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Miss Neko

Dienstag, 9. Juli 2013

1st Perfume concert in Germany ! ♥ [パフューム]

Hi there (^-^)v
On the 3rd of July 2013 I saw my favourite band 
 live for the first time ! I'm a fan since I was 13.
♥ PERFUME ♥Japanese official page
I saw them in cologne in the Gloria Theatre.
They make Japanese electro-pop, my most loved genre of all !
During the concert I even started to cry because I was
so deeply moved and impressed ♥
That was one of the happiest days in my life.

• All About my beloved band :

How they always introduce themselves ♥
My ticket ♥
I bought a towl at the concert ♥
It says "Perfume" 

Perfume introduce themselves in German :

I only took a few bad snapshots as I mainly wanted to just
enjoy the concert,I think you understand ♥
 but you can get a small insight here :
Yuka Kashino [ Kashiyuka ] My favourite member ♥_♥
The beginning was just stunning !
They had lots of light effects.
White angels from the future ~♪
 One half of the line in front of the theatre :
 I was very lucky as I could stand rather close to the front of the stage.
I spend the day with 3 Japanese fans whom I met in the waiting line,
I talked a lot with them (also a great opportunity for
practising my japanese again ♥) and later on we spend the concert
together^^ I'm really happy about that. My boyfriend wanted to
join me as well but he had to go to Berlin that time because of his job
as a musician & producer ^-^
After the concert I met some friends who study japanese
together with me. We talked a lot to the japanese fans
and took lots of pictures (sorry I look really tired on those ;D).
One of the japanese fans ( some even came from Japan
just to see Perfume) who wanted to take a picture with me
gave me this awesome "Kira Kira Secret Pen"
"What is your secret ?"
 I just love such small & cute things *-*
When you write with the pen :
When you use the black light lamp of the pen :
 Sugoi desu ne ;3

• Perfume Dream fighter 

[ If you can't see it download ProxTube !]

• Dream fighter live :

When I heared those lyrics live I couldn't help but to cry.
Just lovely and so true ♥ They have always been one of my
greatest motivations. They brought me through my highschool life
and so much more ~♫

Dream Fighter lyrics :
Searching for the best is an endless journey
But this is a proof of our existence
Even if the cruel reality will hit us
We'll still be able to keep on moving, Dream Fighter

Everyone says that general solutions are the best
And you can say that it's somehow practical
But you can't gain perfection that way
So general solutions won't satisfy me

Until now I thought that it's okay with me
But right now it's a far, distance past

Searching for the best is an endless journey
But this is a proof of our existence
Even if you'll have to deal with hardships
Don't you ever give up

We keep on moving filled with strength 
And every tear that falls is a treasure
Even if the cruel reality will hit us
We'll still be able to keep on moving, Dream Fighter

hey, everyone mentions the future
and you can say that it's somehow practical
not darkness, but light will come shining in
however, being normal won't satisfy me.

• Perfume- Spending all my time 
And my favourite song of them, forever and ever.
This is really my own chosen soundtrack for my
daily life \(^-^)/
♥ Natural ni koi shite (Remix)

One of their latest songs :
♥ Perfume - Magic of Love ♥

[ Download Proxtube if you can't see it !]

Thank's for reading !
See you next time (^-^)v ~♪ nya 


  1. soo cute. Die machen so süße Musik <3<3<3

  2. Wie schön das du sie endlich live sehen konntest! >w< <3
    Ich wollte auch so gerne hin ;A; Aber es war zu kurzfristig >.<
    Mikani Manderinchen ~

  3. Unser Japanischlehrer is ja voll der Perfumefan :DDD
    Schön, dass du sie live sehen konntest und Spaß dabei hattest :)
    Liebe Grüße

  4. Ahw! Ich mag sie auch schon länger & find die Musik toll & auch die Musikrichtung! Wenn das Konzi in Berlin gewesen wäre, hätte ich mir auch ne Karte geholt xD
    Aber cool, dass sie in Dtl waren! * 0 *)/
    Sind sie nun wieder aktiv?

    Grüßchen, Victoria

  5. Wow.. ich hab leider viel zu spät erfahren, dass sie in D-land auftreten würden, sonst wäre ich mit Sicherheit hingefahren. Ich höre sie zwar nciht regelmäsig, aber ich mag die Musik sehr gerne, seit ich sie 2007-2008 entdeckt habe. ^^

  6. Ahh so jealous! I want to see Perfume while I'm in Japan =]