Miss Neko

Miss Neko

Mittwoch, 16. Oktober 2013

My boyfriend's music production studies, the Pop Akademie, & Studio time ♥

Hi there (^-^)v
I visited my boyfriend on the 4.10-6.10.13 ♥
He is studying music production at the Pop Akademie in Mannheim now.
Therefore he moved and in the past few weeks I helped him pack
his things and 
buy some new stuff for his apartment.
On the photo above you can see my current favourite outfit
for autumn ♥ I've also got new favourite shoes *o*
My Love Valentin ~♥
ちゅー ♥
In a studio of his University :
Honey playing the piano ♥
Getting explained some of the things \(^-^)/
This is also inside the Studio, what a cozy school ;D
Some notes of a lesson I found :
This makes music seem so much harder than most people use to
imagine it to be. 
But it really is hard. It shifts so often into physics and complicated computer program stuff etc.
It's always facinating for me to hear about sound waves and
how they behave, about 
acoustic feedback, programs like
Cubase and all those other things. I'm not an

expert at all in this field, I only know some things my
boyfriend keeps telling me and the things I see during
some of his productions. If you want to get more
information on music production you can check out
my boyfriend's youtube channel. He has some tutorials as well.

Sound Design Tutorial with Virtual Riot 

Some more snaps from the Studio :
I think this is an outdated music recording machine which
isn't used anymore, but it looked so "retro fancy"
I had to 
photograph it ;D
I drove 5 hours by bus to Mannheim. It was okay ^^
I read "Memories of a Geisha" on my way ♥
I could have been there in 2 hours, too but the long bus ride
was way cheaper. This is the main station of Mannheim :
As I had to wait a bit at the station for my boyfriend to pick me up
because he still had some courses I decided to wait in a pretty
café. I had a Chai latte and continued to read my book ♥
It was very calming & relaxing :3
When my boyfriend picked me up I was so super excited

although we had seen each other a week before, but usually
we've never been apart for more than a few days.
I could really feel my heart beat when he finally hugged me again *-* ♥
On Saturday I went to a huge shopping mall called "Rhein-Galerie"
with my boyfriend and his sister and a friend of hers.
That day the mall was open until midnight ^-^
We had a great time ~♪
A shop which sold cup cakes and milkshakes was called Pink Punk ^.^
Valentin bought me a Mango milkshake ^.^

After shopping we went to some clubs and bars in Mannheim.
We went with Valentin's friends and fellow students, they
were all really nice *-* and also totally interesting as they
are all artists/musicians. I had some really great conversations !

In one bar they had lots of funny named shots and on of them
was called "Pinky" ♥ 
Some of my good friends at University use to call me that ^^
I had a really adventurous time, meet so many fantastic new people
and of course was super happy to spend so much time with my
love again ♥♥♥ I could have taken much more pictures etc.
but I guess you understand I also just wanted to enjoy the time ^^

Neko's music :

• Virtual Riot - Sugar rush ♥

You can buy the track  here

♥ AKB48 - Sugar Rush ( Wreck it Ralph soundtrack) ♥

I love the move so much !! Watched it together with my honey and I had to cry like 1 hour long after the move as it was  just so touching and lovely ♥♥♥
Thanks for reading !
See you next time (^-^)v ニヤー ♥

Montag, 7. Oktober 2013

Sweet daily fashion, DecoDen, Japanese lashes & Gal make-up ♥

Hi there (^-^)v
The first week of October has been really exciting for me.
I've also been very busy. I decided to wear
casual yet sweet outfits 
a lot. I kept my make-up rather
simple for my standards. Autumn is comeing but I kinda wish
to live in spring time forever ♥ so I use to wear floral wreaths
quite often to capture that mood.
The photo above was taken at the house of my boyfriend's mother.
I helped him move to Mannheim last month.
He is studying music production there now !
I'll tell you more about it in my next entry.
Last week I decidet to cut my split ends.
I hope my hair will grow faster again >.<
I will do this more often from now on.
My hair without any extensions :
Casual School Gal inspired outfit ♥ It's so cozy :3
Skirt : Liz Lisa
Cardigan : Primark
Top : Primark
Floral wreath : Primark
Leggins : Primark
(omg :D I must admit Primark has good basics for outfits
sometimes you can really find cute things there)
As I really love to do DecoDen ♥ デコデン
like some of my dear blog readers might know I decided to make
a case 
for my boyfriend's and my Nintendo 3DS :
I used Japanese "Creamy whip"  crafting clay in pink.
I got the clay and the gems here :
Sophie & Toffee
I got the case for 2€ on ebay. Just search "Nintendo 3Ds crystal case".
Recently I got some Japanese fake eyelashes from a good friend ♥
So I tried to do a Gyaru fashion inspired eye make-up again :
I'm quite content with it this time. I also love it only to wear the
upper lashes. They are super easy to use ! The best ones I had so far.
♥ つけまつげ 
♥ きゃりーぱみゅぱみゅ - つけまつける ♥
A song about false eyelashes ^^

Some of my lashes :
This week my long awaited Adventure Time necklace from etsy.com
finally arrived ! I love Adventure Time so much and my boyfriend and I
watch every episode together. We're always waiting longingly
for the new episodes to air. Adventure Time is one of the things that
never fails to cheer me up and I use to watch it in the evenings a lot.
It gives me such a cozy feeling ^-^
I also got these cute bunny ears at
I'm totally looking forward to create a new look
with them soon. ~♪
As my boyfriend Valentin moved to Mannheim a few weeks ago
to study music production I was also a little bit sad as
I was afraid I might not see him as often as I do now.
But now I know everything will be just fine ^^
To cheer me up again he also got me these cute
They are characters from a German children's TV show.
When I was a kid my parents gave me a cassette of
their stories and I listened to it a lot when I went to sleep.
Now I watch their episodes on youtube a lot when I go to sleep.
You all might know that cozy feeling the shows of your childhood
are giving you. I love that ^-^

A few days ago I found this cute ice cube tray at Ikea.
My boyfriend made some ice cubes from several fruit juices.
♫ water - mango - pineapple - strawberry ♫
Neko's music :

• Koharu Kusumi - Happy
Thanks for reading !
See you next time (^-^)v nyan ~♥

Kimono festival, Ikebana, Japanese Tofu cooking & lovely thoughts ♥

 Hi there (^-^)v
On  the 29th of September the Kimono club of my 
University in which I am was invited to a festival again.
It was the "Sonnenblumen Sonntag" in Germany, in a small town
near Düsseldorf. We had a stall there and dressed
up guests of the festival in Kimono. We also had a short show
on stage where we explained general things about the different
kinds of Kimono. It was a really lovely day.
I also met Candy Kittenz there ♥ The girl on the picture above.
She looked so cute *-* I was really glad to see you again !
There were also some other Japan themed stalls.

The woman next to me on the picture below had a
Ikebana stall and I also did some Ikebana with her.
I really want to learn more in the future.
I also met 
the cute Maids Arina & May from the famous
German maid café 
"Lucky Chocolate".
Our participation in the festival also was announced in a
newspaper :
My first very own Nagoya-Obi ♥♥♥
Got it as a gift :3
The pink silk Kimono and the one I'm wearing on the photo in
the newspaper 
are also mine. My Kimono are really one of my
biggest treasures ♥ Currently I'm owning 2 Kimono and 2 Yukata.
I'm looking forward to building my own Kimono

collection over the years like my Senpai. Kitsuke
"The art of wearing Kimono"
really is a hobby

that makes my heart overflow with happiness ~♥
Like I said before I also did some Ikebana with a Japanese
woman at the festival. Sadly I did not have a vase that
was big enough to hold the big bouquet of flowers >.<
So I had to take it apart again. I cut the prettiest

flower much shorter so it fit into a small glass.
I'm very happy I could at least keep this. Now I'm
planning to buy a lot of vases to do some Ikebana in the future.
This is what was left of my flowers :
I think flowers and Ikebana give you so much peace it really is
relaxing and spreads so much beauty and happiness.
My friend Mona who also studies Japanese was really sweet
and brought me this magazine about Ikebana when she saw
it lying at our University. \(^-^)/
"Ikebana Sogetsu No. 249"

The flower bouquet on the left by Ishikawa Ryu
symbolises a still lake in the summer.
I think that is a magnificent idea ! So pretty.
 I really like that Ikebana gives such a delicate impression.
On the 2th of october something really cute happened to me ^-^
Well, let me tell you the story of that day :
First of all you need to know that I had really casual hair and I didn't
even straighten it ! 
I did almost wear no make-up,
only mascara & lenses.

I wore a new outfit which is totally my favourite in the moment,
 but I did not at all expect to look...well I really didn't put much effort in it
as I had no time and wanted to hurry to meet some friends.

At the train station in Düsseldorf a really handsome guy,
probably about 28 years old walked next to me for quite some time
(I was walking really fast) and I started wondering what's up with him as he seemed to be wanting to catch up with me,
when suddenly he politely said :
"Excuse me, but you look really pretty. I just had to say that.
Really stunning." I wished him a nice day and walked on
and I couldn't help it I had to smile so bright my whole way to the
ramen restaurant where I was supposed to meet my friends. 

It really struck me. I mean my boyfriend which I love more than
any being on this earth ♥ of course also tells me that he thinks I'm pretty.

I wasn't so happy about the compliment I got,
but for that fact that this guy was so very nice,
polite and friendly just randomly out of nowhere in this grey big city.

You don't expect such things to happen so much in daily life
and I'm always so super stunned and really shocked when I see that
in this harsh brutal world suddelny there is some kindness,
even if it's just kind words. I guess this earth isn't such a bad
place to be after all.
This really inspires me and it should inspire everyone.
. Be kind ♥ show other beings this isn't such a bad place to be after all
even if its just a little smile or word.
You're actions have impact ~ you are the universe.
Keep that in mind.

Lots of love to all of you !
 This is how I looked that day : 
On the same day I went to the Japanese Ramen
restaurant Takumi in Düsseldorf. I met Mona & Alina, who also
study Japanese there and their friend Shiba with whom
I could 
practise some of my Japanese ^-^
I had vegetarian Ramen soup ♥
One of the best meals I've 
ever eaten !

A few days ago I also visited my Senpai Becci ♥ again.
She is the leader of our Kimono club and also has
awesome cooking skills. She thaught me how to cook
Japanese curry rice - recipe here.
The next thing she thaught me is a vegetarian Tofu meal :
Fried tofu with some shimeji mushrooms etc :
A snapshot of curry rice I cooked myself:
I really eat it a lot lately :D

The black thing is black sesame.
I've also got some more cute little Japanese items my
friend and Senpai Bea gave to me. She will leave Germany
this month and work in Japan for 1 year. I already miss her ;_;
But I'm also super happy for her and very excited 
to hear about her experience.
Ichigo Ballpoint Pen :
Bento box :
A cute usagi hat ♥
Pencil case :
Neko's music :

"You always took care
of my childish side
For listening to me I’ll always be
grateful to you, grateful to you.

The me that is like you
The you that is like me
We are similar yet different
But since we’re different, we’re similar
Everytime I say ‘I love you’
My affection grows

Thank's for reading !
See you next time (^-^)v nyan ~♥