Miss Neko

Miss Neko

Dienstag, 10. September 2013

2 year anniversary with my love ♥ Holi colors festival & my Hippie heart

Hi there (^-^)v
On the 23rd of August my boyfriend and I had
our 2 year anniversary ♥ 
Luckily on the 22.8.13 my boyfriend had a performance as
Virtual Riot at the Holi in Colors festival (Airfield in Mendig) !
So we went to the festival and had a great time. Some of our
friends had tents there as well and when we had some free time
we enjoyed the party with them ~♪
When my boyfriend performed I was among the photographers
I also filmed. Here is a short clip of his live performance.
He played before Zeds Dead and Feed me !  *-*
Fedde le Grand also performed at the festival.
It was a great weekend. I totally love festivals. But I must
admit I was very happy that his management got us a
great hotel room in a spa *-* It was like short holidays ♥.
We also went eating some ice cream and had a romantic walk
along a river which was the habitat for lots of protected birds.
On the second day we saw Porter Robinson live again \(^-^)/
My look for day 1 :
The line up :
Here you can see some of the color powder that has be thrown :
 The main stage :
As we only had a backstage room at the first day when my 
boyfriend performed we needed a room for our gear
at the second day as well. So we came up with the idea that
Porter Robinson sure wouldn't mind if we'd use his room,too.
We didn't need much space anyway and he was so super
nice at the Bootshaus in cologne before, that we were sure he would
okay with it. We also left him this note and some stickers ~♥
After the festival I spend some relaxing days with Valentin ♥
And finally my Madoka Magica mousepad arrived *-*
I also got this Artemis necklace from etsy ♥
I saw it on tumblr and totally fell in love with it.
And my mother brought this with her for me from her holidays at
the sea. 
She's so cute ヾ(〃^∇^)ノわぁい♪
It's a small board for breakfast, there even is Marie from
on it ~ thanks mum ! ~(=^‥^)/。・:*:・゚☆
I also spend lots of days at Valentin's home. His family has a great
garden with 
strawberries and redcurrants *o*
I absolutely love redcurrants. In Germany they are called
"Johannisbeeren" which sounds a little similar to my name Johanna ^^
It was such a hot summer day *-* I really enjoy it to just sit on the
grass for a long time, relaxing 
and looking at the sky.
I really 
have a hippie heart ♥ I wish I had been young in 1968.
But I also think nowadays there still are lots of great movements.
The world already has improved a little but we still need
to go a long way and I'm willing to be a part of creating a better
and healthier world. The hippie movement isn't
  something outdated, it is still very important today !
And lots of people still are very caring and willing to protect this
This really fills me with joy.
A few days ago I saw in the musical "Hair" at my local theatre,
in which my mum also played a part^^

It was really great, if you don't know it you should check it out
it really is a milestone and totally stunning ♥
Aquarius and let the sunshine in -
Hair musical on Broadway

And here are some images of the interpretation of the musical
"Hair" of the theatre 
in my hometown which I saw last week
with my boyfriend. I really liked it *-*
I used to play at this theatre for 7 years as well ♥
My mother started there together with me because I was so young,
but now she still plays there. I don't have time anymore,
but I really used to love it.
Hair : 

 My mother is the 3rd from left (she's wearing a wig, her real hair is black).
She played one of the parents. She really has lots of fun acting, dancing and singing ~ like me ^-^ We're really similar regarding our characters ♪

In my boyfriend's garden :
♥ Redcurrants :
♥ wild strawberries :
My boyfriends fluffy cat Luna ♥
Luna again ♥
Neko's music : 

• The paper kites - woodland


• Bonobo - stay the same 

• Trentemoller - moan
Thank's for reading !
Have a great time ~♥
See you next time (^-^)v  nyan ♫

Montag, 2. September 2013

My Cult Party Kei shooting & inspiration ♥ Tokyo Fashion

Hi there (^-^)v
A few weeks ago I had a Cult Party Kei inspired shooting
with the sweet Straw Berrieh ~♪
I wanted to do such a look for a really long time and I'm totally
happy I finally did it. Recently I like to do cult party kei outfits a lot ♥
Straw Berrieh ~♪
Outfit :
deer headband : dolly darling
dress : Liz Lisa
night gown : vintage, found on etsy.com
long tulle skirt : handcrafted by a friend
heart brooch : handcrafted by a friend
star bracelet : handcrafted
pink socks : ebay
tights : primark
umbrella : primark
The cross necklace you can see on the image above (and below)
is a gift from my friend Bea,
  also handcrafted ~♥
I absolutely love it!

 I use to see such necklaces a lot lately associated
with the Virgin Mary 
which is a Cult Party fashion shop in harajuku.

♥ Cult party Kei - Guide ♥
check out this blog, to me it has
described cult party kei the best way !
Some great inspirational outfits :
And a handcrafted shell necklace I got :
I will do a "pastel goth mermaid" inspired outfit with it soon.
one of the best sites to check out!
Neko's music :

• Agnes Obel- Philharmonics

• Nicole Dollanganger - Sweet Girl

Thank's for reading !
See you next time (^-^)v ~♪ nyan