Miss Neko

Miss Neko

Sonntag, 25. November 2012

Neko's new apartment ~ a tour through my sparkling world ♥

Hi there (^-^)v
Last week was pretty exciting for me ♪
I went to the birthday party of a close friend of mine,
my boyfriend visited me in Düsseldorf and I went to a
concert of Nuclear sun (my boyfriend sings in that band)
and to a performance of Virtual Riot.
On the picture above you can see my outfit for the 
birthday party. Aries again ♥ I just love this as a look for autumn.
On the pictures below you can see some of my latest
tries to do curls with a hair straightener. I'm getting better at it
slowly, I think it's really only a matter of practice ^^
I took some snapshots before my Japanese lesson began ^-^ ♥
Nihongo o benkyo shimasho !
Let's learn Japanese ! 
 Haha, I must admit I love the fact that our grammar book is pink :D ♥
And another 'Aries snapshot' :
( I needed to edit a lovely girl out of this picture as she didn't notice that
I took a photo....and we all know how we look like when we don't know
that we're photographed ;D I didn't want to post anyone here who doesn't know.
If you're reading this sry ;3 ♥ let's take a picture together some time ^^)
 And now a big update about me :
Last week I moved into my first very own
apartment in Düsseldorf ! ♥
It's ca. 6 minutes away from my University and about 15 minutes
away from the city. I'm so happy I'm finally living this central.
As some of you might know I grew up in a small village living in my
parent's house with a garden etc. I can even see a farm and lots of 
nature when I look out the window of my old room.
I still have my room/ walk-in closet etc. at my parent's house as
I come home some weekends (and I can't fit all the things I gathered
over the years in my life in my new apartment).
Well, this is how my new home looks like :
 I want to paint my walls pink like in my old room, but this has to wait
until I have more time. F
or now it can stay like this ^^
Last week I went to Ikea in Düsseldorf with my mother,
my older sister and my boyfriend.
They helped me moving from my transitory room in Düsseldorf
to my own apartment. When I came home after university they already
had put all my things into the new apartment ♥_♥
I was so happy that they did support me like that ~
They helped me at Ikea (I needed to buy the entire furniture for
my new home, as I couldn't bring my old furniture) and
they also helped me build the furniture.
I can't thank my boyfriend enough for setting up most of
the furniture until late at night ♥
 Meanwhile I was placing in all my things / tidying and so on.
That's true love to me - if you help your special person
setting up furniture etc. ♥♥♥ Hihi ;D
When you are supportive & reliable in daily situations ♥
 ( It's the same with moving in
together ...my boyfriend doesn't live with me yet, but it already
feels that way, as he's with me so much and also helps me
sometimes with my household, like cleaning dishes ^^).
What I mean by that is, one of the most important
things in a relationship is
that you can count on each other and
that you don't fight because of trivia (my  boyfriend and
I have never fought a single fight since we know each other
as we're both the same type of persons : peace-loving and relaxed).
For some couples fighting might be considered as 'healthy' but as my
boyfriend and I are so open about everything, we just tell each other what
we think and luckily we agree most of the time.
If we don't that's no big deal. Opinions are opinions and
we don't ever take such things out on a personal level
(like "I don't like you when you don't like that song I love"
that's just sad/childish behaviour.)
Okay that was just some short insight into my
opinion of true love ♥
So let's go on with a small sneak peak into my new apartment :

On the table there is a picture of my love and me and another
picture of me and my best friend Kittey ♥ she gave it to me
as a gift for my new home.
I put a poem of Emilie Autumn in the Hello Kitty mirror ♥

It's exactly this picture :
Some of my necklaces :

My makeup stand : 

I keep my accessories in the drawers of this cupboard :



My beloved computer  ^-^ 
 Finally I have a real mouse pad....I didn't have one for years !
I just couldn't resist to buy this one,
I have to say it's extremely comfortable ^^
I love Super Sonico ♥
 I just had to make a small "Emilie autumn corner"
as I just admire her as an artist so much ♥
I also had such a corner in my old room. I really love
macabre art/books and everything which relates to that ♥
[ the small picture shows Nana from the Anime Elfen Lied
She is my favourite character and Elfen Lied is besides Chobits one
of my favourite Anime series since I'm 14 ]
Of course I also had to bring my signed book of Emilie with me ♥
I waited so long at a concert in 2010 to see her.
I waited in the snow and she really came out and took some pictures
with us 
(we were only 5 fans left as it was so late).
Back then she 
still came out sometimes after a concert,
there were no VIP meetings, she began that later as
her fanbase increased so much ^^
The Necklace with the lock is also by Emilie ♪
I took a better picture in my old room :
 In my old room :
And the picture I took with her at the first concert I've seen *-*I wrote about the 1st concert in 2010 this former entry
and about her 2nd concert I saw in this entry
♥ Poor little dead bunny - it needs extra care and love ;3
 My new lamp, also from Ikea ♪
I must admit it's my favourite item in my room besides my bed :D
♥  きら きら 
 Hello Kitty coat hooks  ♥
I got them as a birthday present when I turned 15 or 14 ^^
 Another thing which I think is really cool is that you get a little
present box as a new citizen of Düsseldorf ♥
 Inside it there were lots of  great coupons for cultural things/events in Düsseldorf but also for lots of shops.There were also lots of really useful informational brochures inside. I must say I am really happy
that I'm now an official citizen of Düsseldorf,
the city I love since I was young ♥
 So this is my little sparkling Neko world (○゚ε^○)v ィェィ♥
Neko's music : 
• Sistar - So cool :

• Haru/ Hawayu  (Hello , How are you ?)
the best version of the song in my eyes ♥
"Thank you! 
Even if just for once, while I lament from the bottom of my heart, 
I actually want to say 'thank you'.Hello! How are you? 
To you, I say 'Hello! How are you?' "

 Haro hawayu 
Anata ni haro hawayu ?


  1. hast es dir echt schön eingerichtet^^

  2. Oh, deine neue Wohnung sieht ja wirklich total süß aus! ^-^
    Ich hab meine Haarschleifchen direkt bei deinen Accessoirs entdeckt *happy* ...Komm mir schon fast ein bisschen stalker-mäßig vor xD
    Naja egal xD ist jedenfalls wirklich schön geworden :3 und alles so pink <3

  3. SUPER schöne kleine Wohnung hast du da! Ich würde direkt bei dir einziehen! ^___^

  4. Super schöne Enrichtung :)
    Ist das jetzt deine komplett eigene Wohnung oder wohnst du mit irgendwem zusammen?

  5. Aww ~ vielen Dank ihr lieben ~♥♥♥
    Das freut mich zu hören ^-^

    @CherP. : Ich wohne komplett alleine, das wollte ich auch unbedingt^^
    ( Wenn, dann würde ich nur mit meinem Freund zusammen wohnen wollen aber der studiert im Moment noch in einer anderen Stadt. Aber er ist auch unter der Woche öfters da und ist trotzdem irgendwie ziemlich in den "Haushalt" hier integriert ;D )

    nyan ~♥