Miss Neko

Miss Neko

Dienstag, 28. Mai 2013

My Japan Day 2013 in Düsseldorf ♥

Hi there (^-^)v
Last weekend I went to the Japan Day 2013 in Düsseldorf
I met so many new people & old friends it was really
exciting and is still one of my favourite events of the year.
I went there with my boyfriend and spend the day with some friends.
I had 2 outfits for the day.
• Outfit 1 on the picture above :
Dress : Liz Lisa
Poncho : Cherié ( from Japan )
Shoes : Body Line
Cat ears : Necomimi Neuro wear
Bag : My Melody
Umbrella : Primark
Tights : Primark
• Outfit 2 Furisode Kimono 
My Senpai Bea lended me the Kimono and also the
Liz Lisa dress and poncho, she is so kind ♥ *-*
She  dressed me and did this awesome ribbon at
the back of the Obi :
It was the first time she did this kind of ribbon and she
used a Japanese manual for it, like every time when she
does a new ribbon etc. I think she did very well, didn't she ? ♥
( I hope I can read more Japanese &
fashion instructions in the future as 
well ;D )

Of course my boyfriend went with me that day.
He took most of the photos, hihi ♥
Like I said I met lots of people \(^-^)/
I was very happy I also met Sui Princess again ♥
I just love her style, she's a great inspiration for me *-*
With the Diadem Twinz
 I was so happy to see you guys, we need to meet soon again ♥
With Momoko and Ai  :
Lots of love to you all ! You looked so cute ^-^
With the lovely Jasmin Hawkeye ~♥
I spent lots of time with my Senpai Bea and Simon, who's
also in the Kimono club (as there are Kimonos for men as well)
With my Senpai \(^-^)/ ~♥
I was so super happy to meet you again *o*
Your such a lovely girl and I really love your style and personality ~♥
I hope you see this :3 ♥♥♥
Look at her boat ! I wish I had a headband like this as well ^^
I also went to the Okinii with some friends
All you can eat ! I just love this place ♥
This image was for a newspaper called express Düsseldorf :
[ but they made lots of mistakes in their report ! 
They said I was wereing a wig, they just assumed that. But as most of you know
that is my real hair ! They also said I was 19 and not 20...]

With Chiara
It's been so long since the last time I saw you,

you're so sweet I was happy to get a photo with you :3
I wish we could have talked longer ^^
 And a picture she took :
Later on I was really happy my Senpai Bea lended me
this Poncho as it got quite cold while we were waiting
for the Japanese Fireworks display ~♥
It's just so fluffy and warm *-*

Luckily I brought a large pink bedspread
which I use as picnic blanket. We also had a second
blanked as it got really cold and this was the
3rd Japanese fireworks display I saw at the Japan day,
so I knew it's was going to get cold.
But we were totally fine ♥ It was so cozy ~♪
We saw the display with our old good friends Max & Michi ^^
And the Kimono Sensei Yoko Sawa who joined us
at the Dokimi ( read more here ) even was in the 
newspaper of Düsseldorf as she helped at the 
Kimono fitting stall of the Japan Day.
I also met her after the fireworks display when my boyfriend
and I went home. I was glad I could talk to her again ^^
Neko's music :

• Perfume - Spring of life 

• Perfume - Spending all my time 

• Vocaloid IA- Nihonbashi Koukashita R Plan ♥
Thank's for reading ♥
See you next time! Nyan (^-^)v ~♪
*awkward elevator picture* :D ♥ CHU ;3


  1. You're so cute! I guess everyone has already toldyou, but you do look like an anime, your hair is awesome ^^

    I'll let you here my blog adress, if you want to have a view :D


  2. I love your cat ears. So cute!
    And your poncho is amazing. *w*

    xo, Shiki


  3. Aaaah, deine Kimonobilder sind echt wunderschön!!! ;w;