Miss Neko

Miss Neko

Mittwoch, 7. August 2013

CosDay 2013 in Frankfurt & our Kimono dressing fair stand ♥

Hi there (^-^)v
On the 13.-14.7.13 I went to the CosDay in Frankfurt.
It's a convention for Cosplay, Anime and Japanese Pop-culture.
I went there with the Kimono club of my university, we had
a fair stand and dressed up visitors in Kimono.
It was an extremely stressful weekend and we were all so busy but it
was also very exciting and fun. I also met some old friends, on the
picture above you can see Stephie and me ~♥
It was so nice meeting you again ! I visited her a long time ago
to go to the bookfair in Frankfurt with her ^^
I wrote about the fair in 2010 
in this old entry .
Our fair stand : 
Our Kimono dressing service : Hanabira-ya.
On the image above  are only a few of the club members the
others were busy doing other things 
at the CosDay.
We mostly were always doing something and I had to go around
give the visitors our flyers and do some promotion.
Luckily my boyfriend also spend the weekend with us as
he was our photographer.
Here are a few of our costumers :
Furisode ♥
Bea Senpai and me ~♥
I only wore a Yukata that day as the pretty and more fancy
Kimono should remain for our costumers. But I also like this
Yukata a lot and it was very comfortable on that super
hot summer day. I did not have much time for my outfit that day
and I even did my hair in 5 minutes at the CosDay !
That weekend I mostly had to be dressed as 
practical as possible. I only did a simple bow with my
Hanhaba Obi ♥ I got the Obi as a birthday present from the club
leaders, who got it from Japan.
I also saw lots of great Cosplayers, my absolute
favourite outfit of the day was the one of Tine .
She is the cutest fairy I've ever seen !
I really wish to build such wings myself as well. I hope
I can manage to do that soon.
Sadly I looked really tired that day as it was the 2nd day
and I did not wear any make-up only a little bit of mascara.
But I really wanted to have some pictures with her as she
looked so stunning ~♥ Great Cosplay !
And some snapshots my boyfriend took of me while working :
Our fair stand :
Some other fair stands :
The CosDay took place in the NordWestZentrum, a huge shopping mall
and also a big place outside and in another building with a stage and
lots of 
shops for anime and Japan related items.
The whole area was huge. It was a great thing that some stands 
were in the mall as we were able to buy lots of iced smoothies
and other refreshing things.
 Neko's music : 

• SeeU- Fantasy 
All in all it was a super awesome weekend as I could
spend it with my friends from the Kimono club and
did lots of exciting things, but it was also very 
exhausting. Luckily we could stay at the farm of
my Senpai Becci's Parents ! We could relax there,
enjoy the nature and even had a huge barbecue (vegetarian for me)
in the evening ~♥ Her parents and grand parents were super nice
and to me it felt like short holidays
We also spend the evenings with the kittens & other animals
on the farm *O* I will write about that in my next entry.
Thanks for reading !
Bye bye (^-^)v nyan ~♪


  1. Ich wollte auch gerne hinfahren, aber es hat leider nicht geklappt. ^^'' Aber wirklich tolle Bilder~ und dein Yukata ist so hübsch <3

  2. So pretty ^-^ Looks like you had a really good time. The pictures look so professional <3