Miss Neko

Miss Neko

Mittwoch, 27. Februar 2013

Pastel Goth fashion, Fan-art for me & 500 Facebook likes ♥

Hi there (^-^)v ♪
a few days ago I went to the birthday party of a friend who studies
Japanese with me ♥ And for that occasion I tried out a

Pastel Goth outfit once more.
I've already written about that style and showed some pictures in
 this former entry.
I bought the rivet headband at this ebay shop,
just search for "rivet" there and you'll find it, it did just cost 1 $ !
I want to get one by Creepyyeha one day, but as I'm a poor
student that has to wait a little longer. But I've talked about that
issue before. Being fashionable does not mean having lots of money and buying lots of expensive brand clothes.  
Of course some brands have really pretty things and I've also bought
some brand items, but in the end the most important thing to me
is how your outfit looks overall. Handmade can be better than any brand,
and some brands just have the best dresses for example,
it's always different. As well as taste is always different.
Handmade Choker by me, inspired by Creepyyeha
The necklace with the heart pendant I'm wearing on the first picture
was a gift from by boyfriend for Valentine's Day *o* ♥
You can open it and on the inside there are 2 tiny Purikura Photos of us.
I've always wanted such a necklace my whole live *-* I really love it.
When I was a little child I also had such a necklace. 
It was golden and on the inside was a little mirror. 

My parents gave a book to me and the necklace belonged to that book.
Storytime ^-^
It was about a little girl who got that golden heart necklace as a present.
Her mother told her it was magical. That girl was really clumsy and sad because she messed up so many things all the time. The necklace gave her strength, because she thought it's magic was helping and protecting her. Her mother told her not to look on the inside of the heart pendant because that was said to be the magic of the necklace. One day the girl dropped
the necklace and the heart opened and on the inside she saw a little mirror, by then she knew the magic which helped her was herself all along. She just had to believe in herself to succeed.

That story really influenced me when I was young,
I loved that necklace so much
That's why I'm so happy to have a similar one from my love now ♥
It's a symbol for a whole lot more ^-^
I also got new tights from Refuse to be usual 
I love blood drops combined with cute and pink things, also in art etc.
It reminds me a little of the first appearance of Nana in Elfen Lied.
I'd love to cosplay that scene so much ♥ But the people who know how she
looks in that scene know why I don't ;D
♪ pastel blood stains ♪
The socks are from the same ebay shop I got the headband from :
Recently I've also found a video from the dubstep wobble party
of the club Bootshaus in cologne, it's of that party
where my boyfriend also did his performance as Virtual Riot.
Can you find me ? Haha...this happens when you think no one 
watches you while your dancing :D  Party Hard ♥

• Figure, Eptic & Virtual Riot 19.01.2013 Bootshaus 
And I got another art work made by Virtual Kei  ♥If also want a cool background edited into your images check out his page,
and speak with him about it. He sells that and is a professional.^^
And now I need to say something :
Oh my gosh thank you for over 500 facebook likes \(^-^)/

I'm very happy to reach so many people and I hope I'm always able
to show you interesting or moving things ~♪
Originally I made that page because I had reached 5000
facebook contacts with my normal page and I had reached the limit and could
not accept any more requests. But as some of you have noticed
a few weeks ago all my data was deleted due to a facebook error.
I wrote about the details in this entry.
So right now I'm trying to find all my old contacts again ^-^
If you want to add me feel free to do so ♥

My normal facebook page : Missx Neko

Now I want to share some amazing Fan-art with you.
Thank you so much again guys ! You're awesome ♥

and there is a speedpaint video for this image :
♥~  Lots of love to you guys ~♥
And some awesome Japanese sweets, I just had to take a picture of it.
Just look at that cute elephant, omg ♥
Neko's music : 

• Hatsune Miku - Love will surely soar 
Thank's for reading ~♪  Bye
Nyan nyan (^-^)v 


  1. Deine Kreuzkette gefällt mir :) Und die Party sieht auf jeden fall nach "Party Hard" aus :D Ist ja quasi bei mir um die Ecke :)
    LG, Mare

  2. Yup it's so true that you don't need loads of cash for your style. What you need is imagination :3
    (I never screw loads of money for my clothes ;3)
    Btw i will delete my old blog, so if you wanna keep following please do subscribe to the new one ^^
    xo, L

  3. Also ich finde ja, Pastelgoth passt einfach perfekt zu dir. ♥ Definitiv.
    Und dieser Shop ist.. amazing. O.o
    Mir gefällt aber besonders das selbstgemachte Halsband! ^^
    Ich bin viel zu faul für sowas. xDD;

    (Bin ich eigentlich der einzige Mensch, der die Bearbeitungen von Virtual Kei überhaupt nicht mag...? lol)

    Ps. Wie war eigentlich deine erste Klausur? :3

  4. ich liebe den pastelgoth style an dir ♥
    und die strumpfhosen sind toll *O* ♥♥♥

  5. Oh, ich mag ganz wie du dich geschmikt hast auf den ersten Bildern =], ganz schön! Und deine Haare sind da auch so schön! ^.^
    Liebe Grüße

  6. Aww thank you guys so much ♥
    *blush* (○゚ε^○)v ィェィ♪
    I'm really happy to get such nice responses !

    @ Keke : Ja gerne :3

    @gillantina : Danke ♥ das Make-up hab ich an dem Tag zum ersten mal so versucht ^.^

    Lots of love ~♥ nyan