Miss Neko

Miss Neko

Dienstag, 13. August 2013

Fashion update & a Natsu Matsuri with my kimono club ♥

Hi there (^-^)v
I spend the last few weeks preparing for some
exams but I also spend some time with friends and my boyfriend ♥
It's still great summer weather here in Düsseldorf \(^-^)/
A few days ago I went shopping with my boyfriend and he took
some snapshots ♪ Recently I wear my beloved
deer horns 
more often again ♥
I got them here : 
Dress : Liz Lisa
Bag : My Melody
Socks : ebay
On the 27.7.13 I went to the Natsu Matsuri in Cologne 
with the Kimono club of my University.
It took place at the Japanese cultural institute in Cologne.
It was a great and exciting day. 
I could borrow a super cute Yukata from a friend ^^
At the Natsu Matsuri (= Summer festival) there
was also a Japanese dance group !
Later on everybody could even join the dance, I really liked it ♥
Our Senpai made food for us :
We even had some water melons *-*
And it was my lucky day, I even won a Yo-yo tsuri !
I absolutely love them ♥
At the Natsu Matsuri our club had a picnic
and looked at the different Japanese stalls, there was a lot to see.
We also met some Japanese people and I could practise my language 
skills again. After the event we ate at a Korean restaurant in Düsseldorf.
It was delicious, but a little too spicy for my taste.
I don't really like 
spicy food like Kimchi  ヽ(  ̄д ̄;)ノ
But I still ate all of my food as it was so good, even though it was
a little painful. 
I want to get more used to spicy things 
A snapshot my boyfriend took in front of my apartment,
there are so many particles flying around here in summer.
Like in an Asian mmorpg ^-^ ♥
I guess it's pollen, luckily I'm not allergic.
I think it looks really 
cute ♪
 My boyfriend and I bought "The walking dead" last week and
I already finished playing it and I've just started to
play it a second time as it is just so good.
I really like this kind of game ♥ I want more games like this.
This totally meets my taste ^-^
At first I was really scared by the zombies and I screamed sometimes
because I was so surprised at a few points but now I'm really relaxed. 
I guess you get used to killing zombies fast ;D
I really like it, it's a great game !
Neko's music :

• Die Antwoord - Baby's on fire
Die Antwoord is just great ♥
Thank's for reading !
See you next time (^-^)v nyan ~♪


  1. Woah.. leckeres Essen und die Bilder vom Tanz sehen echt super aus ^^

  2. I love your outfit so much, it's very charming and cute ^^

    恵美より ♥

    1. Aww thank you, you are so sweet ! *////*
      *blush* ~♥
      I love your blog ! *-*

  3. Awesome~ !!! The bento looks delicious! And that picture with the particles looks magical!~