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Miss Neko

Mittwoch, 27. Februar 2013

My Valentine's Day 2013 with my Valentin(e) ♥(○゚ε^○)v 愛

Hi there (^-^)v

I spend Valentine's Day at a swimming pool with my boyfriend,
whose name actually is Valentin, hihi ♥
I love swimming so much, that's why we often go swimming on
anniversaries etc. ♫ And luckily the indoor swimming pool 
did a special event because of Valentine's Day, they took photos of
all the couples who went there. Yayy I've never had an underwater photograph
before ^o^ The colours are so pretty ♪ That makes me really want to do
something similar some day, but it's also really hard to look
...lets say at least okay underwater ;D
I guess you really need to practise your facial expression before you do underwater pictures, haha.
This was a really spontaneous thing but I'm still very
happy about that memory we have now .
♥~ Valentine's Day outfit ~♥

After swimming we went to his home. We took the train so 
he needed to drive from the station back to his home by bike and I 
could sit on the bicycle rack.
I must admit I like that a lot ♥ when you don't need to ride the bike
and are just able to gaze at the nature.
Little things like that are my ideas of romantic moments ♥ 
At his home I use to relax on his bed and
use tumblr. ♥ while he's making some new music.
His cat Luna usually joins me and sleeps on the bed
our sits on my lap while I look at tumblr. images.
I'm so happy that he has such a sweet cat *O* 
I can't believe it sometimes, she is so well behaved I've never met such a cat (haha and my parents have a cat too ;D but he is outdoors most of the time)
♥ Neko & Luna ♥

 This is my cat Felix by the way, I've written about him some
time ago 
in this former entry.
He is a nice cat but also a little fighter.
Back to my Valentine's Day, on our way home after swimming
my boyfriend and I also bought some sweets at Hussel Confiserie.At the checkout a woman who stood in front of us in the line
was missing 30 cents to pay her items and nobody in the store
cared. So I gave her the missing money so she could get her items.
And then when it was our turn the saleswoman gave my boyfriend and
me free candy because of that kindness, she said *o* ♥
Hihi, that's Karma's instant Valentine's payback I guess.
Now I feel like Finn from Adventure time, doing good deeds
every day \(^-^)/
The chocolate in the middle is the free candy we got ♪
Nom nom nom ~♥
 And on the train another cool surprise hit us *-*
The train company of our region gave every passenger free chocolate
because of Valentine's day ♥
 A few days later he drove to my home in Düsseldorf with me and
we spend some lovely days there ~♥
One time when we went for a walk I noticed this flower, it was the only flower on that tree and there was even still some snow lying around.
Neko's music :

• Valentine ( Paul Dateh Remix) - Kina Grannis

• Flight Facilities - Crave you (dubstep remix)

• Hatsune Miku - Love will surely soar
Thank's for reading !
I hope you all had a lovely Valentine's day,
alone or not ♥♥♥
nyan ♪

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