Miss Neko

Miss Neko

Montag, 11. März 2013

Hime Gyaru outfit, Liz Lisa mirror in the new Ageha & a day with friends

Hi there (^-^)v ♪
Last weekend Katalin, one of my best friends,
visited me in my apartment in Düssedorf to stay over
the whole weekend ♥ Saturday we met some friends
and went to the OCS store as it closes by the end of march  ;_; !
I decided to wear a Hime Gyaru inspired outfit as I love that style so much
and now I finally have some more things to realize some outfits.
On saturday we also went to
the Bubble tea shop BoBoQ in Düsseldorf ♥
In the OCS store I saw the new Ageha magazine
and I just had to buy it *o*
In it there was a big Liz Lisa mirror ♥

I've never found mirrors in this size in Germany before :(
It's so practical and yet cute ♪

We also took some Purikura \(^-^)/ ♪
My close friend Katalin is the one with the purple hair.
I dyed them for her a day before.
Thanks for the awesome day guys ♥♥♥
And we just had to take the background called :
"In the biology room at night"  :D
Okay ...I guess a Purikura machine needs that too ;D
See the flying ghost cat next to me ? ...way scary O_O
Haha  ^o^
When we went back to the main station in Düsseldorf I also
met some very cute girls who wanted to take a picture with me ^^
I met  Sarah (one of the girls) at the last Yukon in Solingen as well.
Last week I also bought a clothes rail at Ikea because now
the closet in my room really is too full and the clothes just
don't fit in it anymore. Yeah I know, first world problems right ;D
At my parent's house I have a walk-in closet as we just happen to have
quite a lot of space, as I have 3 siblings but only my little brother who
is 14 lives with them now ^^
Well for now I got my space problem solved ♪
I got the little plush Panda from my boyfriend a few days ago because his family moved to another house (which is closer to Düsseldorf ♥)
and they sorted out lots of things, so he saved this
little Panda and gave it to me *-*
You can never have enough plushies  \(^-^)/
Hihi, I like the idea that one day when I am really old
I'll have gathered so many plushies I can sit in them like in
the sea =D
Inspired by one of my most favourite singers
Nicole Dollanganger
I did something a few weeks ago when I cut my
hair again ( some of you might know I do everything concerning
my hair on my own). Don't worry I didn't cut them shorter, I just
cut the shorter layers of my hair short so I am able to do my
usual hair styles again.
My love and me forever 
Sweeter than a vial of your blood
will never dry or disintegrate ♪
One day you will be dead and embalmed
but bits of you will be existing on ♥
Neko's music : 

I just love all her lyrics & music so much. It's almost creepy
how much it feels like she is speaking out lots of my past/ recent thoughts.
To me she is one of the prettiest persons, not superficially but
because of her soul
and above all because of her honesty & authenticity.
Authenticity and cautiousness are one of the things I
think are most important concerning a person.
That's also why I admire Emilie Autumn as an artist and a person so much.~♪

" Anything that is beautiful people want to break 
and you are beautiful I'm afraid " [Nicole D.]

Don't let anyone keep you down, ever ! Everybody deserves to be happy
as long as he is careful with the feelings of others too. ♥

Have a nice day and as always thanks for reading
(○゚ε^○)v ィェィ♪

Mittwoch, 6. März 2013

Liz Lisa & Hime Gyaru fashion - my new arrivals ♥

 Hi there (^-^)v
So finally my first two Liz Lisa dresses arrived ♥
For all of you who don't know, Liz Lisa is my most favourite
japanese brand. I absolutely adore their look and in the past
I did lots of outfits inspired by Liz Lisa. Like for example this
outfit in this former entry.
I got the outfit from my favourite web shop :

♪ Pastel Pink Hime Gal  (○゚ε^○)v ィェィ♪
The second dress I got:
The plush cat I'm holding is my boyfriend's
I got the same one at home. You can put it in the microwave
because it is filled with lavender that stays warm quite a long time ♥
To me this is better than any hot-water bottle !
You can get one here :
Like I said I really adore the look of Liz Lisa.
The soft, pastel like shades of pink they use, the flowers.
Everything just looks so lovely.
To me it has something very cute and innocent.But you can also wear mini skirts and don't have to
wear a blouse underneath your dress and still look sweet and
NOT obscene. To me this is really important and that's
also why I love this kind of fashion so much.
When I wear for example a Lolita outfit that is high-necked etc.
I feel quite ridiculous and uncomfortable.
I think it just doesn't look right on me because I am
a quite tall girl : 1,78 cm. 
I love Lolita fashion and I also have some outfits,
but it's not the main style for me.
I think Liz Lisa is also great for tall girls who
want to look sweet but not too child like as well.

Now this goes to all tall girls like me :
Most Japanese dresses (and others) might
be a bit too short for you. But I have a great solution for that :
If you havent already buy Bloomers
There is no fashion item that that was ever
more useful to me ! I have a white and a soft pink one.
And I wear them underneath many of my dresses.
I got them from Bodyline
but you can sure also find them on other online shops.


Back to the topic,
to me the Liz Lisa look also 
always looks like summer,
the best mood you can create in my opinion.

It's sweet and special but you are still able to wear this style in a
casual way in daily life.
Now I want to share some images of Liz Lisa fashion with you ♥
I have this dress in white now ^-^ 
There it is in white :

Another big fashion inspiration of me : Xiaxue 
I love her look, but I don't agree with lots of things she is saying
and sometimes her attitude also isn't the best in my opinion.
But she is still very inspirational and pretty ~♥
I also got this poncho ♪
 And the last thing I got is this My Melody bag ~♪
Finally a very cute and practical bag !
Some of you might know the girl in the middle - Himena.
She's also a cool inspiration ♪
 And that's how your parcel looks like when you
order at kumimakiko
They always use this flower bag =D
And because now the closet in my apartment really is too full 
(back at my parent's house I have a walk-in closet)
I finally got a hanging rail \(^-^)/
You can get it at Ikea it is this one.
 My apartment's getting fuller :D But well it's also cozy that way ~♥
A few days ago my mother gave me this Hello Kitty tissues *-*
They kind of fit the Liz Lisa look, hihi ^^
 When my boyfriend saw them he said :
"Oh , Tissues for the issues ?!"  ;D ♥
And then we watched Titanic together because he really had
never watched it before. A few days later we watched 
Grave of the fireflies.
The movie is really great and touching.
Well, now the tissue box is only half full :D

Neko's music :

My most favourite band since I'm 13 has released another single

yayy I am so happy that they are so super active \(^-^)/ ♥
• Perfume - Mirai no Museum 

Thank's for reading sweethearts (^-^)v
nyan nyan ~♪