Miss Neko

Miss Neko

Donnerstag, 3. Oktober 2013

Emilie Autumn concert 2013 Germany - Duisburg ♥

Hi there (^-^)v
On the 5th of September I went to the
Emilie Autumn concert 
in Germany (Duisburg). 
It was the 3rd concert by her that I attended. Some of my faithful readers
might know how much I love her and her art. She is truly one of
my biggest role models and idols as she and her art are so 
very authentic and her message is just great ♥
If you want to read about the former concerts I saw just
click this :

My ticket for 2013 :
As I use to be one of the first fans to arrive at the
concert hall (at my first 2 concerts I literally was the first
person who arrived to wait ! yeah I'm a little obsessed...).
So I always get to know other lovely little plague rats ♥
and very often I also saw Captain Maggot running around
outside. She is always so nice and smiles at the waiting fans and
says a few words sometimes. This year I could finally take
a photo with her and other nice fans I met at the concert
before the show began.
With Captain Maggot : 
I was able to stand in the 1st/2nd row again  \(^-^)/
With some really lovely other plague rats ♥♥♥
Emilie's concerts are really very emotinal for me.
After the concert my heart felt like it was finally sated again
after eating so 
much love and motivation.
I've been listening to her music fo so many years now and
it really brought me through hard times and also 
inspired me on happy days. I guess I'll never be able to fully
express to which kind of extent she and her art have 
impacted my life. It really touches me deeply.
The last song played at this concert was :

"One foot in front of the other foot"
When I heared her singing these words so close to me
I felt addressed so directly and a thousand thoughts passed through 
my head. My mind kind of recalled my past again and
I couldn't hold my tears back any longer.
This was one of the most intense feelings I've ever had.
After the concert I still felt a little dizzy until I went to bed
as so many emotionos were rushung trough me.
It was almost to much to handle inside my limited body,
but it also felt really pleasant.
Some of the friends I made at the concert noticed that I was
crying and were really kind, hugged me and asked if everything was
okay. Some of the others cryed as well of course.
I only answered : "Nooo I didn't cry ! v.v" and blushed.
I felt like a little child 
and didn't want to feel so embarassed.
But after I took a photo with some others I realised that
it was really obvious. That made me laugh again :D
Then I was totally confident again. You shouldn't be ashamed
of your feelings right ? On my way home I was so very happy
and almost a little proud to "carry my feelings so openly with me
for everyone to see". I felt totally comfortable.
I even got some compliments on my way home. I wonder if 
those persons did even notice my tears or if they thought
it was my make up and on purpose ? :D
Strange enough it happend to me a lot in the past
to get compliments when I was emotionally
in a very sad and unstable situation. Very odd hm ?
I wonder if the people are just ignorant, or if they want to cheer me
up again. 3 years ago I was crying in the middle of the
city of my home town and my boyfriend (who was only my best friend
at that time) and another good friend of mine even had to hold me both
so I wouldn't totally break down. They had to kinda
help me walk and suddenly some older women came to me
and told me how pretty and cute my hair looked.
I guess nice things happen when you least expect them to.
I wear my heart on my sleeve
don't need to lock it on my cheek.
like M. & the Ds
Instead I paint it there
for everyone to see.
These are some snap shots of the show 2013 : 
Finally I saw Captain Maggot's fire show live !
I've always liked this so much and was so desperate to see it.
I'd already given up by now, but then I saw this *o*
♥~ Gorgeous Veronica ~♥
For those of you who didn't know I even was so lucky
I could play the rat game with her in 2012 ! ♥
2012 :
Hell is empty ♪
Emilie & Veronica kissing ♥
I am a scavanger ♥ and I will be waiting
In 2010, when the VIP tickets etc. didn't yet exist
I met Emilie by pure luck and she even kissed me *-*
Truly one of the happiest moments in my life.
She is so kind and really values all of her fans so much.
More in this entry
(yeah... don't judge my look I was 17 and totally exhausted
after the concert^^)
Her book is one of my favourite ones ♥
Neko's music :
Thanks for reading !
See you next time (^-^)v nyan ~♥


  1. OMG ich freue mich so für dich! *___* omg sie hat dich geküsst und du warst so süß! x_x *verreckt grade weil emotional edubfufie* Btw ich weiß nicht ob du mich noch von meinem tumblr blog kennst o_o' frightening-yandere , falls du dich erinnerst, mmmh wenn nicht ist auch nicht schlimm. c:

  2. hach deine berichte über ihre konzerte sehen immer so toll aus, schade, dass ich es bisher noch nie auf ein konzert von ihr geschafft habe
    darf ich fragen, wo du dir das buch geholt hast? mir ist nämlich eingefallen, dass ich das auch immer haben wollte, aber auf amazon kann ich es leider nicht finden

  3. Very cool ^^

    恵美より ♥

  4. awwww i'm so glad that you had a good time :)
    I've never heard any of her music so i'm really looking forward to watching these vids
    I love your outfit too, it's so pretty

  5. OMG! Die Bilder sind ja der Hammer. Ich hab von Emelie Autumn noch nie was gehoert.. Oh mann, da hab ich ja was verpasst =.= Das scheint ne hammer show gewesen zu sein ;_;

    LG, Jade

  6. Es war so ein wundervoller Abend und ein gigantisches Konzert.
    So emotional war ich auch noch nie bei ihren Konzerten, aber One foot in front of the other ist auch ein wahnsinnssong <3
    Ich verstehe dich so gut bzgl. der Rolle, die EA in unseren Leben spielt!!!