Miss Neko

Miss Neko

Dienstag, 23. Oktober 2012

Anniversary with my boyfriend & shopping in the Japanese district ♥

Hi there (^-^)v
Today it's the anniversary of my boyfriend and me ♥
(* ^)(^ *)、。・:* 【愛】
We're together since 1 year and 2 months now,
but it already feels like we've always been together ♥
As I am living in Düsseldorf since this october due to my japanese
studies he visits me during the week and we also spend
the weekends together ~♪ We went to the japanese shopping district,
took some Purikura and went to a restaurant.
Last week he got us a second Mamegoma plushie *o*
The blue one ♥
Below them are our smart phones ♪ They are both the same model ♥
Now they can be happy and are not alone anymore :3
"Sora Goma"
He also gave me this cute little eraser ♥
Now I'm happy each time I use it at university.
♥ Sitting together in the train ♥
Near my house there is a little playground with swings,
we sat on them and decided to draw a heart in the sand ^-^
His line is bigger ~ hihi ♥
We also bought some things in the asian stores :
Some spice for rice, Seaweed for Onigiri, Miso soup, some drinks
& a soup with meat ( for him )
I also bought this pencil sharpener by My Melody
 as I had none since several years.
What would I do without it now ♥ It's still available in the
OCS Store in Düsseldorf.
The japanese signs say "namae" which means "name"  :
This really is the cutest pencil sharpener I've ever seen in my live !
Way too cute for such a daily and simple item, but that's what
I love about most Japanese things. They are useful and pretty
 = enpitsu = pencil ♪
The Mamegoma eraser which was in this cute little
fish box ♥
I use this every day ♥
Always reminds me of my honey & some great days in Düsseldorf ♪
I think it's good to have such cute little things in your daily
life which make you happy by just looking at them. I love to have
little things which remind me of a great time I had ^-^
Another pen which is useful for learning Japanese,
also available in the OCS store.
And this was the bag the store gave us.
Hello Kitty ♥  ハローキティ
I had the luck to meet a very very kind girl who already studied at my University. She helped me with some things like finding rooms,
giving me some uselful advises etc. She even gave some
Japanese things she had to me *O*
I couldn't believe my luck !! ♥ How nice !!  
I really hadn't expected to meet such nice people at university,
but this really surpasses all my expectations ♪
Some "ichigo milk" sweets, papers for notes, chopsticks, yewelry
and some photographs of Japan ♥
This is the bag inside which the things were : 
She even gave me an Origami Crane as well.
It's so pretty *-*
Ichigo Milk sweets : 
And a notebook for japanese class ♥
Thank you so much again ! ♥♥♥
You really made my day  *-*
Among all the stress and fears of a newbie at University
you gave me some guidance and happiness.
As I already mentioned before my boyfriend came to visit me
several times. We went to Starbucks :
and to a restaurant :
But I also cooked some things for us myself ♥
It might look strange but I really like such food ;D
So I spend some lovely days with my honey and I can't wait for
all that still has to come.
There is no better person to sit with in the train.
(*^。^人^。^* )シアワセ! Shiawase !
Neko's music :

• Perfume - Love the world
soundtrack for the recent days ♫]
Have a nice day ! ♥
Nyan ~♪ ばいばい(⌒ー⌒)ノ~~


  1. Happy Anniversary!
    Those Ichigo milk sweets are super yummy btw x3
    (My hubby is going to Japan on monday, I gotta ask him to bring them x))
    x, Lara


  2. haha, den Sentimental Circus Bleistift hab ich mir auch grade gekauft... in der Schule zu sitzen und süße Bleistifte/Spitzer/Radiergummis zu benutzen macht den Unterricht viel angenehmer ♥ (^o^)v

    ♥ Sachiko

    PS: du und dein Freund seit so süß zusammen Q-Q viel Glück weiterhin ~ ♥