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Miss Neko

Dienstag, 12. Februar 2013

AHCAHCUM.muchacha Cats & Rabbits in Harajuku ♥ fashion update

Hi there (^-^)v
So at the moment I'm finally having a semester break and some more
time again ♥ But this month I also need to learn a lot due to some
upcoming tests. 
 Finally my cat bag by Muchacha Ahcahcum arrived ♥ 
It's a lovely Japanese brand
And the little cat bag ♥
It looks kinda grumpy, haha but that also makes it cute ^^
Most of you might already know the greatest Tokyo fashion blog,
they also took some street snapshots of that bag :
Tokyo fashion Blog : Cat bag 

and another entry about Ahcahcum.muchacha:

Here is some street fashion photography ♥
I just love these looks !
 I also really want the rabbit bag ♥  *O*
It looks so perfect...reminds me of the impression
the art and songs of Nicole Dollanganger are giving.
Cute, frail and a little creepy ♥
A few days ago I’ve been up all night until 5 a.m with my boyfriend ♥
We had his house all to ourself ♫ We sat in the living room, drank tea,
watched old videos, ate vinegar chips and heart shaped ice cubes 
(I thought only I do that *-*) and the best of all : 
we listend to some lovely records as his mother has a record player.
Now I really want to get one too.
We listened a lot to Bonobo records and Simon & Garfunkel.
That night was magic ♥ 
I could have never imagined that I’d be so lucky one day …not me …
you know it really is true -  all you need is love ♥
& good music - well fortunately my boyfriend is a musician…♪

Long nights, tea, music & your love ♥

BUT  please please don't be sad if you don't have a relationship at the moment. I know Valentine's day is coming and lots of people are not too happy about it... Well, when I was young I also didn't care, most times I didn't even notice that that day was coming and just didn't catch it =D
But now that day is really important to me and I like to take it serious ♥
Of course you should care about your loved one every single day and not only on one, but I think this day is a great chance to have a date for which you can plan a nice activity ♥ My boyfriend and me use to go swimming on
Valentine's Day and on some of our anniversaries...because hey
there is no better activity than swimming ♥♥♥

So well basically an important point I want to make is :
Don't be sad on Valentine's Day if you're not in a relationship.
When I was single I'd totally go swimming on my own that day if none
of my friends had time to join me. Actually I went swimming and did lots
of other things when I was single on my own when nobody had time and I
also enjoyed it a lot ♥
I think this really is important and I always keep this in mind :
Don't let your happiness in life only depend on other people,
it must come from your very own heart.

This sounds though but it's very realistic. You all know the stories of
famous and rich people who are still depressed.
In my opinion thinking : 
" I will be happy WHEN I have this or IF I was her/him"
is only harming your own soul.
You are not getting further like this. It is hard to work at your own way of thinking and mindset but it will be the most rewarding.
I came across this great quote  :

[ there is an internet debate that this quote is NOT from Buddha,
read more here . I think it's not important at all who said it.
These words are so true & important ♥]
And now one last thing that might cheer some of you up ^^
A few days ago I found this very funny thing on my tumblr. dash
this can't be a coincidence - that's a sign ;D 
There is always someone who cares.
Neko's music :

• BMO's Friendship song 

So adorable ! I love Adventure Time ♥

Yesterday I watched some of my old "My little Pony" videos
and I came across this song, I had already forgotten it :D
I think it is totally awesome, lightening up my mood instantly.

• Call upon the sea ponies 
♥ Thank you for reading ♥
nyan ♪


  1. Hi!
    Just started following you, and loving what you're writing. :)
    Although I am in a relationship, for me Valentines Day is just another day. As far as I'm concerned every day should be a day to celebrate your relationship. <3

    The kitty bag is gorgeous, BTW! Although i think my 3 cats would become insanely jealous if I bought ANOTHER cat into the house!! ;)

  2. Hi^-^
    I'm very happy you like what I'm writing ^////^ ♪
    Ah okay, I agree with you :)

    Thank you ~ Oh cats <333 I wish I could have one in my own apartment v.v
    My cat still lives at my parent's house, it's really old and his brother sadly already passed away ._.
    So I'm also very happy that my boyfriend has a cat as well which I can see very often :)
    What kind of cats do you have ? *-*

    Have a nice day ~♪

  3. the cat bag is so cool!! i like the smaller one. it looks real xD

    visit my blog ^^

  4. OMG die süßen Taschen! ♥
    Und die kleine sieht genau so aus wie unser Kater! xDD
    Mit dem gleichen Gesichtsausdruck.

    Hach, deine Outfits sind immer so süß. ♥

  5. Aw <3 Simon and Garfunkel ~

    Von den beiden hab ich auch einige Schallplatten ~ Höre ich immer wenn ich wütend oder traurig bin ~ Es gibt nichts auf der Welt was mich so schnell wieder runter bringt *_*

    Yay, besorg dir unbedingt einen Plattenspieler ♥ Du wirst es nicht bereuen, glaub mir :)

  6. Omg ich liebe das erste outfit *o* <3

    Undich geh Grade total zu dem seapony lied ab xD <3

    Schöner Eintrag <3

  7. Die Outfits sind wirklich alle toll :D

    Wenn ich fragen darf, woher hast du diese braunen Stiefel?
    Je öfter ich die sehe, desto mehr will ich sie >_<

  8. Du bist so wunderschön Q.Q
    Ich liebe deinen Blog !
    Weiter so !
    LG, Sarah <3

  9. love your style! you are so cute! and your style really reminds me of the Harajuku girls I saw!
    I would like to have such a cute animal bag also!! But I have to save money (;_;)
    Hope you post a new blog entry soon ^^

    I made a new Blog-post about my last Japan trip and a make up Tutorial!If you want/have time, please check it out and write a comment, I would be happy!:)

    Have a nice day!

  10. I love the bag and have it too. Like you, I am already lusting after more items from Ahcahcum. I love the picture with your rabbit. The rabbit bag is devine, but your rabbit beats it ;-).

    Here you can see the look I created with my cat bag:

    Love, Sara xx

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  12. Die Hasentasche ist ein kleines bisschen gruselig. XD o.o