Miss Neko

Miss Neko

Dienstag, 28. Mai 2013

My Japan Day 2013 in Düsseldorf ♥

Hi there (^-^)v
Last weekend I went to the Japan Day 2013 in Düsseldorf
I met so many new people & old friends it was really
exciting and is still one of my favourite events of the year.
I went there with my boyfriend and spend the day with some friends.
I had 2 outfits for the day.
• Outfit 1 on the picture above :
Dress : Liz Lisa
Poncho : Cherié ( from Japan )
Shoes : Body Line
Cat ears : Necomimi Neuro wear
Bag : My Melody
Umbrella : Primark
Tights : Primark
• Outfit 2 Furisode Kimono 
My Senpai Bea lended me the Kimono and also the
Liz Lisa dress and poncho, she is so kind ♥ *-*
She  dressed me and did this awesome ribbon at
the back of the Obi :
It was the first time she did this kind of ribbon and she
used a Japanese manual for it, like every time when she
does a new ribbon etc. I think she did very well, didn't she ? ♥
( I hope I can read more Japanese &
fashion instructions in the future as 
well ;D )

Of course my boyfriend went with me that day.
He took most of the photos, hihi ♥
Like I said I met lots of people \(^-^)/
I was very happy I also met Sui Princess again ♥
I just love her style, she's a great inspiration for me *-*
With the Diadem Twinz
 I was so happy to see you guys, we need to meet soon again ♥
With Momoko and Ai  :
Lots of love to you all ! You looked so cute ^-^
With the lovely Jasmin Hawkeye ~♥
I spent lots of time with my Senpai Bea and Simon, who's
also in the Kimono club (as there are Kimonos for men as well)
With my Senpai \(^-^)/ ~♥
I was so super happy to meet you again *o*
Your such a lovely girl and I really love your style and personality ~♥
I hope you see this :3 ♥♥♥
Look at her boat ! I wish I had a headband like this as well ^^
I also went to the Okinii with some friends
All you can eat ! I just love this place ♥
This image was for a newspaper called express Düsseldorf :
[ but they made lots of mistakes in their report ! 
They said I was wereing a wig, they just assumed that. But as most of you know
that is my real hair ! They also said I was 19 and not 20...]

With Chiara
It's been so long since the last time I saw you,

you're so sweet I was happy to get a photo with you :3
I wish we could have talked longer ^^
 And a picture she took :
Later on I was really happy my Senpai Bea lended me
this Poncho as it got quite cold while we were waiting
for the Japanese Fireworks display ~♥
It's just so fluffy and warm *-*

Luckily I brought a large pink bedspread
which I use as picnic blanket. We also had a second
blanked as it got really cold and this was the
3rd Japanese fireworks display I saw at the Japan day,
so I knew it's was going to get cold.
But we were totally fine ♥ It was so cozy ~♪
We saw the display with our old good friends Max & Michi ^^
And the Kimono Sensei Yoko Sawa who joined us
at the Dokimi ( read more here ) even was in the 
newspaper of Düsseldorf as she helped at the 
Kimono fitting stall of the Japan Day.
I also met her after the fireworks display when my boyfriend
and I went home. I was glad I could talk to her again ^^
Neko's music :

• Perfume - Spring of life 

• Perfume - Spending all my time 

• Vocaloid IA- Nihonbashi Koukashita R Plan ♥
Thank's for reading ♥
See you next time! Nyan (^-^)v ~♪
*awkward elevator picture* :D ♥ CHU ;3

Dokomi 2013 ♥ Kimono stall & my bed full of plushies

Hi there (^-^)v
On the 18th and 19th of may I went to
 the Dokomi
a big Japan & Anime convention in Düsseldorf, Germany.
I met lots of people & friends and spend some lovely time with 
my boyfriend ♥ But the main reason why I visited the Dokomi
was because I worked there at the stall of the Kimono club
of my University, in which I am. You could get dressed in a
real Japanese Kimono there. I mainly did promotion for us or
was the cashier or helped where it was needed.
With Kiharo from Virtual Kei ~♪
I spend some time walking around with him, advertising
the Kimono stall. I had a great time with you pal ^-^
 I also met 2 very lovely girls that will always have a place in my heart.
 ♥ Janine (left) & Keke-chan (right) ♥
Those 2 girls really make me happy and I wish them
everything that is awesome for their life ♥
I hope you guys are seeing this ;3 Never give up
at any time, life can be stupid & unfair sometimes, especially
when you are young ;) But things change so quickly and
there are just so many amazing and cute things out there
waiting for you to discover them ♥ I'm very happy that you
are that kind of girls that want to spread happiness & kawaii things
and just bring positive things into this world.
When I was your age I didn't really believe there were many
people like that. So it makes me smile to see how you're doing.
And just a small additional information for my blog readers :
Keke-chan still goes to my old school, I know
her because of that and the 2 of them sent me
the sweetest letter I've ever received in my live
after I graduated ♥ \(*o*)/
And some images my boyfriend took of a very happy Neko ;D
I just had to get this cute Alpacasso at the Dokomi ♥
I love this kind of floral looking headband it wears,
like the one I love to wear ^-^
CHU ~♥
Dress by : Liz Lisa ♥
♥ The Kimono club & stall staff : 
We were very lucky as the Kimono Sensei Yoko Sawa of my Senpai
who is living in Japan had the time to join & help us
as she currently visits Germany.
She is a professional Kimono dresser.
She is such a friendly 
and beautiful woman,
I was very happy to meet her and also
practise some of my Japanese in small conversations with her ^^
I also met Jenny again \(^-^)/
She always looks so cute !
She worked at the Maid Café at the Dokomi ♥
With Hendrik whom I know since a hundred years
It was great to see you again ! ♥
He works at a Host club and I'm glad we found the
time to take a quick snapshot.
I must admit I felt a little embarrassed on that fancy throne,
I should at least try to act like an Ohime-sama
for such occasions ;D  
Hihi ~♪
With my pretty Senpai Maya *///*
At the Dokomi you could also get lots of plushies *o*
and my boyfriend and I just had to get some...as we can
never never have enough of them :D
Some day we will live in a huge mountain of fluffiness I gues ;D
♪ My Bed :
The Adventure Time poster was a birthday gift from my boyfriend as
he knew this is my absolute favourite picture of this beloved
show of mine. I like to look at it and let my thoughts flow a lot.
The new Alpacasso
A new Cinnamoroll plushie I got as
I love this character so much but I never owned
of it before.
And from one of my most favourite series called Chobits
This Anime influenced me a lot in my life ~♪
I could not be more thankful or happy that the person just for me
and only for me 
has already found me ~♥
I wished for it all my life.
• Rie Tanaka - Ningyo Hime 
A city with no people - Story from Chobits
This has deeply influenced me when I was young. ♥
My boyfriend got this cat for me *o*
and we still can't remeber from which Anime this is >.<
Please tell me if you know ~♥
And he got me this cute Neko paws because I only
had one paw since years =D  
A snapshot I took at the Kimono club, when
some Japanese women visited us several times
to practise dressing people for the Japan Day in Düsseldorf,
as they had a stall for Kimonos there.
It was so much fun ~♥
And a spanshot I took before the Dokomi started,
I wear no shoes 
as there were carpets in the whole building
and behind the Kimono stall 
we did not wear shoes to
not make anything dirty ^^ This is my favourite

casual outfit for University at the moment as it's
so super comfortable ~♥
After the Dokomi I went eating  Japanese food with
my boyfriend and we had to carry all the plushies we got home.
When we were eating we decided to let them sit next to us and

join our dinner ;D Hihi ~♥
I can not describe how incredibly cute I find this
small pink turtle *O* ! ♥
It's as hungry as me :D
Neko's music :

• SHINee - Lucifer 
Thanks for reading ! ~♥
See you next time ! Nyan (^-^)v ♪

Montag, 13. Mai 2013

My Kimono shooting ♥ + Hanabira-ya der Kimonoverleih & Ankleideservice in Düsseldorf

Hi there (^-^)v
Last week my Senpai Bea did a shooting
in a Furisode Kimono in the Japanese garden in
with me ♪ She dressed me in this beautiful Kimono.
It really is a form of art, especially the bow/back of the Obi.
She and another Senpai learned how to dress other people
in Kimonos in Japan by a Japanese Sensei, it's very impressive to me.
It also really takes some time, but it is worth it ♥

The Kimono club and me will also be at the :

Dokomi on 18.+ 19.5.2013 in Düsseldorf
There you will be able to get dressed in a Kimono by us !
I will be waiting for you ~♪ nyan

Bea and my other Senpai also run a place where you
can rent Kimonos & be dressed up by the staff !
This is for all my German followers now :
Kimonoverleih & -ankleideservice für Düsseldorf und Umgebung:

Ihr könnt den Service außerdem über seine facebook page
anschrieben : Hanabira-ya

Was geboten wird :
Bei uns finden Sie eine an die Jahreszeit angepasste Auswahl an Kimono. Wählen Sie einfach eins der von uns zusammengestellten Sets, die aus aufeinander abgestimmten Komponenten (Kimono, Obi, Unterkleid, Tabi etc.) bestehen, und wir kleiden Sie darin ein. Einmal angelegt können Sie sich in ihrem Kimono einen ganzen Tag lang frei in Düsseldorf 
und Umgebung bewegen.
Auf Wunsch kommen wir auch bei Ihnen zu Hause vorbei. 
Sprechen Sie uns an.

Diese Kimono Sets kann man bereits buchen :
Set Nummer 5 : "Shinya no Ouze"
Set Nummer 4 :  "Haru no Hi"
Set Nummer 3 :  "Tanbo to Hana"
Set Nummer 2 : "Taiyō  no wakare"
[ Mehr Sets kommen bald ♥ ]
The people who run this Kimono rental also run the
Kimono club at my University. At the moment they 
are still building up their supply.
The Furisode Kimono in which Bea dressed me : 
The back, this really is art ♥
An old Japanese proverb says :
"The beauty of Kimono is the heart of Japanese people” 
[Kimono no utsukushisa wa nihonjin no kokoro desu.]
Normally a Kimono is not so short, but 
we wanted to do a modern version of Furisode,
so we wanted my shoes to be seen.
My Senpai Bea also had some fun and edited this picture of
me with a Purikura App, I wish I had a smartphone ^o^
Neko's music : 
• Rising from best of Yoshida Brothers
• Rin' - Sakura Sakura 
Thank's for reading ♥
See you next time ! Nyan ~♪