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Miss Neko

Freitag, 1. Februar 2013

International Gyaru Lovers Winter Meet in Düsseldorf ♥ 26.01.2013

Hi there (^-^)v ~♥
I went to the International Gyaru Lovers Winter Meet
in Düsseldorf on the 26th January.
It was huge, there were about 70 people at least.
It was really great, all the girls are so nice and totally gorgeous ! *-*
We went to some Japanese stores, took photos etc. I also met the
Diadem Twinz and some other Gals I use to meet.
On the picture above you can see Maya, my Senpai (older Student)
and her friends *-* ♥  She's the girl on the right side next to me.
She also studies Japanese at my University.
I must admit I really adore her look. Well you're all really pretty girls!
I also met Marta who came all the way from Barcelona *-*
I didn't take many photo's as my boyfriend had a fever,
poor boy ! 
σ(TεT;) He met me at the Gyaru Lovers Meet,
stayed a little and then he went home before I did 
so he could rest.
I came home a little later as well to take care of him ♥
We watched the Pokémon movie
Mewtwo strikes back [ 
ミュウツーの逆襲 ]
I love it so much ! It's a great part of my childhood.
A Snapshot my boyfriend took in front of the main station in Düsseldorf
I was so excited ^o^
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♥ T-ara - Bo peep Bo peep
Thanks for reading, have a nice day \(^-^)/
nyan ~♪


  1. The snapshot, taken by your boyfriend, is one of the most pretty pictures of you i've seen so far <3

  2. you're beautiful <3 seriously :o !

  3. oooh i love our photos!!!*_* you were really nice i really wanted to met you at least once^^

  4. you're so cute! I'm happy that I saw you ^o^ I hope you can stay longer next time!

  5. Waaaahh thank you so much for the compliments!! *-* ♥
    It was nice seeing you there! ^__^
    I love the picture of us.x3

  6. your hair is like cotton candy! hehe you are absolutely gorgeous!

  7. Sooo Buurner *.* Ich mag deine Haare, womit färbst du sie ein? Schade das ich nicht in FFM war :(