Miss Neko

Miss Neko

Dienstag, 6. August 2013

Picnic with my boyfriend & a cat + Video ♥ & meeting Porter Robinson

Hi there (^-^)v
On the 20th of July my boyfriend had his 19th birthday ♥
To celebrate this we went to the Bootshaus in cologne
on the 19.7.13 to have a great party and to see
Porter Robinson.
After the show we could talk to him briefly &
I could take a picture with him. He even asked me if
he could take a picture of us with his phone as well as he likes
"kawaii" things ^^ I noticed that on his cap there were some
Kanji and he told me he had some Japanese friends and likes Japan.
Yeah!  How awesome \(^-^)/ ♥
We really had a great night and if you like EDM you
should totally check his music out!
But before we went to the Bootshaus my boyfriend and
I had a picnic ♥ We cooked some Japanese curry rice
and even took some 
cherries with us.
During our picnic a very cute cat joined us that we had
already seen from time to time some weeks earlier.
It must be living near my apartment, it's so super cute 
and friendly ~♥ I spontaneously decided to film a 
video with the cat :
( I speak German in this video ^^)
We got some cherries from 2 trees that grow very close
to my apartment but belong to nobody ( the city owns them)
I used to eat lots of them the last few weeks ^-^
Found the best definition of "cat" on my lunchbox ♥
And a snapshot of some flip-flops I got this summer ♥
They seem to be the fanciest flip-flops in the world apparently :D
I had to laugh so hard when I first saw them, as at first I thought
they were very hard and even made of some metal, but they

are only made of plastic. I like them, I mean I don't really
expect much from flip-flops. I don't think they are super fashionable

but they are just great for the hot weather here at the moment.
Maybe I'll also find some flat and pretty sandals soon, but
I'm also very happy to have found such unusual flip-flops ^^
Neko's music : 

• Porter Robinson - Language 
I will answer your comments & questions on my last post
soon. Don't worry I won't forget it and I've already got some 
answers to the most questions ^^
Thank's for reading !
Bye bye ♥  (^-^)v nyan ~♪


  1. Ich beneide dich total um deine Haare. Hätte auch gerne wieder bunt auf dem Kopf, aber meine feinen Haare gehen so schnell kaputt -.-


  2. It looks like you had a good day with ur bf~ The cat is super cute <3 There's a cat near where I live and I call him Neko-chan hehe ^-^ and that's so cool that you can just get cherries like that~ And those flip flops are so cute <3

  3. Saw Porter at a rave I went to, he was opening for Tiesto!!