Miss Neko

Miss Neko

Sonntag, 24. November 2013

Pastel Goth fashion updates & a shooting with my love ♥

Hi there (^-^)v
A few days ago I tried out a new Pastel Goth & CPK inspired outfit.
What do you think ? ^^
The plushy I'm holding is Atashi from Chobits by the way ♥
I really like the braids ♥ recently I wear this hairdo quite a lot
as it's very practical yet cute. Especially in this rough, windy
autumn weather I've been very glad I chose this hairdo many times by now. I've always wanted big, kinda fluffy braids and finally I know
to achieve that look \(^-^)/
I got the inspiration for the hairdo in this tutorial :
I also wanna do the exact hairdo shown in the video soon ^^
Recently my boyfriend Virtual Riot had a professional photo shooting
with another very nice guy with whom he's doing a new music project.
As I spend the day with them I could also take some quick
snapshots at the end of the shooting together with my honey ♥
I wasn't really prepared for that so I'm totally derpy on the pictures :D
with Valentin ★'.・.LOVE~(^▽^(^▽^*)~LOVE.・.・:☆ 
Always wanna kiss you :3
I look kinda taller than him, but that's only because I wore
high heels (and my big hair =D). In fact he's even 10 cm taller than me *q*I would have never thought that one day I find my true love and
than he's 
even taller than me ♥ (I'm a tall girl ~ 1,78 cm)
but I also have a huge obsession with high heels.
I guess I'll only wear flats for couple shootings in the future =D
I've also got a huge confession to make.
So, this is the day I'm finally admitting my huge secret:
I'm a Diclonius !
Well, I wish I was. ^-^
Elfen Lied • エルフェンリート
is one of my absolute favourite anime shows since I'm 14.
I also own the complete manga 
series, whose story I prefer.
I really love Lucy/Nyu, but my favourite character will always be Nana.
I like how devoted she is, always caring and trying
to be kind and just doing her best.
When I was 14 I watched the Elfen Lied episodes every day, even 
before school. I could speak simultaneously to the English
and some of the Japanese dubs.
I could fill hundreds of pages about why Elfen Lied is
so important to me. I like how Lucy's character is so
versatile (also due to her split personality). The concept
of the cute innocent girl that is also able to kill you at any time
 very fascinating to me. I must say I'm totally into very
dramatic movies/animes/books ! ♥
Elfen Lied is one of the most thrilling animes to me
and therefore super exciting.
If you don't mind guro (blood & gore) you should watch it!
I got the horns at this etsy shop.
nya ♪
Last week I've also been to a Korean restaurant 
in Düsseldorf with my boyfriend, his mother and his sister. ♥
I really like that place as it's so cozy.
I had a Kimchi pancake ^^
Lately I've been wearing a more casual make-up which only
takes me like 15 minutes, for University :3
I took a snapshot in the mall of Düsseldorf :
And some new necklaces arrived which I'm using
for Pastel Goth outfits.
This is supposed to be a pill box with some pink pills :
You can get great Pastel goth and "kawaii cultrue"
necklaces at this etsy shop.
Pink cross necklace :
and when I saw it I just had to get this
Neko necklace :
Neko's music :

Nara dreamland by the lovely Nicole Dollanganger 
listen to it here 

Thanks for reading 
See you next time (^-^)v Bye  :3


  1. Ihr zwei seid einfach sooo süß zusammen und Du bist so wunderhübsch *3*

  2. Die Fotos von dir und deinem Freund sind toll, ihr seht so glücklich aus *-*

  3. I also like braids :) Your Pastel Goth & CPK inspired outfit looks really good on you ^o^

  4. ach du süße! steht dir gut mit den zöpfen :3
    und die fotos mit deinem angebeteten sind echt schön geworden. <3

  5. ahhhh you both look so cute together ^^
    love the braids too

  6. The braid style looks really nice and it's so practical, when hair is not on the way all the time. :P
    I also like your casual makeup, looks really cute. ♥

    Waah~ ♥ you both look so adorable, you and your bf. So cute ♥

    ~ Frillycakes ~

  7. The pastel goth outfit looks really cute ^^ I love your hair too and the necklaces you got.
    You two look so happy together :D

  8. Du und Valentin, ihr seid einfach Zucker *_*