Miss Neko

Miss Neko

Dienstag, 23. Oktober 2012

Meetup in Düsseldorf with Diadem Twinz ♥

 Hi there (^-^)v ~♪
Last weekend the Diadem Twinz, my boyfriend
and I spend a lovely day in Düsseldorf.
We took some Purikura, went to a few Japanese stores
and drank bubble tea. I enjoyed this day so much.
It's always great with you guys ! ♥
(& you always have such perfect curls *-*)
In the OCS store :
This manga looked SO cute ! 
Normally I'm not really into little children,
yes sorry I must admit I'm the type of girl who does not find babies cute.
Can't do anything about it. But when I saw this manga I
immediately wanted to have a baby ;D
Well, the right time will come ♥
I hope I will be able to read manga like this in the future.
*working hard at university to get forward with my Japanese*  ^^
Her hat and necklace are so sweet *-*
Yayy \(^-^)/ and these are the Purikura we took :
It's always funny with so many people as it's on time ^o^
This means you run around like crazy hoping to create a nice
positioning for the picture ♫
(*^0゚)v ィエーイ☆彡
 Neko's music : 

♥ Hime Trance 
'cause it's always good \(^-^)/
Have a nice day ~♥
Nyan ♪ Bye bye (^-^)v

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