Miss Neko

Miss Neko

Montag, 7. Oktober 2013

Sweet daily fashion, DecoDen, Japanese lashes & Gal make-up ♥

Hi there (^-^)v
The first week of October has been really exciting for me.
I've also been very busy. I decided to wear
casual yet sweet outfits 
a lot. I kept my make-up rather
simple for my standards. Autumn is comeing but I kinda wish
to live in spring time forever ♥ so I use to wear floral wreaths
quite often to capture that mood.
The photo above was taken at the house of my boyfriend's mother.
I helped him move to Mannheim last month.
He is studying music production there now !
I'll tell you more about it in my next entry.
Last week I decidet to cut my split ends.
I hope my hair will grow faster again >.<
I will do this more often from now on.
My hair without any extensions :
Casual School Gal inspired outfit ♥ It's so cozy :3
Skirt : Liz Lisa
Cardigan : Primark
Top : Primark
Floral wreath : Primark
Leggins : Primark
(omg :D I must admit Primark has good basics for outfits
sometimes you can really find cute things there)
As I really love to do DecoDen ♥ デコデン
like some of my dear blog readers might know I decided to make
a case 
for my boyfriend's and my Nintendo 3DS :
I used Japanese "Creamy whip"  crafting clay in pink.
I got the clay and the gems here :
Sophie & Toffee
I got the case for 2€ on ebay. Just search "Nintendo 3Ds crystal case".
Recently I got some Japanese fake eyelashes from a good friend ♥
So I tried to do a Gyaru fashion inspired eye make-up again :
I'm quite content with it this time. I also love it only to wear the
upper lashes. They are super easy to use ! The best ones I had so far.
♥ つけまつげ 
♥ きゃりーぱみゅぱみゅ - つけまつける ♥
A song about false eyelashes ^^

Some of my lashes :
This week my long awaited Adventure Time necklace from etsy.com
finally arrived ! I love Adventure Time so much and my boyfriend and I
watch every episode together. We're always waiting longingly
for the new episodes to air. Adventure Time is one of the things that
never fails to cheer me up and I use to watch it in the evenings a lot.
It gives me such a cozy feeling ^-^
I also got these cute bunny ears at
I'm totally looking forward to create a new look
with them soon. ~♪
As my boyfriend Valentin moved to Mannheim a few weeks ago
to study music production I was also a little bit sad as
I was afraid I might not see him as often as I do now.
But now I know everything will be just fine ^^
To cheer me up again he also got me these cute
They are characters from a German children's TV show.
When I was a kid my parents gave me a cassette of
their stories and I listened to it a lot when I went to sleep.
Now I watch their episodes on youtube a lot when I go to sleep.
You all might know that cozy feeling the shows of your childhood
are giving you. I love that ^-^

A few days ago I found this cute ice cube tray at Ikea.
My boyfriend made some ice cubes from several fruit juices.
♫ water - mango - pineapple - strawberry ♫
Neko's music :

• Koharu Kusumi - Happy
Thanks for reading !
See you next time (^-^)v nyan ~♥


  1. Ich mag das Make Up und dein Outfit super gerne! Es sieht sehr niedlich aus! >w<

  2. Pittiplatsch and Schnatterinchen <3 *o* In der DDR war das ne beliebte sendung meint meine Mutter immer und ich hab ihr plüchis von dennen schenkt und sie sind sooo niedlich >-<

    Und die falschen Wimpern stehen dir gut :3

  3. ahhhhhhhh so cute :) your makeup looks so cute too

  4. schönes augen make-up:3
    eine freundin hat vor kurzem auch lashes von der gleichen firma gekauft (glaube iwas von ebay?xD). hab auch ein päckchen bekommen, weil sie zu viel bestellt hat*-*