Miss Neko

Miss Neko

Dienstag, 17. Dezember 2013

Huge Crystal indoor pool Miramar & happy winter time with my boyfriend ♥

Hi there (^-^)v
The last few weeks I have been very busy with my
Japanese studies etc. again. There's just so much work.
Therefore I was super happy when the weekends finally arrived.
I use to spend the weekends with my boyfriend and at the start
of december we went to the one of the
most awesome indoor swimming pools in Germany !
It's called : Miramar - Crystal thermal bath
They have crystals everywhere in their building
and some of the thermal baths are made of crystals !
These are some recent snapshots I took of me when I
was with my boyfriend Valentin ~♥
So let me show you lots of photos of the
greatest indoor swimming pool in Germany !
It is near Mannheim where my boyfriend currently lives to study
music production. I wrote about it in this former post.
I absolutely love swimming therefore my boyfriend and I use to
go swimming a lot, also on anniversaries and such ♥
I really wanted to go to the Miramar because they have these pretty
Amethyst thermal bath and a Rose Quarts bath :
 Their huge main pool is a wave pool ! *o*
And as we went there in the evening and stayed until 23 o'clock
we also saw their lazer show + music when we were in that pool !
I enjoyed the time I had there with Valentin a lot ♥
It felt like short holidays and was really restorative and wholesome for me.
I had a quite hard week before we went swimming, so this
was a huge relief for me ~♪
We spend the most time relaxing in the pink rose quartz pool :
Of course that was my favourite spot ^o^
There was even a pink relaxing light.
This is how heaven should be like in my eyes.
On the next picture you can see how beautiful the light was reflecting. Everything was just so sparkly.
My love Valentin ♥ :
The Amethyst bath *_______*
The most beautiful place I have ever been ~♥
I really liked it how the water was constantly flowing over
the smooth, warm edges of the 2 pools.
An Amethyst that was standing near a massage pool :
My beloved rose quartz pool again :
One time Valentin had to hold me tight because
I almost fell into the pool with my new iPhone =D
I know usually it's not the best idea to take photos in a pool but it
was just so amazingly stunning there ♥ I wanted to keep that memory.
And we had lots of time as the pool was open until midnight !
There also were some turning, massive rose quartz balls :
I found my Sparkling Neko world ~♥
This is the natural habitat of a happy, relaxed Neko :
All those lights *-*
Also gave me a great Christmas feeling already.
Pink water ~♥
This was the way to the hot outdoor thermal bath :
The relaxing zone with halite salt crystals :
Halite Salt crystal lamps in the hallway :
This is the big map of the Miramar indoor pool :
My favourite spot were the Salt & Crystal thermal baths ♥
There are also some of the most adventurous water slides in Germany :
They have a hurricaine loop slide with a looping !
There you fall down 10 meters in almost free fall.
It's unique in Germany. Sadly I was to afraid to ride it.
When we were there it was already dark and there was no light in the slide.
Normally I love such things as I'm a total adrenalinjunkie but
these slides we're really extreme. And in the dark you could not see
anything at all. That was a little too much for me.
I went on all the slides except for the hurricaine loop.
But I hope I have the bravery to ride that slide next time.

This is an onride video of the hurricaine loop :
I went on the slide called "Race" which was really fun ♪
Here is an onride video :

And my favourite slide "Splash" which is a funnel slide ♥
like they often have in Japan.
Here is an onride video :

This is the outdoor crystal pool :
When we were there it was already dark like I said and
the Crystal was glowing red, blue and green ♥
There was also another nice outdoor pool with a swirl :
So if you are ever near Mannheim (Germany) you have
to check out this lovely indoor pool ! ♥
You can really spend the whole day in there.

There is more than enough pretty space to relax and eat.
It is also the cleanest public bath I've ever been too, normally
I'm really fussy considering the floors of public baths -  ugh ! >.<
I just can't walk there barefoot. But in the miramar it was
perfectly fine and super pretty and clean.
Early december I also went Christmas shopping with my Boyfriend ♥
We went to the mall in Düsseldorf and in front of it 
there was also a small Christmas market :
Gingerbread heart : Princess ♥ お姫様
Sweets ~♪
A pink advent wreath *-*
We went shopping the whole day and it was really tiresome
so we decided to relax afterwards inside a cute
café inside the Arcaden in Düsseldorf.
They have a small alcove with a cushion and pillows in it.
It's like a sofa ♥ My friend Bea showed me this great spot
some time ago *-*
We had a Muffin and some caramel cappuccino ♪
The whole mall was decorated quite lovely due to Christmas.
I like it when there are lots of white sparkly lights.
So this were my past weeks.
I hope you had a lovely time as well ! ♥
Even if you face hard and stressful times,
just keep in mind that there will also be relaxing 

times again as well. Reward yourself from time to time !
Now I still have to do quite a lot of things before I finally get
short Christmas holidays from University.
Gosh I can't wait for Christmas *-* ♥
I'm super excited about it !
I really wish everyone a fabulous time ~ lots of love to you and
may all your wishes come true !

Neko's music : 

• Ikkitousen Dragon Destiny soundtrack Musume e.
by Kikuko Inoue
I know this song since such a long time and I love to
listen to it to relax. There is no song that makes my
heart feel so at peace and happy ♥
I also own the video in which this song plays, if you
know what I'm referring to.
I think it's so beautiful *-*
Thank you for reading !
See you next time (^-^)v nyan ~♥

Mittwoch, 11. Dezember 2013

My Pastel Goth fashion update ♥ + great shops !

Hi there (^-^)v
This week my Pastel Goth flower headband arrived *-*
I got it here : Voxpopuli77
I think the shop is really great and they have a lot more
totally cute pastel goth fashion items.
The cross necklace on the photo below is selfmade by
my dear 
friend  Bea ~♥
I'm also thinking about getting these in the future, the're just 
so pretty *-*  Ahh, I can't decide !
Some other items I ordered a few months ago also finally arrived.
Recently I'm really in love with etsy.com ! ~♥
Super lovely Pastel Goth girl necklace : 
Get these and other necklaces here :
 I also finally have a real smartphone , wohooo ^o^
Yeah, I'm a little late I know :D But actually I did not have
a smartphone until now. I was able to get an iPhone 4S
due to a great deal from a friend :3
I found this My Melody case on ebay.
Just search the international ebay page for it if you wanna get it.
I think it's really sweet ~♪
I also want to make a DecoDen case for my phone
in the future again. Recently I've finished a selfmade
DecoDen case for the mother at whose house my friend
Bea is staying in Japan currently. She saw the case
I had made for Bea and asked her if she could have a case
made by me as well. And of course I really wanted to make her
a case as well ^-^ It's kinda nice to think that this Japanese woman
wants a case I made ^///^ when she could also go and by similar ones
in Tokyo, but I guess this way it's much more unique to her.
I also found these on etsy ♥

At the moment I plan on doing a Pastel Mermaid like
look, I'm still not quite sure how it will turn out but

I'm totally looking forward to trying out some new things ♥

A quite long time ago I also got this necklace on ebay.
It's really cheap and reminds me so much of Sailor Moon ♥♥♥
Buy it here for only 4$ omg
I wear it quite a lot as most of you might know about
my obsession with Sailor Moon ;3
During some X-mas gift shopping in Düsseldorf I did with
my boyfriend last weekend I found this really light soft pink
blush at The Body Shop *o*
Usually the blushes that are being sold here are way too dark
or red/orange shaded for my taste >_< So I'm totally happy
I found this. Normally I buy my blush online from Maybelline.
 And I wanted to share this quick update on some of my accessories.
When I moved into my apartment over a year ago I also took
some images of these drawers in this post.
I must admit I'm kinda collecting hair accessories *-*
I just can't get enough of them ~♥
Do you have favourite ones ?
Mine is the pink flower headband on the right on the image below.
Bunny ears ♥ I still have to take some pictures with them.
I wore them at Halloween this year ^^
 Neko's music :

• Aural Vampire - Darkwave surfer
Very old but I still love it !
This used to be the song I listened to in the shower every morning :D

That's it for today, I already have a lot more
things I want to blog about very soon so stay tuned ~♥

Thanks for reading ! Have a great day
See you next time (^-^)v nyan ~♪