Miss Neko

Miss Neko

Freitag, 5. April 2013

Liz Lisa presents from Japan, fashion updates & Swan lake (Anime) ♥

Hi there (^-^)v
Last week I was filmed for a German TV show.
It's only a small thing, for a show called 'Shopping Queen'.
Normally I do not like (German or other) TV because they are usually
not very reliable and often put people with a
different style like me in a very bad spotlight.
But luckily that show is different. ^-^
The topic is just shopping and finding the best outfit
for a certain motto. I can tell you I just loved our motto !
But that's still all secret ! I will tell you more soon :)
But I am allowed to tell you the show will be broadcasted
on the 6. of may on the German channel VOX
( you can also watch it online )
And a recent snapshots I took with my honey ♥  ^-^
Now I want to show you some awesome gifts I got from 
my Senpai Bea
She is one of the girls who run the Kimono Club at my University.
She went to Japan (Kyôto &Tokyo) this semester break and brought 
some things with her *O* Well I didn't expect that she would
bring so many awesome things though *dies from happiness* ♥ 
This is Bea, isn't she pretty ! *-* 
(sorry I'll stop the fan-girly behavior now, I promise ;D ♥ )
Furisode ♥

So the first thing are these cute Neko mimis ♥
I wanted to have them for quite a long time
but I didn't know where to get them. I just love them !
nyan ♪
Then this Ichigo milk and a Rilakkuma plushie *-*
I must admit I asked her so much if she could find this 
strawberry milk for me :D No, I'm not kind of desperate ;D
I wanted it so badly, I'm so happy she really got me one ♥

And OH MY GOSH I can not believe it
she also got me some Liz Lisa clothes ♥
She said there is a great retail chain in Japan that sells these items 
second hand and of course then they are a lot cheaper ♥ 
When I visit Japan I also want to spend some hours shopping there !
A quick snapshot of the skirt ♥

And a shirt by Liz lisa ~♥
I really love layered clothing like for example in Mori fashion, 
I want to try something like that soon ^-^

A small bag, I just love floral pattern ~♥
And a small magazine with the
spring collection of Liz Lisa for 2013 ♥
 Pocky & Chopsticks ♥
 Hello Kitty nail file ♥
 Neko sticker *-*
 Hime like foundation  ^.^ ♥
 Well you can never have enough snacks ;D ♥
 And a cute note book, I will practise Kanji in it ^-^
いただきます ! ♥
 And this cute bag in which the Neko Mimis were packed :
Merry-go-round necklace
 I have a cold at the moment, so I stayed most of the last
few days in bed and my boyfriend took care of me ^^
This is my hot-water bottle, I think it's kinda cool ;D
I like to watch the dolphins o-o It's kinda relaxing.
 And my boyfriend, being trapped by our plushies :D ♥
 Some edible paper he got me ♥
 We watched one of my favourite movies together :
Swan Lake
The Anime , a Toei production from 1981
 The image on the DVD
has NOTHING to do with the movie :D
It's just the stupid "non-Japanese version" of the cover.
This is how the movie looks like ♥
 It's absolutely adorable and princess Odette reminds me a
lot of Chi from Chobits ♥
Swan lake my favourite movie since I am a child ♥
I saw this when I was about 6 years old and loved it, now I am 20 
( I have the german vhs and the german cassette and also a DVD). 

I was so happy and surprised when I found out 

my childhood favourite movie is Japanese ^^ 
This is just stunning art ♥
You can see the whole movie in English on youtube.

This is the beautiful ending song : 
Ai no Mizuumi 
Music :

♥ Juniel - Everything is alright
I wish all of you a great spring time \(^-^)/
Thank you for reading ♥
nyan nyan ~♪ lots of love to you 


  1. Shopping Queen? *A* Wie cool ist das denn! Du hast sie bestimmt alle umgehauen! Oh, ich freu mich! :,>

  2. awwww ich will die Folge Shopping Queen sehen =^____^=

  3. Oha Shopping Queen! Möchte ich auch unbedingt sehen ^^ bin ich mal gespannt. Schöne Sachen!

  4. Hihi yayy das freut mich ^-^ ♥
    Ich bin nur die Shopping Begleitung von meiner Freundin
    Franzi ( kekecinderellasdream.blogspot.de ).
    Sie wollten eigentlich auch, dass ich sofort als Kandidatin mitmache,
    aber ich wollte nich gegen eine Freundin antreten.
    Ich soll aber im Oktober ( wenn sie das nächste mal in Düsseldorf drehen)
    auf jeden fall nochmal als Kandidatin mitmachen *sich schon freut*.
    nyan ~♥

  5. Wie cool, wenn du bei Shopping Queen bist muss ich mir das doch direkt mal anschaun :D Ich hab zwar keinen Fernseher aber es geht ja auch online, zum Glück ^^

    Die Liz Lisa sachen sind sooo hübsch! Ich liebe die Prints, einfach traumhaft! X3

  6. you spam this post with such cute photos!!

  7. Uii, das mit Shopping Queen freut mich echt! Ich habe eigentlich nur so darauf gewartet, dass endlich mal Jemand mit solch einem Modegeschmack daran teilnimmt ^-^ ♪

    Ich bin echt gespannt :3 ♥
    Liebe Grüße ~