Miss Neko

Miss Neko

Montag, 6. Mai 2013

My 5 new youtube videos [Hair & Make-up Tutorials and more] ♥

Hi there (^-^)v
I finally filmed 5 videos for youtube !
I did the tutorials lots of you have been asking for 
so much and I hope you like them and they help you ♥
I will upload 2 more videos this and next weekend !
It will be a make-up tutorial that shows how to do
the make-up on the picture above and the last
video is still secret ♥ 
The first Video is :

• How to dye your hair pink 
The products I used :

• Carnation Pink by Directions
• Silver shampoo by Swiss o'par
• Conditioner by Nivea ( "long repair")
• Bleach by Schwarzkopf L++

In the second video I answer
the most common questions I get asked about my hair

• My Pink hair FAQ

• 3rd video : How to tease your hair 

The hairdo I show in this video :
I also found a very cute little dress up game !
Finally I can go and live in the Land of Ooo as a warrior princess ♥
Create your own Adventure time princess now ! *-*

Adventure Time Princess maker
Once upon a time in the Land of Ooo when my love 
and I met for the first time ~♥  
I will never forget that day.

Neko's music : 

• Asadoya Yunta 

• Omodaka - Blip festival Tokyo 2011
Thank's for reading ! (^-^)v
See you next time, nyan ~♪


  1. In Österreich kostet die Blondierung fast 10€ :<
    Aber ich fahr immer extra nach Deutschland, um sie zu kaufen ^_^
    Tolle Videos!

  2. I like your videos. Your haircolor is amazing. *w*

    xo, Shiki


  3. Deine Haare haben gestern im Fernsehen mega feurig pink ausgesehen ÖA ö ... hab mich total erschrocken - bis ich dann mal daran gedacht habe dass die Kamera damit irgendwie zu tun haben könnte xD ...

    Super Videos! Ich freu mich auf mehr! |3