Miss Neko

Miss Neko

Freitag, 5. Juli 2013

My summer days at University & my daily fashion ♥

Hi there (^-^)v
So summer has finally arrived here in Düsseldorf ♥
Therefor I had to come up with a quick and practical hairdo,
which I can 
wear at university. I tried out an easy
Hime Gyaru fashion inspired bun.
Recently I wear it a lot, also at my Kimono club meetings ♥
Currently I'm going out
without any make-up 
a lot.
It's so practical, especially in the summer, not to mention the
valuable time I'm saving like this ;D
♪ Sailor Senshi Aino Neko ♪
 My favourite hair accessory at the moment is this
Maid cat ear headband ♥
I got it from my boyfriend at the Dokomi 2013 in Düsseldorf.
I can't describe how happy I am about this *///*
I've always kinda wanted to be a Maid Neko as well ;3
So my very next new outfit I'll get will be a maid Dress.
A more romantic Liz Lisa fashion outfit I wore to go singing 
Karaoke with my friends from the Kimono club and my boyfriend ♥
And another quick snapshot after Karaoke
shortly before we went to bed, 
with my real hair again ~♥
I'm wearing the pullover of my boyfriend, I must admit
I just love love love things like that !
It's so cute and hey galaxy + cats that's just awesome ;3
Yeah I must say I like to wear tumblr.- inspired things
for university which are just comfortable ♥
A few days ago when the weather was really hot & great you
could get free Ben & Jerry's ice at our university *O*
I was relaxing after my lessons ~♪
A beautiful place to relax At our campus :
We even have lots of cute birds & 2 swans.
I see them each time I go to my bus stop *-*
Japanese meal with my Kimono club ♥
Our Senpai made food for us, as thanks for the
work at the Dokomi. They're so sweet!
Tamagoyaki, radish & cucumber Onigiri :
One of my favourite Japanese snacks ♥
A few days ago my boyfriend and I had vegan food delivered
to my apartment. We got it at the great
Jade Imbiss in Düsseldorf.
It was one of the best things we've ever eaten !
I can really only recommend it ♥ Vegan "duck" :
 Daria + food + bed + tumblr. = perfect sunday 
 Neko's music :

• Virtual Riot - Mr. Mittens groove
Thank's for reading ♪
See you next time ! nya (^-^)v ~♥


  1. Der Pulli von deinem Freund steht dir aber auch sehr gut *-* und was du immer für ein leckeres Essen hast *om nom nom* :D
    Lg, Mare

  2. Oh das essen sieht so lecker aus! Q^Q
    und du siehst auch ohne make up wunderschön aus. >w< <3

  3. You are amazing.
    I love your necklace in the 2nd pic.

    bai, Shiki


  4. Ich liebe deinen Blog und Style total. Für mich bist du mit eine meiner größten Inspirationen und ich könnt mir immernoch in den Hintern beissen, das ich dich nicht ansprach, als du Japantag an mir vorbei gelaufen bist. *schüchtern schau* ^^
    Auf jedenfall immer wieder schöne Fotos und ich freu mich mehr von dir zu lesen. ^^
    Liebe grüße, Renoyuki ^^

  5. I love your hair! It's such a cute shade of pink. your campus looks so pretty too.

  6. Ich finde die Hochsteck Frisur echt toll, gibts dazu schon ein Tutorial? =3
    Und mit weniger Make up siehst du viel hübscher aus *-* (finde ich)

    Wie free Ben&Jerry Eis? =O das ist aber nett ^^