Miss Neko

Miss Neko

Montag, 4. November 2013

Maid Neko gives fashion advise, Pastel Goth, Ulzzang & a Tofu recipe

Hi there (^-^)v
I've tried out my very first maid outfit a few days ago ♪
I love maids & Japanese maid cafés so much, so I really
wanted to try this out. I'm totally looking forward to improving my 
outfit and to wear it at a convention in the future.
I got the maid dress at the Dokomi 2013 in Düssseldorf.
The store also has an online-shop :
Their clothing is really cheap, but looks totally sweet.
I think you really get the best value for your money there.
The clothing of course isn't perfect, but like I sad I think you won't
get more quality for such a low price anywhere else.
If you use a few little tricks here and there to make the clothes
look better it's more than worth the money.
I think the fitting is very often a huge problem with such rather
cheap "cosplay clothing". The maid costume I'm wearing for
example was way too big as it's one size, but I just added
 this pink ribbon to make the outfit fit better and now
I'm totally pleased with it.
I also want to address an issue I see here in Düsseldorf a lot
and it's really important for me to get this message out
again and again :
Especially if you're younger or just started wearing Japanese fashion
please keep a few of these very basic things in mind :

• Always, ALWAYS please iron your clothing/ dress / cosplay
before you wear it.
This goes especially for Cosplays you got at ebay, online etc.
Lots of Cosplayer of course sew their clothing on their own
but even then sometimes they do not really make sure
that the outfit is neat. Please don't forget this, so all the effort
was not wasted ~♥
Especially the Cosplays you get at ebay are mostly 
rather thick cotton fabric (like my maid dress) so it's fine to iron it.

• Please make sure to wear make-up when you're Cosplaying
and even more important when you wear a flashy coloured wig.
You don't need to overdo it even simple nude-look make-up
will improve the whole look more than you might imagine it to !
I often see young Cosplyers with blue, pink,green etc. wigs
that really put some effort in their outfit too but don't wear
any make-up at all. It just looks really strange as the extreme hair
colour lets you look more pale and if you got dark circles like
most humans do you look rather sick if you don't at least
use basic natural make-up. Of course circle lenses wouldn't
be a bad idea either ;3 But I guess that's not a must.
In my maid photo above I also almost wear no make-up,
just simple brown & white eyeshadow + foundation +
 mascara + blush.

• Pin up your hair if you wear a wig even if it's short !
I've been a member of a musical theatre for 7 years
and we had professionals who showed us how we
were supposed to do our make-up, hair etc.
They also worked at big musicals like "Dance of the Vampires"
or "Starlight Express" in Germany. So they showed us how
the professionals use to do it.
This is the way we had to do it :
I used to part the hair in much more smaller sections as I had such
thick long hair. Nowadays I do it another quick way quite often
as my hair isn't so thick anymore. I do my hair into 2 braids and
put the left one over my head to the right side and pin it to my 
scalp as close as possible. I do the same with the right braid
and put it over my head to the left side.
You should always use this little cap even if you have
such short hair that you can't  do a pigtail.
You can just cut the food part of tights and use that.

• Don't be afraid to change or customize your outfit.
If you put on your outfit and it seems like it
just doesn't fit your body shape right don't be afraid to
change it. Maybe use sewing as a tool or ask someone who
can sew to help you with it. If it fit's to the outfit
you can also use a thin scarf to define your waist better.
Like I did with my maid outfit. I think this trick is also
really useful for Pastel Goth outfits or Mori.

• Just keep in mind that your outfit should be
neat and not looking like it's going to fall apart
any second. That will also make you look way more
You should really look comfortable in your outfit
and know how to move in it. If you plan on wearing a cosplay
at an event, maybe practise wearing it at home for some time
and do some tasks. The more complicated it is
the more important it will be to know how to do
the simplest things wearing it & still lokking good and like it's easy.

♥ I hope those tips were useful for some of you ! ♥
This was really fun, I'm thinking about doing this more often.
And whenever some tips & tricks come to my mind I wanna share them.
When I find the time in the future I might also give some more
detailed advises.
Pastel Goth / street fashion  inspired outfit ~♪
I wore this at a show at the Bootshaus club in
cologne that my boyfriend Virtual Riot did.

And nope that's not in London, I'm just lucky
that a pub right next to my house has this as decoration.
♥ My beloved Enter Shikari  shirt that I cut in shape ^-^

At the club I met my old friend Hendrik \(^-^)/
He also works at a German Host club called :
"Sweet Spice Host Club" 
Check it out, these guys are so cool & nice  ^^
The evening was really great ~♥
A few days ago also another brown wig arrived *-*
With that I tryed to go for a more korean or even
"Ulzzang" like look.
I really love to try out many different looks and I really love
to coordinate outfits 
around brown hairdos. My natural haircolour
also is brown but it's not so intense, it's darker and kinda ash-grey/blond.
Really not so nice sadly. But I love intense brown or reddish shades.
I'm doing looks like that in daily life and for university more often
lately. I really enjoy it.
I hope I can acheive a better K-Pop idol inspired 
look in the future.
[sorry, this is just a low quality web-cam photo on my
facebook page it's a little bit better]
Cooking time with Neko :

I'd like to share another recipe I really like which
my friend Rebecca showed me.
Rice with Shimeji mushrooms,carrots & Tofu

You need :
Sushi rice
• 2-3 carrots
• 1 box shimeji mushrooms (or other)
• spring onions
• Tofu
• sunflower oil
• soy sauce

How to : 

First let the Tofu dry, put tissues or a kitchen towl
around it and press the liquid out of it. Put something heavy
on it and wait a few minutes ultil more fluid is pushed out.
Cut the tofu in little squares like in the picture above.
Take 3 big spoons flour and mix it with 2 big spoons starch.
Roll the tofu squares in the powder until they're totally covered.
Meanwhile you can cook the rice (I have a rice cooker).
Put some sunflower oil in a pan and put the tofu squares in the pan.
Fry them until they are a little golden. When you're finished you
can put the mushrooms and the carrots in the pan and fry them a little too.
When the rice is ready put it in a bowl or on a plate.
Add the mushrooms and carrits to it. Put the Tofu in another bowl.
Of course you can use any sauce for it you like, I use to dip the
squares in soy sauce. I also use to put black sesame
and spring onions over my meal.
There is also another sauce you can make for the Tofu,
but I need to ask Rebecca for that again as I've forgotten it.

Enjoy your meal ! ♪

Recently I stumbled across this little website 
where you can create a word cloud related to
your blog 
or any website you want ! 
I created a word cloud for my blog ^^
The bigger the word the more often it appears on my blog.
I like how " totally,much,boyfriend" are rather big :D ♥
As I know I use those words so much.
It surprises me that I use also so often, though xD

Neko's music : 

• Enter Shikari- Rat Race 

• Enter Shikari- Paddington Frisk

You got to check out the music video 
it's not fully on youtube yet.
It looks like a Kyary Pamyu Pamyu video ! :D
The guys have great humor, it's really funny.
I must admit I like it and think it's cute, although it's not meant serious.
They even got one of those typical Japanese Perfume dances !

Thanks for reading !
See you next time (^-^)v nyan ~♪


  1. Ich glaube das Rezept probier ich mal aus, das klingt mega lecker! :)

  2. awwww lecker, das schaut so toll aus *O*

  3. I really love it when you do this cooking stuff :3 Please teach us more senpai ;A; <3

    I will try youre recipe with the curry rice this week im so excited :3

  4. hab mir mal das wig video angeschaut. is eine gute methode, aber ich glaub, mich würden die 100 pins iwie zu sehr stören XD ich teil meine haare einfach in 2 seiten, wie wenn ich zöpfe mach, und leg sie dann iwie drüber xD (also die linke auf die rechte seite und umgekehrt). also ich glaub, ich machs genauso wie du, nur ohne flechten.

    deine outfits/styles sind beide sehr hübsch*-* mit dem ullzang make up siehst du iwie ganz anders aus XD

  5. Die Methode mit den geflochtenen Zöpfen wie du sie beschreibst hab ich früher auch mal probiert, aber das funktioniert bei mir überhaupt nicht, da die Zöpfe einfach zu weit abstehen weil sie zu dick sind :'D Also für mich sind Pincurls ein muss, dadurch hält die Perücke dann auch viel besser, abgesehen davon dass sie besser sitzt :D

  6. awwww i can't get over how cute your hair is ahhhhhhhhh ^^

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