Miss Neko

Miss Neko

Donnerstag, 11. Oktober 2012

Adventurous first weeks of my Japanese studies ♥

Hi there (^-^)v
So I finally found some time to write a new entry again !
At the moment I'm extremely busy as my Japanese 
and English
studies at University in Düsseldorf have begun.
Actually my subject of study is called "modern Japan"and that's what it focuses on,
but I have some history etc. as well, of course.
I enjoy it a lot ♥ It's just how I always wished it to be !
I eat japanese food a lot now as in this city there is a
japanese district with lots of asian supermarkets.
On the picture above I was visiting a friend who studies japanese with me.
His room is furnished japanese style. He got Tatami mats
(not all did arrive yet, like you can see in the picture above),
a Kotatsu (a low, wooden table frame covered by a futon,
or a heavy blanket, 
upon which a table top sits ) and some other
japanese things/furniture. As he just got a new rice cooker he
gave his old one to me for free *O* I'm so happy about this ♥
Now I cook rice a lot and take things like self made Onigiri
with me to university. Oishi desu yo ! (*'ー'*)_
Here are some of my japanese books :
" Minna no Nihongo "

Two of my japanese teachers even were among the
translators of these books !
I guess I made the right
decision with my university ;D ♥

Random fun fact :

In my first lesson of japanese language at University
our teacher (a japanese woman) told us
that poka poka - ぽかぽか
means "warm"
Now, you all know the Pokémon
Pikachu who says : Pika Pika

Pika Pika is, (like Poka poka) an Onomatopoeia.
Onomatopoeia is very common in the japanese language.
Pika Pika means " shining, glittering"
this refers to a Pikachu's lightning attack.
CHU is the sound a mouse does due to japanese language.

(But it can also be used to say 'kiss' in a cute way)
So what did I learn in my first lesson at university ?
Pikachu basically means : Lightning-mouse
Haha ^o^ This was such a huge realisation for me !
After all these years of not knowing that ...
srsly how could I ! ;D
Last week I also went shopping in the japanese district of the
city I'm now living in ( actually I'm there quite often now ^^).
And I just couldn't resist this magazine, inside it there was a
bag by Tralala  ♥ 

♥ "I miss you and I'm always thinking of you" ♥

I also took some snapshots of some casual outfits of mine :3
Don't worry I have no injuries on my legs,
I just like to wear band-aids as "fashion items" sometimes ;3
Because of Hatsune Miku's Rolling girl look ♥

By the way here I'm wearing no extensions^^
It's all my real hair ♪
As most of you guys use to ask me
how long my real hair is - there you have it ♫
Haha, a really convenient outfit for studying ^-^
This week I also went out with some of my fellow students
to drink some bubble tea and to buy some japanese
groceries. They are all so nice ♥ 
I'm really happy I'm in such a kind environment now :3
My cup ♪
A part of the japanese shopping district here :
There I bought some rice and seasoning  :
This contains sesame, barley, plums and some more things ^^
I also got an Onigiriお握り  (rice ball) for free
at a shop called "Waraku". I got it for free
as my fellow students and I got some coupons for
the japanese shops in this town from our University,
as a welcome gift. Yayy 
How to open it :
The shop :
Another good japanese restaurant ♥
We didn't only get the coupons as a welcom gift but also some
more bags with informational brochures,
pens and all kinds of cool stuff inside (like a can of red bull :D ).
My University :
It's funny that my University is called "Heinrich Heine Uni"
as Heinrich Heine is my favourite german poet !
I really love him above all the other ones ♥
He is one of the most important poets of germany.
It's said that he is "the last poet of the literary era called 'Romanticism'"
And at the same time he has pushed things forward to something totally different. His Poems are often macabre and material for controversy.
He was very critical and did also write poems with political statements.
He really is a huge role model to me *-* The kind of artist I admire.
Quotes in german about him :
„Heine sagt sehr bissige Sachen, und seine Witze treffen ins Schwarze. Man hält ihn für von Grund auf böse, aber nichts ist falscher; sein Herz ist so gut wie seine Zunge schlecht ist. Er ist zärtlich, aufmerksam, aufopfernd, in der Liebe romantisch, ja schwach, und eine Frau kann ihn unbegrenzt beherrschen.“
[ George Sand ]
My translation : Heine says very caustic things and his poems hit the mark. You think he is evil to the bones but nothing could be falser, his heart is as good as his tongue is bad. He is gentle,
alert, devoted, considering love he is romantic, well weak and a woman can dominate him
without limit.
„Heine ist von den meisten anderen Dichtern verschieden, weil er alle Scheinheiligkeit verachtet, er zeigt sich stets als der, welcher er ist, mit allen menschlichen Eigenschaften und allen menschlichen Fehlern.“
[ Empress Elisabeth von Austria ]
My translation: Heine is different from most other poets, because he despises hypocrisy,
he presents himself always as the person he really is, with all humanly traits and all
humanly flaws."

„Den höchsten Begriff vom Lyriker hat mir Heinrich Heine gegeben. Ich suche umsonst in allen Reichen der Jahrtausende nach einer gleich süßen und leidenschaftlichen Musik. Er besaß eine göttliche Bosheit, ohne die ich mir das Vollkommene nicht zu denken vermag (…). – Und wie er das Deutsche handhabt! Man wird einmal sagen, dass Heine und ich bei weitem die ersten Artisten der deutschen Sprache gewesen sind.“
[ Friedrich Nietzsche ] 
I'm sorry but I don't have the time to translate the rest.
This is my favourite poem by Heine :

"Mein süßes Lieb wenn du im Grab"
Mein süßes Lieb, wenn du im Grab,
Im dunkeln Grab wirst liegen,
Dann will ich steigen zur dir hinab,
Und will mich an dich schmiegen.

Ich küsse, umschlinge und presse dich wild,
Du Stille, du Kalte, du Bleiche!
Ich jauchze, ich zittre, ich weine mild,
Ich werde selber zur Leiche.

Die Toten stehn auf, die Mitternacht ruft,
Sie tanzen im luftigen Schwarme;
Wir beide bleiben in der Gruft,
Ich liege in deinem Arme.

Die Toten stehn auf, der Tag des Gerichts
Ruft sie zu Qual und Vergnügen;
Wir beide bekümmern uns um nichts,
Und bleiben umschlungen liegen.
English version :
When thou shalt lie, my darling, low
In the dark grave, where they hide thee,
Then down to thee I will surely go,
and nestle in beside thee

Wildly I'll kiss and clasp thee there,
Pale,cold and silent lying;
Shout, shudder weep in dumb despair,
Beside my dead love dying.

The midnight calls, up raise the dead
And dance in airy swarms there;
We twain quite not our earthly bed,
I lie wrapt in your arms there.

Up rise the dead, the Judgement-day
To bliss or anguish calls them,
We twain lie on as before we lay,
And need not what befalls them.
It's so much worse in english ._. translations always miss something
in poetry 
but well you get the essence of it.
Some time ago I discovered a rap song 
which deals with the same topic this poem does.
I thought it's really funny that this idea is not new at all
and even was thematised in great literature.
This rap song is, of corse not meant seriously and i must say
I like it a lot as well !
I must admit I'm just into macarbre things ♥
To me the poem of Heine is really romantic and even this rap song,
is the kind of romanticism I prefer due to art ;3
♥ Hollywood Hank - Tod der Scheidung ♥
Okay enough of that. So at the moment
I have a really adventurous time ♥
I will try to tell you some interesting facts I learn about Japan
due to my studies whenever I can ^^
I'm also still working on my new videos ...yes that's right !
I've not forgotten, you can be sure to see some tutorials soon ~♥
But as I said I'm very busy in general now. Stay tuned !

Neko's music :

•【オリジナル曲】文学少女インセイン カラスヤサボウ feat.鏡音リン

• Hatsune Miku- 弾けないギターを片手に。【オリジナル曲】

♥ Enter Shikari - Gandhi mate, Gandhi ♥
I just love this song so much !
Enter Shikari is one of the bands with the 
best lyrics, tunes & messages !
"Time to mobilize, time to open eyes !"
"We stop, we think, we begin to revive !"
"Calm down ! Gandhi mate, remember Gandhi"

• James P Honey- Nice clean white
so lovely ♪

Thanks for reading 
(* ̄▽ ̄)ノ~~ばいばい ♥


  1. hahahahha das mit pikachu ist ja total genial :D wie gut. heute mal wieder was gelernt ^.^

  2. Japanese use lots of words that refer to sound or movement rather than the thing itself :). Goro Goro Pika Pika = thunder, paku paku = eat, kero kero = a little frog, geko geko = a big frog, wan wan (chan) = dog, boo boo (chan) = piggy... Lolz. Funny :)

    x, Lara


  3. Amazing! I really didn't know that you are studying Japanese at university! Is it difficult? I think whole study about Japan :) And you live in Germany, right? What high school did you have? If the school was focused on Japan too :) I really like Japan so I'm interested :3
    Well, you have got very interesting findings about Pikachu! :D And you have got really really REALLY amazing hair! <33 I love it. It isn't wig or are it?

    Mikki | http://sweetdanger.blog.cz/

  4. Omg... I found mistakes in my comment. I'm sorry :/

    Mikki | http://sweetdanger.blog.cz/