Miss Neko

Miss Neko

Freitag, 10. Mai 2013

My Liz Lisa fashion photo shooting ♥ with Brown hair !

Hi there (^-^)v
Yesterday I did another shooting with my Senpai Bea ♥
She brought me some clothes by Liz Lisa
from her Japan trip and also lended me 2 of
her Liz Lisa dresses for this shooting.
At the moment I may wear the dresses if I want to
♥ *Happy* ♥
The whole shooting was inspired by Liz Lisa fashion,
as some of you might know I just love their
floral and romantic 
We also took lots of images with me
wearing a pink Furisode Kimono
in the Japanese gardenin Düsseldorf.
I will upload those images in a few days !
So stay tuned.
By the way the tree on the image above was so high ! :D
My boyfriend had to help me get back down, but I
think it was worth it, wasn't it ? ^-^
Also I kinda love klimbing trees, I'm a little childish
considering those playful things.
I really wanted to try out brown hair, so I got a wig.
My real hair is still pink, I must admit I could never
let my pink hair go ! It just feels the most like "me" ♥
But I must say I also love this brown colour.
I got the Neko ear headband from Bea, she gave
them to me as a present from Japan.
I also got a cat ear headband with
pearls in silver from ebay.
Bea and me \(^-^)/ ~♥
She's so cute !
This are the Liz Lisa dresses of Bea.
I'm so in love with them ♥ 
And a cute skirt by Liz Lisa she brought me from Japan
I can't thank you enough ! ♥
I really want to try doing more coordinated outfits, instead of
just wearing one dress like I love and use to
( because it's so easy).
 And a cute key pendant from Japan
in a Furisode Kimono ♥
 I also want to share my latest
favourite meal with you. It actually helped me
loose 3 kilos, but I didn't really meant to diet.
I just wanted to eat healthier again.
Rice, carrots that were boiled in water,
soya sauce and water with vitamin drops in it.
Some of you might also know I'm a vegetarian since
a few years, by the way.
I also wrote a very long and informative
blog entry about healthy eating & dieting : click here.
 It really lets you feel so full after you ate this.
I'm very happy I found another healthy meal which is tasty,
quick and makes you feel so sated ^-^
On the rice I put some spices from a local Asian shop.
 Neko's music :

• LinQ - チャイムが終われば
Thank's for reading ♥
See you next time ! Nyan (^-^)v ♪


  1. Braune Haare stehen dir auch echt gut, aber ich stimme dir zu: Deine Haare müssen einfach pink sein - denn das bist du! =)

  2. Aww vielen Dank Liebes ~♥
    Ja ^.^