to get an iPhone 4S
due to a great deal from a friend :3
I found this My Melody case on ebay.
Just search the international ebay page for it if you wanna get it.
I think it's really sweet ~♪
I also want to make a DecoDen case for my phone
in the future again. Recently I've finished a selfmade
DecoDen case for the mother at whose house my friend
Bea is staying in Japan currently. She saw the case
I had made for Bea and asked her if she could have a case
made by me as well. And of course I really wanted to make her
a case as well ^-^ It's kinda nice to think that this Japanese woman
wants a case I made ^///^ when she could also go and by similar ones
in Tokyo, but I guess this way it's much more unique to her.
I also found these on etsy ♥

At the moment I plan on doing a Pastel Mermaid like
look, I'm still not quite sure how it will turn out but

I'm totally looking forward to trying out some new things ♥

A quite long time ago I also got this necklace on ebay.
It's really cheap and reminds me so much of Sailor Moon ♥♥♥
Buy it here for only 4$ omg
I wear it quite a lot as most of you might know about
my obsession with Sailor Moon ;3
During some X-mas gift shopping in Düsseldorf I did with
my boyfriend last weekend I found this really light soft pink
blush at The Body Shop *o*
Usually the blushes that are being sold here are way too dark
or red/orange shaded for my taste >_< So I'm totally happy
I found this. Normally I buy my blush online from Maybelline.
 And I wanted to share this quick update on some of my accessories.
When I moved into my apartment over a year ago I also took
some images of these drawers in this post.
I must admit I'm kinda collecting hair accessories *-*
I just can't get enough of them ~♥
Do you have favourite ones ?
Mine is the pink flower headband on the right on the image below.
Bunny ears ♥ I still have to take some pictures with them.
I wore them at Halloween this year ^^
 Neko's music :

• Aural Vampire - Darkwave surfer
Very old but I still love it !
This used to be the song I listened to in the shower every morning :D

That's it for today, I already have a lot more
things I want to blog about very soon so stay tuned ~♥

Thanks for reading ! Have a great day
See you next time (^-^)v nyan ~♪


  1. Die Ketten gefallen mir total gut :D

  2. Du siehst mal wieder bezaubernd aus :)
    Ich liebe Darkwave surfer by Aural Vampire *Q*
    Und die Haaraccessoires sind der Hammer *^*

  3. Du bist so zuckersuess :D
    Ich finde die Kette mit dem Mond so genial *_*

    Liebe Gruesse ^__^

  4. deine haar-accessoire kollektion is echt toll XD
    die sailormoon kette hab ich schon bei einigen anderen bloggern gesehn*-* finde die voll schön♥

    ich finds iwie voll schade, dass alle süßen handy cases immer nur für iphones gemacht werden;-; ich will auch ein schönes für mein samsung </3

    1. Danke Liebes :3
      Ja ich find es auch doof, dass es für das Samsug nicht mehr Cases gibt >.<
      Die meisten Leute die ich kenne haben ein Handy von der Marke und die sind auch echt gut finde ich ^^ Aber ein paar schöne gibts ja sicher auch und das aller beste ist sowieso selbstgemachtes DecoDen und dafür braucht man ja nur eine durchsichtige oder einfarbige Hülle :)
      nyan ~♥

  5. so much cute stuff ^^ I love the flower crown and also the cute illustrated necklaces

  6. Your My Melody case is so cute! I have a Stitch one for my smartphone :3

  7. Aaaawww so much cute stuff. I like your kind of fashion. *__*
    I totally should check out more shops on etsy. XD
    Aural Vampire!!! *__* I didn't listen this song for years but still love it!

    Did you already noticed my giveaway?

    1. Thank you (*/∇\*) キャ ♥
      Yeah, etsy is really great ♪
      Also thank's for letting me know about the giveaway ! *-*

  8. OMG thank you guys you are all so super sweet ! ・:*:・(*/////∇/////*)・:*:・
    I'm totally happy to receive comments and to see that people actually read my blog :3
    I really want to answer the comments more often and I'm totally going to do that from now on ^^
    I always read every comment and it makes me so glad being able to share my thoughts
    and useful findings with you.
    nyan ~♥ Lots of luv to you ♪

  9. Great haul. Everything is so kawaii :3
    I want stuff like this!

  10. I wanted to ask about the post spreepicky shared with the Princess Serenity dreas but I don't have tumblr. Is it your real hair or a wig with buns?