Miss Neko

Miss Neko

Montag, 21. Januar 2013

I joined a Kimono Club ♥ 着物クラブ & my different hair styles ♪

Hi there (^-^)v
A few weeks ago I joined the
Kimono Club at my university
The girls there are really lovely and it's so much fun !
We meet once a week and practise how to put on a Kimono in the
correct way. There are quite a lot rules/things you need to follow and it's
really not as easy how you might think ! You can also practise a lot how
to tie the Obi, there are so many styles for that !
Here are some examples :



By now I can only do this one on my own :

It's the most simple way and often used with a Yukata ^^
Well as I haven't postet so much recently I've gathered some pictures over the time which I want to share with you ~♪ By the way I'm
wearing no extensions on all these pictures ^^
♥ Hime Gyaru inspired :

My look on New years Eve 2012/13 :
Fluffy hair is fluffy ♪

I also had dip hair for 1 week just for fun :
& I'm wearing a new dress I bought at Tally Weijl.
It seems so classy & romantic to me, I've never really had
an outfit like that before.

♪ Another snapshot with dip hair at my university :
 As it's snowing here in Düsseldorf at the moment I had to buy
some new warm pullovers etc. to protect me from the cold weather T_T
I really don't like winter so much...
But at least I found some nice winter clothing ^^
Dark nights & pale moonlight ~♥
 I've also finally found the time to take some photos of my
new gun tights I mentioned in this former post .
I got them here :
romwe - Latest street fashion online 
 And I just have to share these snapshots with you ^o^
Originally I just made them to show them to my boyfriend.
He gave the plush cow to me, it was his when he was younger ♥

& Mouton the Elephant ( Sentimental Circus ) :
 & the 2 Mamegoma seals of my boyfriend and me ♥
 I've also found some pictures I took on New years Eve in Düsseldorf at the Rhine. I spent New year with my boyfriend and his best friend ^^
It was my best New Year so far ♥
 I love Ferris wheels *o*! We stood next to it during the fireworks display.
The fireworks were amazing ! But I didn't really take much photos as I wanted to enjoy the moment ;) You could even see lots of fireworks at the other riverside of the Rhine. It was stunning ♥
Neko's Music : 
• Kyary Pamyu Pamyu - Furisodeshon 
Thank'y for reading ♥ Have a great week !
Nyan ~♪


  1. WOOAHHH *__* du siehst soo zauberhaft schöön in diesen Kimono aus <3<3

  2. I already said: you look georgeous in the kimono.
    pretty tall girl ;)

    and the pictures fro new years eve are pretty cool..
    mouton is so cute, i need one too >__________<