Miss Neko

Miss Neko

Montag, 29. April 2013

My Yukata Shooting in a Japanese garden ♥

Hi there (^-^)v
A few days ago my Senpai Bea did a photo shooting
with me ! She is one of the girls who run
the Kimono club at my University and wanted to
try out this modern Yukata outfit. I think she did
a great job with the outfit ~♥
We took the pictures in the Japanese garden in Düsseldorf.
 A little bit later that day our Kimono club met again,
like every week. I tried out the Obi they brought
me from Japan because of my birthday ♥
Thank you so much again ! *-*
There are even some purple cats printed on it !
But sadly you can't see them on the photos,
I might take a closer picture later.
 I will also be at the Dokomi with our Kimono club,
there you can get dressed in a Kimono !
 I'm starting to really like black ♥
That day we decided not to wear Kimonos, but
Yukatas as they are better for warm weather
and we wanted to have a picnic outside.
 One of the girls even made some Onigiri *-*
 My hair that day :
I must say I really love those modern Yukata outfits !

I want to get a similar one in the future ^-^
They are just too cute ♥

And the prettiest of all kinds of Kimonos in my eyes
Furisode ♥
Neko's music : 

• Bad apple [ ShouRinka]

• Rolling girl by Hatsune Miku (Sanshin version)

By the way I also own a soft pink Sanshin and I'm
trying to learn to play it ^^

I love the sound of the instrument ! 
Thank's for reading !
Have a nice day ~ Bye (^-^)v ♥

Mittwoch, 24. April 2013

My Necomimi Neuro wear ♥ moving cat ears

Hi there (^-^)v
So on 6th of April, my 20. birthday
I finally truned into a cat (○゚ε^○)v ィェィ♪

My boyfriend got me Necomimis aka. Neuro wear !
Those are cat ears that move according to your brain waves.
I've been wanting them since they weren't even available to buy!
I still can't believe he got me them *-* ♥♥♥
Moreover I want to thank all of you for your kind
birthday wishes on my facebook etc. ! ヽ(*⌒∇⌒*)ノ::・'゚☆

This is the official video about the Necomimi :
When you are excited the ears wiggle and when you relax 
they go down, wich rarely happens to me ;D
I must admit I think this is quite awesome *-*
Finally feels like 2013 huh ;D

And there is even a matching tail called "Tailly"
which was designed to match the necomimi but sadly
they didn't
raise enough money, so they weren't able to sell them.

I hope this project will be restarted in the future so one might really
be able to buy this as well ^^
This is the official site.
And the video about "Tailly" :
Another update :
I finally made a few video tutorials for youtube !
As you have been asking for a hair tutorial etc. so much
I finally took the time and filmed it :)
Now I will try to edit the material as fast as I can and
upload it in the upcoming weeks.
I've done a 'my make-up' tutorial
a hair tutorial , a 'How to dye your hair pink' video
and some other things ^^
So stay tuned I try to upload them soon ♥
I spend my birthday at my parent's house and I also celebrated at my
parent's house as there is just more space ^-^
I had some very exciting days ♥ On the actual
party I didn't really take pictures for my blog as
I just wanted to enjoy the party with my friends ^^

I think you understand ♪
But I took some snapshots on the train back to my home
in Düsseldorf, I went with my boyfriend ♥
I finally drank the ichigo milk from Japan ^o^
I love travelling by train, especially when you're not alone ♥
This month my second semester at University started and
as I like to wear my hair quite convenient during the week,
but of course I still want to look kinda cute ;3
I wear this 'Korean bun' quite often lately.
I have already shown you this tutorial in a former entry 
I just love it ♥
1 min Korean Bun :

I also want to thank all of you for the recent
700+ facebook likes on my page
You guys are awesome *blush* 
Neko's music :

Perfume ♥ are one of my favourite bands since I'm 13
like some of you might now
and now I will finally see them live in July in Cologne
with my boyfriend. I'm SO excited ! ♥
My concert tickets have arrived a few days ago *-*
Get tickets & all information about the
Perfume World Tour here :

• Perfume - Natural ni koi shite
my favourite song of all songs in the world !

• Perfume - Spending all my time 

I will also see my goddess Emilie Autumn for the 3rd time
live this year in September in Duisburg !
So if you're gonna be there, see you soon ^-^

• Emilie Autumn - We want them young
Thank you for reading ♪
See you next time ~ nyan (^-^)v ♥

Freitag, 5. April 2013

Liz Lisa presents from Japan, fashion updates & Swan lake (Anime) ♥

Hi there (^-^)v
Last week I was filmed for a German TV show.
It's only a small thing, for a show called 'Shopping Queen'.
Normally I do not like (German or other) TV because they are usually
not very reliable and often put people with a
different style like me in a very bad spotlight.
But luckily that show is different. ^-^
The topic is just shopping and finding the best outfit
for a certain motto. I can tell you I just loved our motto !
But that's still all secret ! I will tell you more soon :)
But I am allowed to tell you the show will be broadcasted
on the 6. of may on the German channel VOX
( you can also watch it online )
And a recent snapshots I took with my honey ♥  ^-^
Now I want to show you some awesome gifts I got from 
my Senpai Bea
She is one of the girls who run the Kimono Club at my University.
She went to Japan (Kyôto &Tokyo) this semester break and brought 
some things with her *O* Well I didn't expect that she would
bring so many awesome things though *dies from happiness* ♥ 
This is Bea, isn't she pretty ! *-* 
(sorry I'll stop the fan-girly behavior now, I promise ;D ♥ )
Furisode ♥

So the first thing are these cute Neko mimis ♥
I wanted to have them for quite a long time
but I didn't know where to get them. I just love them !
nyan ♪
Then this Ichigo milk and a Rilakkuma plushie *-*
I must admit I asked her so much if she could find this 
strawberry milk for me :D No, I'm not kind of desperate ;D
I wanted it so badly, I'm so happy she really got me one ♥

And OH MY GOSH I can not believe it
she also got me some Liz Lisa clothes ♥
She said there is a great retail chain in Japan that sells these items 
second hand and of course then they are a lot cheaper ♥ 
When I visit Japan I also want to spend some hours shopping there !
A quick snapshot of the skirt ♥

And a shirt by Liz lisa ~♥
I really love layered clothing like for example in Mori fashion, 
I want to try something like that soon ^-^

A small bag, I just love floral pattern ~♥
And a small magazine with the
spring collection of Liz Lisa for 2013 ♥
 Pocky & Chopsticks ♥
 Hello Kitty nail file ♥
 Neko sticker *-*
 Hime like foundation  ^.^ ♥
 Well you can never have enough snacks ;D ♥
 And a cute note book, I will practise Kanji in it ^-^
いただきます ! ♥
 And this cute bag in which the Neko Mimis were packed :
Merry-go-round necklace
 I have a cold at the moment, so I stayed most of the last
few days in bed and my boyfriend took care of me ^^
This is my hot-water bottle, I think it's kinda cool ;D
I like to watch the dolphins o-o It's kinda relaxing.
 And my boyfriend, being trapped by our plushies :D ♥
 Some edible paper he got me ♥
 We watched one of my favourite movies together :
Swan Lake
The Anime , a Toei production from 1981
 The image on the DVD
has NOTHING to do with the movie :D
It's just the stupid "non-Japanese version" of the cover.
This is how the movie looks like ♥
 It's absolutely adorable and princess Odette reminds me a
lot of Chi from Chobits ♥
Swan lake my favourite movie since I am a child ♥
I saw this when I was about 6 years old and loved it, now I am 20 
( I have the german vhs and the german cassette and also a DVD). 

I was so happy and surprised when I found out 

my childhood favourite movie is Japanese ^^ 
This is just stunning art ♥
You can see the whole movie in English on youtube.

This is the beautiful ending song : 
Ai no Mizuumi 
Music :

♥ Juniel - Everything is alright
I wish all of you a great spring time \(^-^)/
Thank you for reading ♥
nyan nyan ~♪ lots of love to you