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Mittwoch, 27. Februar 2013

Pastel Goth fashion, Fan-art for me & 500 Facebook likes ♥

Hi there (^-^)v ♪
a few days ago I went to the birthday party of a friend who studies
Japanese with me ♥ And for that occasion I tried out a

Pastel Goth outfit once more.
I've already written about that style and showed some pictures in
 this former entry.
I bought the rivet headband at this ebay shop,
just search for "rivet" there and you'll find it, it did just cost 1 $ !
I want to get one by Creepyyeha one day, but as I'm a poor
student that has to wait a little longer. But I've talked about that
issue before. Being fashionable does not mean having lots of money and buying lots of expensive brand clothes.  
Of course some brands have really pretty things and I've also bought
some brand items, but in the end the most important thing to me
is how your outfit looks overall. Handmade can be better than any brand,
and some brands just have the best dresses for example,
it's always different. As well as taste is always different.
Handmade Choker by me, inspired by Creepyyeha
The necklace with the heart pendant I'm wearing on the first picture
was a gift from by boyfriend for Valentine's Day *o* ♥
You can open it and on the inside there are 2 tiny Purikura Photos of us.
I've always wanted such a necklace my whole live *-* I really love it.
When I was a little child I also had such a necklace. 
It was golden and on the inside was a little mirror. 

My parents gave a book to me and the necklace belonged to that book.
Storytime ^-^
It was about a little girl who got that golden heart necklace as a present.
Her mother told her it was magical. That girl was really clumsy and sad because she messed up so many things all the time. The necklace gave her strength, because she thought it's magic was helping and protecting her. Her mother told her not to look on the inside of the heart pendant because that was said to be the magic of the necklace. One day the girl dropped
the necklace and the heart opened and on the inside she saw a little mirror, by then she knew the magic which helped her was herself all along. She just had to believe in herself to succeed.

That story really influenced me when I was young,
I loved that necklace so much
That's why I'm so happy to have a similar one from my love now ♥
It's a symbol for a whole lot more ^-^
I also got new tights from Refuse to be usual 
I love blood drops combined with cute and pink things, also in art etc.
It reminds me a little of the first appearance of Nana in Elfen Lied.
I'd love to cosplay that scene so much ♥ But the people who know how she
looks in that scene know why I don't ;D
♪ pastel blood stains ♪
The socks are from the same ebay shop I got the headband from :
Recently I've also found a video from the dubstep wobble party
of the club Bootshaus in cologne, it's of that party
where my boyfriend also did his performance as Virtual Riot.
Can you find me ? Haha...this happens when you think no one 
watches you while your dancing :D  Party Hard ♥

• Figure, Eptic & Virtual Riot 19.01.2013 Bootshaus 
And I got another art work made by Virtual Kei  ♥If also want a cool background edited into your images check out his page,
and speak with him about it. He sells that and is a professional.^^
And now I need to say something :
Oh my gosh thank you for over 500 facebook likes \(^-^)/

I'm very happy to reach so many people and I hope I'm always able
to show you interesting or moving things ~♪
Originally I made that page because I had reached 5000
facebook contacts with my normal page and I had reached the limit and could
not accept any more requests. But as some of you have noticed
a few weeks ago all my data was deleted due to a facebook error.
I wrote about the details in this entry.
So right now I'm trying to find all my old contacts again ^-^
If you want to add me feel free to do so ♥

My normal facebook page : Missx Neko

Now I want to share some amazing Fan-art with you.
Thank you so much again guys ! You're awesome ♥

and there is a speedpaint video for this image :
♥~  Lots of love to you guys ~♥
And some awesome Japanese sweets, I just had to take a picture of it.
Just look at that cute elephant, omg ♥
Neko's music : 

• Hatsune Miku - Love will surely soar 
Thank's for reading ~♪  Bye
Nyan nyan (^-^)v 

My Valentine's Day 2013 with my Valentin(e) ♥(○゚ε^○)v 愛

Hi there (^-^)v

I spend Valentine's Day at a swimming pool with my boyfriend,
whose name actually is Valentin, hihi ♥
I love swimming so much, that's why we often go swimming on
anniversaries etc. ♫ And luckily the indoor swimming pool 
did a special event because of Valentine's Day, they took photos of
all the couples who went there. Yayy I've never had an underwater photograph
before ^o^ The colours are so pretty ♪ That makes me really want to do
something similar some day, but it's also really hard to look
...lets say at least okay underwater ;D
I guess you really need to practise your facial expression before you do underwater pictures, haha.
This was a really spontaneous thing but I'm still very
happy about that memory we have now .
♥~ Valentine's Day outfit ~♥

After swimming we went to his home. We took the train so 
he needed to drive from the station back to his home by bike and I 
could sit on the bicycle rack.
I must admit I like that a lot ♥ when you don't need to ride the bike
and are just able to gaze at the nature.
Little things like that are my ideas of romantic moments ♥ 
At his home I use to relax on his bed and
use tumblr. ♥ while he's making some new music.
His cat Luna usually joins me and sleeps on the bed
our sits on my lap while I look at tumblr. images.
I'm so happy that he has such a sweet cat *O* 
I can't believe it sometimes, she is so well behaved I've never met such a cat (haha and my parents have a cat too ;D but he is outdoors most of the time)
♥ Neko & Luna ♥

 This is my cat Felix by the way, I've written about him some
time ago 
in this former entry.
He is a nice cat but also a little fighter.
Back to my Valentine's Day, on our way home after swimming
my boyfriend and I also bought some sweets at Hussel Confiserie.At the checkout a woman who stood in front of us in the line
was missing 30 cents to pay her items and nobody in the store
cared. So I gave her the missing money so she could get her items.
And then when it was our turn the saleswoman gave my boyfriend and
me free candy because of that kindness, she said *o* ♥
Hihi, that's Karma's instant Valentine's payback I guess.
Now I feel like Finn from Adventure time, doing good deeds
every day \(^-^)/
The chocolate in the middle is the free candy we got ♪
Nom nom nom ~♥
 And on the train another cool surprise hit us *-*
The train company of our region gave every passenger free chocolate
because of Valentine's day ♥
 A few days later he drove to my home in Düsseldorf with me and
we spend some lovely days there ~♥
One time when we went for a walk I noticed this flower, it was the only flower on that tree and there was even still some snow lying around.
Neko's music :

• Valentine ( Paul Dateh Remix) - Kina Grannis

• Flight Facilities - Crave you (dubstep remix)

• Hatsune Miku - Love will surely soar
Thank's for reading !
I hope you all had a lovely Valentine's day,
alone or not ♥♥♥
nyan ♪

Dienstag, 12. Februar 2013

AHCAHCUM.muchacha Cats & Rabbits in Harajuku ♥ fashion update

Hi there (^-^)v
So at the moment I'm finally having a semester break and some more
time again ♥ But this month I also need to learn a lot due to some
upcoming tests. 
 Finally my cat bag by Muchacha Ahcahcum arrived ♥ 
It's a lovely Japanese brand
And the little cat bag ♥
It looks kinda grumpy, haha but that also makes it cute ^^
Most of you might already know the greatest Tokyo fashion blog,
they also took some street snapshots of that bag :
Tokyo fashion Blog : Cat bag 

and another entry about Ahcahcum.muchacha:

Here is some street fashion photography ♥
I just love these looks !
 I also really want the rabbit bag ♥  *O*
It looks so perfect...reminds me of the impression
the art and songs of Nicole Dollanganger are giving.
Cute, frail and a little creepy ♥
A few days ago I’ve been up all night until 5 a.m with my boyfriend ♥
We had his house all to ourself ♫ We sat in the living room, drank tea,
watched old videos, ate vinegar chips and heart shaped ice cubes 
(I thought only I do that *-*) and the best of all : 
we listend to some lovely records as his mother has a record player.
Now I really want to get one too.
We listened a lot to Bonobo records and Simon & Garfunkel.
That night was magic ♥ 
I could have never imagined that I’d be so lucky one day …not me …
you know it really is true -  all you need is love ♥
& good music - well fortunately my boyfriend is a musician…♪

Long nights, tea, music & your love ♥

BUT  please please don't be sad if you don't have a relationship at the moment. I know Valentine's day is coming and lots of people are not too happy about it... Well, when I was young I also didn't care, most times I didn't even notice that that day was coming and just didn't catch it =D
But now that day is really important to me and I like to take it serious ♥
Of course you should care about your loved one every single day and not only on one, but I think this day is a great chance to have a date for which you can plan a nice activity ♥ My boyfriend and me use to go swimming on
Valentine's Day and on some of our anniversaries...because hey
there is no better activity than swimming ♥♥♥

So well basically an important point I want to make is :
Don't be sad on Valentine's Day if you're not in a relationship.
When I was single I'd totally go swimming on my own that day if none
of my friends had time to join me. Actually I went swimming and did lots
of other things when I was single on my own when nobody had time and I
also enjoyed it a lot ♥
I think this really is important and I always keep this in mind :
Don't let your happiness in life only depend on other people,
it must come from your very own heart.

This sounds though but it's very realistic. You all know the stories of
famous and rich people who are still depressed.
In my opinion thinking : 
" I will be happy WHEN I have this or IF I was her/him"
is only harming your own soul.
You are not getting further like this. It is hard to work at your own way of thinking and mindset but it will be the most rewarding.
I came across this great quote  :

[ there is an internet debate that this quote is NOT from Buddha,
read more here . I think it's not important at all who said it.
These words are so true & important ♥]
And now one last thing that might cheer some of you up ^^
A few days ago I found this very funny thing on my tumblr. dash
this can't be a coincidence - that's a sign ;D 
There is always someone who cares.
Neko's music :

• BMO's Friendship song 

So adorable ! I love Adventure Time ♥

Yesterday I watched some of my old "My little Pony" videos
and I came across this song, I had already forgotten it :D
I think it is totally awesome, lightening up my mood instantly.

• Call upon the sea ponies 
♥ Thank you for reading ♥
nyan ♪

Montag, 4. Februar 2013

My 'Hair' Shooting, Hebi ni Piasu, Nicole Dollanganger & deep thoughts

 Hi there (^-^)v
A few days ago I had a photo shooting with
Daniel Pinho
He did a photo series called "Hair". I think his
work is just stunning ! *-*
Daniel Pinho is a young photographer from Brazil
who does his Master's degree in Photography
at the Fine Arts Academy of Bologna (Italy)
at the moment. His photos really contain intense emotions
in my eyes. There is something really capturing about them.
I like art that gets your thoughts flowing ~♥
You should especially check out this series :
"Today I saw the sun"
Really terrific. Such a thing could be a nice album cover.
It also gets me thinking about lots of post-apocalyptic scenarios.
After the shooting I took some pictures myself. My hair from the side ♪
Wearing the magnetic heart necklace to which my
boyfriend has the other part.
♥ Blood brothers ♥
I already showed this new headband to you
but now finally I found the time to take a picture of it myself :
I got it here :   dolly.darling
This cute Hello Kitty charm came with it :
( I did the Decoden on my phone myself^^)
Finally I have holidays, but I still need to study
Japanese etc. during my semester break.

But I'll definitely write more blog entries now again \(^-^)/
I want to introduce one of my farourite books to you:
蛇にピアス   Hebi ni Piasu
English : Snakes and earrings
German title : Tokyo Love 
You can watch the full movie on youtube :
[Japanese with English subtitles]
Of course the translations aren't as good as the original ,as always,
but as my Japanese is not that advanced at the moment
and I only understand little bits I read the german version
(I'd probably have bought the english version
but I saw the german book in a store and bought it right away
as I didn't want to wait for it to be send etc.).
The story is very intense and emotional.
Really gripping ♥ I like the thoughts the main charakter Lui has
and the way she acts is really interesting.
The book is very macabre, brutal but still very romantic in a strange way.
I love such romanticism ^^
Well I got a huge thing for morbid & fragile things/art.
The thoughts of the characters
seem really dark from time to time, but don't we all
have these kind of thoughts sometimes during our life ?
I think the story appears really honest displaying that.
I must say I like the misery which is
painted during the plot. I've always liked books about
misery and psychological issues the most.
I don't really know why, that topic is just very facinating to me.
It opens up your mind to a whole new way of thinking.
A thinking which is outside the box.

Plot :
Lui is nineteen years old, beautiful, bored and unmotivated. When she meets Ama in a bar, she finds herself mesmerized by his forked tongue and moves in with him and has her own tongue pierced. Determined to push her boundaries further, she asks Amas friend Shiba to design an exquisite tattoo for her back. But what Shiba demands as payment for the tattoo leads Lui into a brutal and explicit love triangle like no other. Then, after a violent encounter on the backstreets of Tokyo, Ama vanishes and Lui must face up to the reality of her life.

The author :
Hitomi Kanehara was only 20 when the book was published
and she won the most important award for literature in Japan,
the Akutagawa prize. (I even learned about this in my Japanese studies
when we did modern literature, yeah *o*)
Feel free to tell me how you think about it ^-^
When I bought the book at the OCS store in Düsseldorf
I also finally bought my very own

シャープペンシル !
(mechanical pencil ?I don't know what the english word is)
I love it so much ♥♥♥ There is nothing more practical for
writing in Japanese in my eyes, it just feels so comfortable.
Doodling around ^o^
I've also finally taken a photo of the cute Hello Kitty
hair tie I bought last year at the OCS store :
My boyfriend got me a Game Boy Advance SP
When I was a child I only had a Game Boy colour,
I really wanted to play with this Game Boy so much ...
screen lights are so awesome :D Haha, I'm so late I know.
He's also got a Pokémon game ♥ the reason I wanted to start playing
with a Game Boy again in the first place.
I have lots of Pokémon/Mario games on my computer (Emulator)
but that's just not the same.

The Game Boy on the right side is mine, the one on the left side is his ♥
(I really don't like purple at all...I don't know why I chose that colour
when I was a child =D I guess looks didn't matter that much to me)
A few days ago I saw this beautiful rainbow when I looked out of the window of my apartment *-*
 My window is quite huge and goes down to the floor, I love sitting next to it.
Right before it there is the heater so it's a really cozy place ~♥

For quite a long time now I've been trying to eat more and more vegan.
I'm vegetarian since a few years now and well I'm slowly
making progress ^-^ For all of you who are open minded, caring
and willing to protect the world I wanted to tell you
which soya milk is the yummiest in my opinion :
Some of you might think : "Soya milk ? Well I also care about the world, but this just really tastes like sh..." I also thougt that sometimes, I must admit ;D I've experienced that soya milk can taste so awfully different. 
But this brand is it ! ♥ 
I'm so happy I finally found one which tastes awesome. 
It really is just perfect ♥ I'm only buying this now instead of milk.
I'm still not all vegan yet and I don't know when I'll be, but I know that I do all I can and try to avoid bad products as much as possible.
I did never really adress the topic Veganism and vegetarianism as 
I would have to write books to cover up everything important !
The topic is really complex and huge !
People often judge too fast and are just not informed enough about this !
I must admit I've got to the point where I say :
I won't discuss this topic with you unless you have read
certain books, Information, statistics.
I'm just tired of discussing this. 
I made this choice because deep down in my heart
I think it is the only right decision and I don't want to take any part
in the abuse and exploitation of animals.
 This decision is one of the big decisions in my life that make me
deeply happy. It is for my heart and my piece.
And if at least one animal can be helped through this it is fine.
But I know it is protecting more.
For further information check out these great sites :
(a great Blog about veganism with lots of information)
a great book because of which I finally
became vegetarian a few years ago ♥

NO there is no excuse for eating animal corpses.
NO there is no excuse for torturing and exploiting animals.
NO there is no excuse for ignoring this.
NO I'm not discussing this anymore.
Just watch and think.
Let's becoma a better mankind.
Even if it's just through little steps.
Here is something cute for you again now to cheer up the thoughts a little.
I think it's good to be critical, but being negative is not constructive.
Neko's music :

Today I want to share a musician with you who is really important to me.

My favourite song by her : Barren 

"Thought you saw light but it was forest fires
Eating me alive; my limbs are dead and dry
My ribcage cradles dirt and weeds
I'm empty inside

You tried to make love to my empty womb
Tried to stuff me like a doll with pieces of you
But it all seeps from my loosened seams
I took myself apart and cut off my strings
I scraped the remains from my starving bowels
And collected them into garbage piles
To tie in bags and sink in the lake
Buried at the bottom all my sad mistakes"
I bought her 2 albums and I really love each of her songs so deeply.
Her music touches me so intensely and is as important to me as 
the music of Emilie Autumn.

I really fell in love with her music at first sight.

I can't even express how much I love her art.

It's something so special and unique to me.

I can't get enought of these tunes and the mood/thoughts

they awaken in me. I also can relate a lot...
♥ so utterly frail seeming art ~ the love of my heart ♥

Go to her bandcamp if you want to buy her music

1 album is only 4 $ !

The music comes along with all the lyrics and a message.

Album :

Flowers of flesh and blood

Album :
Curdled milk 

• Nicole Dollanganger - Blood brothers 
"Now we're blood brothers
a part of me will always live in you

I love all your demons because now

they're my demons too."

• Nicole Dollanganger - Hair Lockets 
" sweeter than a vial of your blood"  ~♥

• Nicole Dollanganger - Coma baby 
Thank you for reading ~♥
 nyan ♪ (^-^)v