Miss Neko

Miss Neko

Dienstag, 9. Juli 2013

A day at the Movie Park Germany ♥

Hi there (^-^)v
A few days ago I went to the Movie Park Germany in Bottrop
with our good friends Max and Michelle & my boyfriend ♥
I went there last year with my boyfriend for the first time.
I love theme parks incredibly much and I also totally love rollercoasters !
I want to go to as much theme parks in the world as possible during
my life, I'm totally looking for such thrills ^^
A snapshot with the super cute octopus plushie that I won !
I thought that plushie was the only cute one in the whole park,
so I was really happy and surprised that I managed to win it *-*
For me it will always be a cute jellyfish with pink cat ears
Don't mess with us ^o^
 (″ロ゛)ギャーー!!☆彡 (」゜ロ゜)」
My boyfriend also got me this huge lollipop *-*
I just love candy ♥
And I even met Patrick star ! *o*
 This is the jellyfish octopus thingy I won ♥
Lucky !
& with the Ty beanie ballz my boyfriend & I are collecting now.
I just love those ♥♥♥ They all look so sweet !
The 60 meter high fall on which we went :
It was my 1st time on a free fall.
It was cool, but in my opinion too short and too
boring compared to rollercoasters.
But you had a great view *-*
We had to ride all the attractions ! \(^-^)/
The crazy surfer :
Us on the NYC Transformer :

I'm sitting on the right side in the back ^^
It's great but I also think it's the most stressful ride.
I don't know who was screaming the whole time, I just laughed ♪
 We also went on all the rollercoasters and lots more ~♥
My favourite attraction totally is the Side Kick !
I wish I could ride it all day long ♥
The Pier Side carousel was the most romantic attraction of all.
I'd also love to ride this all day long while having a book with me ^^
If you like theme parks I can really recommend the
Movie Park in Bottrop ♥
Neko's music :

I love the band Puffyshoes since such a long time
they are perfect for getting a happy summer mood ♥

Puffyshoes - I wanna be your shoe 

Thanks for reading !
See you next time (^-^)v ~♪ nyan


  1. awww das schaut nach einer menge Spaß aus und Patrick hätt´ich auch gern mal getroffen :3
    Mir gefällt dein Outfit total gut :)

  2. Aaawww das Plüschie ist ja mal super niedlich!!! Ich mag so hohe Fahrgeschäfte gar nicht. Also schnell darf es schon sein, aber dank meiner Höhenangst, kann ich so Free fall tower und sowas gar nicht fahren.