Miss Neko

Miss Neko

Mittwoch, 30. Januar 2013

Enter Shikari concert +video, a gig of my boyfriend & Deer headband

Hi there (^-^)v
A lot happened the last few days ! I'm really busy right now,
but soon I'll have holidays. I hope you're all having a nice winter time ♥
Recently my long awaited deer horns finally arrived !
This hair accessory perfectly combines everything I love ♥
Deer & fawn + flower child (floral wreath)+ glitter + soft pink
I love horns in general as I like these "demon girls with horns" in animes.
I've already talked about this in this former post. There I
wore the aries horns and gave some 'demon girl'- examples.
I got the Deer headband at this shop :
I think the items of the shop are absolutely adorable and they are 
even hand crafted ~♥
On the 19th of january I went to a club called Bootshaus in Cologne.
This day it was the "Wobble Party" with Figure, Eptic & Virtual Riot.
Even Skrillex did have one of his shows there already.
I went there before with my boyfriend, I wrote about it in this post.
This time he played there as
Virtual Riot
(he makes dubsteb and EDM) I had so much fun!
I was on the guest list and could go behind the DJ pult again *-*
Party \(^-^)/ ♥ My boyfriend :
♪~wub wub ~♪
A snapshot of a part of his playlist ^^
His Laptop etc. ~ I love how the music equipment uses to sparkle :D
There are so many colourful buttons *-*
Haha, I wish I'd be able to use that as well.
When Eptic was playing. Do you find me ?
I'm at the very left of the picture ^o^
• Eptic- Like a Boss

On the 22nd of january I also went to a concert of 
Enter Shikari ! ♥
I love this band SO much ! Their lyrics, messages, melodies - 
everything is perfect & absolutely adorable.
I saw them in Cologne in the Live Music Hall with my boyfriend and some friends. I stood in the 2nd row *O* The concert and
the atmosphere were marvellous ! The best two words to describe it are : Party hard ! I must admit I think I've never sweated so much in my life :D
I even touched Liam Clewlow when
he was stage diving
It was just stunning \(^-^)/
" the sparkling light from the morning sun 
is all we should need to feel one" ~♫
I uploaded a few pieces of recordings that I filmed at the concert,
the quality isn't good but I just wanted to capture the mood a little.
Most of the time I just wanted to enjoy the music ♥ 
I guess you all understand ^^
Enter Shikari- my video :

Rou Reynolds :
♥ He is so incredibly awesome ! ♥
He was dancing so cool =D He really is "Party Hard" in person ;D 
A flash flood of colour 
Their latest album - awesome as always ♥
I also took some snap shots of one of my casual outfits
I wear when I don't have much time before university starts.
I hate winter ;_; I feel like I need to wear 4 layers of my clothes.
One time I went grocery shopping wearing 3 of my pullovers !
I'm really awaiting spring time ♥
And Oh my gosh ! A girl from my Kimono club gave me these socks
because they are so long, finally some socks that are long enough
for my legs ♥ yayy ! For those of you who don't know I'm 1,78 cm tall,
so I'm always happy when a pair fits.^^
Neko's Music : 

• Virtual Riot - Idols (EDM mashup)
Thanks for reading ! Have a great day ~♥
Bye (^-^)v


  1. Cool, they actually play record players, but yes they sure are pro :3 (Nowadays many DJ's play only from PC). I was working as a DJ for years, but I wasn't an artist like them, just an ordinary one lol :D

    Love the headband :)

    x, Lara

    My blog has moved, I am now here: http://rrv12.blogspot.fi/

  2. Ich hör zwar nur wenig Dubstep oder andere elektronische Musik, aber das was dein Freund da macht ist echt cool :)
    Dein Uni Outfit gefällt mir sehr gut *-*
    Lg, Mare


  3. Das Enter Shikari Konzert muss ja wirklich schön gewesen sein! *-* Auf jeden Fall eine unglaublich tolle Band. Deinen Freund hätte ich auch gerne im Bootshaus gesehen ._. du hast ja ganz schön Glück durch ihn auf so tolle Gigs zu kommen xD Das Bootshaus ist schon eine große Adresse in Köln ;D
    Der Haarschmuck ist ja auch total schön *-* Steht dir super ^^