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Miss Neko

Mittwoch, 30. Januar 2013

Enter Shikari concert +video, a gig of my boyfriend & Deer headband

Hi there (^-^)v
A lot happened the last few days ! I'm really busy right now,
but soon I'll have holidays. I hope you're all having a nice winter time ♥
Recently my long awaited deer horns finally arrived !
This hair accessory perfectly combines everything I love ♥
Deer & fawn + flower child (floral wreath)+ glitter + soft pink
I love horns in general as I like these "demon girls with horns" in animes.
I've already talked about this in this former post. There I
wore the aries horns and gave some 'demon girl'- examples.
I got the Deer headband at this shop :
I think the items of the shop are absolutely adorable and they are 
even hand crafted ~♥
On the 19th of january I went to a club called Bootshaus in Cologne.
This day it was the "Wobble Party" with Figure, Eptic & Virtual Riot.
Even Skrillex did have one of his shows there already.
I went there before with my boyfriend, I wrote about it in this post.
This time he played there as
Virtual Riot
(he makes dubsteb and EDM) I had so much fun!
I was on the guest list and could go behind the DJ pult again *-*
Party \(^-^)/ ♥ My boyfriend :
♪~wub wub ~♪
A snapshot of a part of his playlist ^^
His Laptop etc. ~ I love how the music equipment uses to sparkle :D
There are so many colourful buttons *-*
Haha, I wish I'd be able to use that as well.
When Eptic was playing. Do you find me ?
I'm at the very left of the picture ^o^
• Eptic- Like a Boss

On the 22nd of january I also went to a concert of 
Enter Shikari ! ♥
I love this band SO much ! Their lyrics, messages, melodies - 
everything is perfect & absolutely adorable.
I saw them in Cologne in the Live Music Hall with my boyfriend and some friends. I stood in the 2nd row *O* The concert and
the atmosphere were marvellous ! The best two words to describe it are : Party hard ! I must admit I think I've never sweated so much in my life :D
I even touched Liam Clewlow when
he was stage diving
It was just stunning \(^-^)/
" the sparkling light from the morning sun 
is all we should need to feel one" ~♫
I uploaded a few pieces of recordings that I filmed at the concert,
the quality isn't good but I just wanted to capture the mood a little.
Most of the time I just wanted to enjoy the music ♥ 
I guess you all understand ^^
Enter Shikari- my video :

Rou Reynolds :
♥ He is so incredibly awesome ! ♥
He was dancing so cool =D He really is "Party Hard" in person ;D 
A flash flood of colour 
Their latest album - awesome as always ♥
I also took some snap shots of one of my casual outfits
I wear when I don't have much time before university starts.
I hate winter ;_; I feel like I need to wear 4 layers of my clothes.
One time I went grocery shopping wearing 3 of my pullovers !
I'm really awaiting spring time ♥
And Oh my gosh ! A girl from my Kimono club gave me these socks
because they are so long, finally some socks that are long enough
for my legs ♥ yayy ! For those of you who don't know I'm 1,78 cm tall,
so I'm always happy when a pair fits.^^
Neko's Music : 

• Virtual Riot - Idols (EDM mashup)
Thanks for reading ! Have a great day ~♥
Bye (^-^)v

Montag, 21. Januar 2013

I joined a Kimono Club ♥ 着物クラブ & my different hair styles ♪

Hi there (^-^)v
A few weeks ago I joined the
Kimono Club at my university
The girls there are really lovely and it's so much fun !
We meet once a week and practise how to put on a Kimono in the
correct way. There are quite a lot rules/things you need to follow and it's
really not as easy how you might think ! You can also practise a lot how
to tie the Obi, there are so many styles for that !
Here are some examples :



By now I can only do this one on my own :

It's the most simple way and often used with a Yukata ^^
Well as I haven't postet so much recently I've gathered some pictures over the time which I want to share with you ~♪ By the way I'm
wearing no extensions on all these pictures ^^
♥ Hime Gyaru inspired :

My look on New years Eve 2012/13 :
Fluffy hair is fluffy ♪

I also had dip hair for 1 week just for fun :
& I'm wearing a new dress I bought at Tally Weijl.
It seems so classy & romantic to me, I've never really had
an outfit like that before.

♪ Another snapshot with dip hair at my university :
 As it's snowing here in Düsseldorf at the moment I had to buy
some new warm pullovers etc. to protect me from the cold weather T_T
I really don't like winter so much...
But at least I found some nice winter clothing ^^
Dark nights & pale moonlight ~♥
 I've also finally found the time to take some photos of my
new gun tights I mentioned in this former post .
I got them here :
romwe - Latest street fashion online 
 And I just have to share these snapshots with you ^o^
Originally I just made them to show them to my boyfriend.
He gave the plush cow to me, it was his when he was younger ♥

& Mouton the Elephant ( Sentimental Circus ) :
 & the 2 Mamegoma seals of my boyfriend and me ♥
 I've also found some pictures I took on New years Eve in Düsseldorf at the Rhine. I spent New year with my boyfriend and his best friend ^^
It was my best New Year so far ♥
 I love Ferris wheels *o*! We stood next to it during the fireworks display.
The fireworks were amazing ! But I didn't really take much photos as I wanted to enjoy the moment ;) You could even see lots of fireworks at the other riverside of the Rhine. It was stunning ♥
Neko's Music : 
• Kyary Pamyu Pamyu - Furisodeshon 
Thank'y for reading ♥ Have a great week !
Nyan ~♪

Meet-up in Düsseldorf & Sentimental circus ♥

Hi there (^-^)v
Sorry for not posting recently,
I'm super busy with my japanese studies again and still ;)
But I will have quite long holidays starting in february.
Well, on the 3.1.2013 I spent the day with some of my lovely friends 
in Düsseldorf ♥ in the japanese district \(^-^)/
I met the  Diadem twinz again, Mona & Nana.
Thanks again for the lovely day girls ! ♥
The purikura machine in the OCS store in Düsseldorf ♪
The girlfriend of one of my fellow students who lives in Tokyo
and came for a visit lately, told me they are very very old,
but well better than none ^^
I think it looks totally cute ! This is the screen on which you can
edit the photos you've taken.

  "Matane ♥  Arigatô"  :
 And I just had to buy another plushie in the OCS store,
as my boyfriend and I love cute elephants (we call them "Fant" ;D ♥).
So when I saw this cute little elephant from Sentimental Circus
I just had to take him home.
Mouton the Elephant
He's on my bed with his friend "Fon" ( Phone ;D )
♥ Fant & Fon ♥
The sentimental circus characters :
I think it's absolutely lovely.
And I found another elephant in the japanese store :
This is juste too cute ! ♥
This is it for now ♥
Have a great time guys ~ thanks for reading 

nyan ♪  ヽ(*⌒∇⌒*)ノ::・'゚☆。.::・'゚★。.::・'゚☆

Donnerstag, 3. Januar 2013

Me in a magazine, my X-Mas gifts & Galaxy leggings ♥

ヽ@(^ェ^*)@ノ☆.。.:*・゜☆HAPPY NEW YEAR☆゜・*:.。.☆ヽ@(*^ェ^)@ノ
The last weeks were really exciting for me as I had 
short Christmas holidays (which go on until the rest of this week).
I celebrated Christmas with my boyfriend and his family
'.・.LOVE〜(*´ω`)(´ω`○)゚ 〜LOVE.・.・:☆ 
I really enjoyed it ♥ A few weeks ago the galaxy leggings I wanted for
quite a long 
time finally arrived \(^-^)/
I got them here :
Romwe- Latest street fashion online
By the way I am wearing no make-up and no extensions on those pictures,
I just wanted to take some quick snap shots. I'm still very busy with my japanese studies and some more things even during the holidays.
In december a quite cool thing happend to me *-*
I got asked to do an interview for a Spanish magazine !
It got printed and could be bought, but it can also be read online.
It's in Spanisch and English.
You can find the article here :
It's in the publication of "Enero 2013" = January 2013.

( page 48-51)
The article is about "Japan town at the Rhine" which means Düsseldorf.
The Rhine is a famous german river, which most of you might know.

So I told what I like about Düsseldorf and what kind of
Japanese things can be found here, like the "Japan Day" or the

japanese shopping district. On the picture underneath you
can se the Eko-house in Düsseldorf which runs the japanese garden.

I made some screen shots for the ones who might want to read it ^-^

Diamonds ♥
galaxy inspired nail polish 
I like diamonds like this a lot, I have these since lots of years.
I also like the idea that each zodiac sign has

it's own diamond. I like reading things about zodiac signs/ stones & star constellations since I was a little child. I think it's very facinating, I do not really believe in most things, but the ideas still interest me a lot.
Of course I do believe in sientific facts ;D I always loved to hear
information about constellations and stars but I also liked to hear
the old stories of the romans about them, for example.
 I must admit I like esoteric and mystic things ~♥
"The big lexicon of healing stones"
I do not really believe in this but it's still interesting
and you never know ;)
Like I said I spend the Christmas days with my boyfriend ♥
He got a really cute plush kitten from his mother (which is lying
on the right side of the photo) that looks just like his real cat *-*
You can even put the plushie into the microwave, as it has a grain pillow 

inside it's tummy which keeps you warm when you cuddle it.
Now that's 
what I call awesome ♥Sleepy Neko (〃~∇~〃)zzz。o〇○ 
I got something very special this Christmas :
My boyfriend recorded my most favourite song of all songs for me
He did his own interpretation and made all
the music and the vocals on his own. 
I love no song more than this, I already listened to it countless times.
This is the original : Taskless sheep - Whenever you dream
Maybe I will also put the version of my boyfriend online.
I must admit I like it even more than the original ♥
It's just so touchy...and even more emotional when you know the
person you love sings it for you. There is nothing more soothing ♥
I got us matching heart necklaces. They form one big heart and even stick together with a magnet ♥

My other gift for him was this mouse pad of Hatsune Miku
He likes her music as well and can play lots of her songs
by heart (well he can play almost anything he heared once by heart...
but still =D ) I'm very happy he also likes the music I love ♥
A few things I ordered a month ago also arrived in December.
Like this cotton bag of Enter Shikari
I also got a T-shirt of them, I want to wear it at the concert in january ♥
I also got this tights :

I saw them a few times on the Tokyo.fashion blog and I really
like the way they look ♥
I will take some pictures wearing them soon.
Juria Nakagawa with the pink version ♥

And some other things I got for X-mas ♥ (*^-゚)vィェィ♪

Body lotion & shower gel by the Body shop :

Dishwish- makes dirty dishes disappear :D
The big brother of my boyfriend gave this to me as he knew I just started living on my own, a fitting gift ^o^ hihi 
The mother of my boyfriend gave me a calender with images of Japan ♥
And my parents gave me a flatiron and an ironing board as
I wished for that ^^ I did not wish for something really big as my parents
already helped me a lot with moving into my new home,
buying new furniture etc. My mother gave me a wonderful
silver necklace with the symbol for my zodiac sign aries as a pendant
and a small diamond belonging to the sign in it.
I forgot to take a picture of it, I migth take one later.
I also got some other small things like these sweets :
And  ERMAHGERD !! My mother gave me a DVD of Pauli the mole *O*
Haha, I loved this so much when I was a child, and sometimes I like to watch things like 
this in the evening, drink some tea and lay in my fluffy bed ^^
It's one of the cutest things ever ♥
A few weeks ago I also went to the Bootshaus in Cologne with my boyfriend.
We were on the guest list as he is meant to play there as well this year *-*
As some of you might know he also makes music under the name :
Virtual Riot 
We could also go behind the Dj Pult and dance there *-*
The party was awesome ! They played mostly drum 'n' bass ♥
Later on we say Case & Status live :
Chase & Status :
A few weeks ago a friend made a great drawing of me *-*
I just have to share this,
I wish I could draw like that. Thanks again Sira
I found a cool page where you can create your own sailor senshi :

I created this one :
So for those of you who haven't heared about it yet ,
facebook has deleted all my data.
All my pictures and my contacts were suddenly gone !
If you had me as a contact in facebook feel free to add me again ♥

My facebook : Missx Neko
My like page : Miss Neko 

Neko's music : 

♥ Crystal Castles - Pale Flesh
I just love these tunes ♪  feels so intense 

• Marina & the Diamonds - Valley of the dolls 

• Enter Shikari- Adieu 

I did so many things these holidays, I will write about my
New Year's eve and a meet-up in my next entry. I hope
I will find some time soon.
I wish all of a an awesome new year !
2013 will be great ^-^

Thanks for reading ~♥