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Miss Neko

Dienstag, 13. August 2013

Cute kittens at my Senpai's farm + a kitten video ♥

 Hi there (^-^)v
On the 13.-14. july 2013 I went to the CosDay in Frankfurt.
Read about the event in this former blog post.
I went there with the Kimono club of my University and all
of us could stay at my Senpai Becci's parents house.
They own a little farm with some cows, chicken and other cute
animals. It was great to relax there after the super stressful
CosDay. Our Kimono club had a dressing fair stand at the convention
and we all were very tired when we arrived at the little farm.
After we all had taken a shower, we had a barbecue (vegetarian for me)
with Becci's family. They were all super kind and friendly ♥
We had so much food, I could even eat grilled maize *-*
We had a great time at her farm, to me it felt like short
holidays. It was so relaxing I almost felt like I've been to a health
resort ^^ The nature in that little village was just stunning.
You could hear a river and lots of birds. It was so restorative.
They even had 2 cute dogs who looked extremely similar to my own dog!
So I instantly wanted to pet them. I also miss my own dog a lot,
she is staying at my parent's house but I see her from time to time and
my mom takes good care of her while I study.
♥ One of the dogs and tired me :
My own doggy is an "Entlebucher mountain dog"
and looks really similar, but she's smaller.
Me and Siska ♥ :

This is their little farm :
And we were super lucky - they even had little kittens ! ♥
My boyfriend filmed a little while we spend time with them.

I could barely part with them ;_; They were so sweet *-*
My favourite one was the white one, I wanted to take her home
so badly but 
I'm not allowed to have cats v.v
...and I can't just take other cats away ;D
Herp derp :D
And I could even pet a cow \(^-^)/


  1. Wow.. so süß *__* Und das Video ist auch so niedlich <33

  2. ohhhnein du warst im Wunderland *___* soooo viele süße Kätzchen... ich hätt´ sie alle heimlich eingepackt xD

  3. So adorable ^^ And you look amazing!!

    恵美より ♥

  4. Awwww die sind ja soooooo süß!!!!! ♥
    Und dein Kleid gefällt mir sehr gut, es steht dir super!
    Liebe Grüße

  5. When I was reading this, I was smiling the whole time! hehe~ Perfect photo shots~ and the video just made me so happy inside. ^-^