Miss Neko

Miss Neko

Montag, 26. August 2013

New make-up look shooting & great places in Düsseldorf ♥

Hi there (^-^)v
I've done awfully much the last few days.
I hope you're all enjoying the summer holidays ♥ (if you have them).
I've finished my last exam at university for this semester, so
I finally also have more free time for now.
When I wasn't studying I've spend the last weeks with my
friends and boyfriend. One day I had a spontaneous
photo shooting w
ith my friend Bea,
who also studies Japanese (she's almost finished).
My boyfriend took some snapshots of us, after we tried out
a new make-up look.
She also did my lipstick inspired by this asian look :
Normally Bea isn't really into these
"cutness-overload kawaii things", like I am, but she is very good
at doing all different kinds of make-ups and creating outfits 
so I was very happy to try this out.
I'm always glad to get inspired & motivated by her *-*
And with my beloved Mouton from Sentimental circus.
My boyfriend and I call him "Fant" and he really is the most awesome
plushie we've ever seen :D It's totally my favourite one,
he's like the king of this plush kingdom ^-^
On the 9th of August I went to the Rhine Tower here in Düsseldorf
with some good friends from university ~♥
I've never been there before, even though I've seen this tower in
2008 at the Japan Day for the first time. So they suggested to just
go up there spontaneously. I was so super happy about this, that place
is just amazing ! I totally love heights ♥ It was really relaxing and soothing for me, such places can really clear your thoughts and give you some piece.
The tower is 172.5 meters high and on the top of it there is a great
restaurant. You're surrounded by big glass windows. You don't even need 
to walk up as there is an elevator.
Of course I also took Fant with me ^-^ ♥
Düsseldorf :
The ticket :
 The tower : 
It also is a clock :
We watched the sun go down ~♪
From the tower I could even see my apartment and my University *-*
I want to go there more often in the future, I really recommand you this place.
Another really nice place in Düsseldorf is the
I also use to hang out there with friends and my boyfriend a
lot recently. They have things like matcha latte (iced green tea)
and at the moment they even have oreo milkshake ! ♥
Some of their offerings I really like :


I also found out that the store Karstadt in Düsseldorf sells
white hold-up stockings. I'm always searching so desperately for those!
I love overknees combined with garter belts, but I strongly prefere

white ones which used to be kinda hard to find.
When I bought the socks I was shopping with my boyfriend and
my Senpai Bea. While we were searching for some fabric an Asian
couple that spend their holidays here in Düsseldorf asked me
to take a picture with them and complimented my look ^///^
They were really nice ^^
Neko's music :

and this song was one of those I've listened to
a lot when I was 15 ♥ I still love it!
• Chance! by Koharu Kosumi
Thank's for reading !
See you next time (^-^)v  nyan ~♥


  1. Ohh die Fotos sind wirklich schön geworden! :) Und die Frisur mit den zwei Zöpfen, die du auf den Bildern im Café hast, steht dir sehr gut! ^-^ Vielleicht werde ich da mal vorbei schauen, das Café klingt sehr lecker :D

  2. Wirklich tolle Bilder~ ich finde das Make up echt toll an dir <3
    TENTEN.. da will ich auch mal hin *__*

  3. Hihi das ist ja süß mit dem asiatischen Pärchen :)
    Dein Make Up sieht toll aus! Und die Sache mit den gradient lips find ich toll ♥
    Ja das Tenten ist schon schön. Bis vor kurzem hat meine Freundin Theresa dort gearbeitet, aber da sie jetzt nach Japan geht, ist dem nicht mehr so. Es schmeckt alles so lecker da *.*
    Liebe Grüße

  4. dieses lippen tutorial ist toll *.* catrice hat sollche "lippenstifte" aktuell auch im program...

    deine fotos sind echt toll und ins tenten möchte ich auch mal xD