Miss Neko

Miss Neko

Dienstag, 30. Oktober 2012

1 min Korean Bun, my fashion contest & Creepyyeha ♥

 Hi there (^-^)v
This week I tried a little bit more casual look,
as I'm in a hurry most mornings and need something practical
for university. When I was shopping in an Asian store a few
days ago I saw some Asian girls wearing very similar outfits to this,
I think it's really pretty and still comfortable ♥
So I wanted to try it myself. This really is my favourite outfit for
daily life at the moment as it's so warm and it's already 
pretty rainy and cold here in Düsseldorf >.<
The hairdo I tried on the pictures
above is inspired by bubzbeauty  an awesome youtuber.

Check her out if you haven't already, she's very inspiring 

for fashion AND attitude.
1 minute Korean bun
♪  My result :
I think you can not really fail at this. ~♪
Finally a hairdo that's easy ^-^
Now I have to make another important announcement:
I host a fashion contest at the YUKON in Solingen (Germany)
When : 10.11.12
14 o'clock (in der Schulstraße)

• You can participate with any outfit inspired by Japanese street fashion
such as Hime Gyaru, Fairy kei, Pastel goth, Gyaru, Lolita,
 Decora, Visual kei ...you know the endless sub-genres yourself.

• The jury (me included) will rate your overall look,
meaning how good 
your outfit is balanced and how good
everything harmonises. But that's not the only point we rate.


Fashion Contest - Tokyo fashion

I spend the last days studying and being extremely busy.
I manage to write quite a lot blog posts at the moment
as I prepare a lot for them at night on weekends etc.
You can sleep enough when you're dead right ;D
Well, at least that's my motto for most weekends.
I usually spend most of my free time with my boyfriend ♥
And he even visited me last thursday,

I was walking over our campus and suddenly I see him *-*
I was so happy as I didn't knew he would come see me so early,
I thought we would meet later at the train station.
Great surprise ♥
Casual me with 2 buns like Doremi 
(○゚ε^○)v ィェィ♪
We bought some food in the Asian stores here, got some
bubble tea and went home exhausted ~
A few days ago my "Baby Girl" hair pin by Creepyyeha arrived ♥
I'm so happy - I just love the brand and it's designer. She's
a huge fashion inspiration & a really great artist.
Check her out if you like cute & macabre things.
I personally love contradictions like innocent cute things
combined with blood etc.
And finally I found the time to take a picture of my signed poster
of  Left Boy   *-*
I went to his concert in Düsseldorf a few weeks ago.
My boyfriend and I were on the guest list and could even go 
backstage and talk to him and his manager after the show. 
We were on the guest list
because of my boyfriend's manager ^-^
As some of you might now he also produces music :
Virtual Riot
 It was such a great evening ♥

Yayy, and of course we also went to drink some bubble tea,
we sat in the shop for a while and watched the latest episode of
Adventure Time on my laptop *-*
Finally I found overknees that are long enough for my  legs^^
I'm quite tall ( 1,78 cm) so most overnkees are too
short for me ._. But not today ! :D
Victory ♥
I wish everyone of you an awesome Halloween time !
I will go to a comedy show with my boyfriend and some friends,
I'm totally happy with this kind of activity ♥
Creepy Monsters & spooky stuff is just to much for a
sensitive girl like me x_x So I'm not too excited about
Halloween each year. Though I love fake blood, Guro Lolita,
Elfen Lied, 
etc. but that's something totally different to me.
When it comes to real horror movies I cry instantly and
it's really no fun to me anymore. As I said I'm really
sensitive when it comes to horror. I can understand that
it might be fun to lots of people to be frightened but
I'm certainly 
not among those people. I don't even want to
go near any horrible/ spooky things.
I've also never been in a ghost train and I plan on keeping
it this way ^-^
♥ But I wish all of you a scary Halloween ♥
(and the ones who are too scared, like me
~ we will survive)

Neko's music : 

• Virtual Riot - Creepstep 

Dienstag, 23. Oktober 2012

Japanese Cat ear hairdo & my boyfriend's cat ♥

Hi there (^-^)v ~♪
A few days ago I bought a new hat for the winter.
It's so fluffy and warm *-* I think it also fits quite well to Gyaru fashion.
ニャー ♪  nyan 
I got the white kitty hat here.
I also took some snapshots with my bunny hoodie :
Usagi ♪
Today I wanted to try out something new.
I know this style has been popular since quite a long time in Tokyo now
and I finally found the time to try it myself.
♥ Neko mimi hairdo ♥
Cat ear hairdo
Me ♪ 猫耳
I didn't have much time to dress up today as I needed to go to university early, I just wanted to try this quickly ♪
I think they look so cute *-*
Recently I'm super busy - I've never been so busy before !
I really have to learn a lot, that's why I wrote three blog entries today :D
I gathered quite a lot topics/pictures over the time.
This weekend I visited my boyfriend spend a lovely time with him
and did some homework for my Japanese class.
Le me ~ trying to learn :
"Do not disturb Neko is busy" (v ̄ω ̄)
And because of all the work I'm also really tired sometimes  (*´Д`)=3
This is a small piece of our first test, but it's nothing really hard just
simple basics. Nothing special, but I wanted to show you ♪
It's already corrected now. There is one mistake,who can find it ^_~?
 I got 53 our of 54 points ^-^ I'm quite pleased with that ♥
If you're wondering by now : "whose cat is this ? "
It's Luna, my boyfriend's cat ♥
She's a British shorthair.
She always comes close to me when I'm
sitting on his bed doing homework, eating or using my laptop.
She's very clingy sometimes, the best cat I've ever known ! *-*
Soft kitty, warm kitty
little ball of fur
Happy kitty, sleepy kitty
purr purr purr ♪
I'm going by train or bus a lot now, while waiting for my
bus I took some snapshots :
 I always carry my iPod with me ♥
This is the view you have when standing at a bus stop I use a lot
 in the inner-city of Düsseldorf. In the back you can see a
fountain *-*
Neko's music : 

I listen to this song over and over again while 
sitting in the bus :
• Virtual Riot - Weed everyday
My favourite part is at 1:28 min ! EARGASM ♥
• Official remix for Aura Dione by Virtual Riot
In love with the world
Buy on iTunes : 
 Have a nice day
Nyan (^-^)v~ Bye bye ♥

Meetup in Düsseldorf with Diadem Twinz ♥

 Hi there (^-^)v ~♪
Last weekend the Diadem Twinz, my boyfriend
and I spend a lovely day in Düsseldorf.
We took some Purikura, went to a few Japanese stores
and drank bubble tea. I enjoyed this day so much.
It's always great with you guys ! ♥
(& you always have such perfect curls *-*)
In the OCS store :
This manga looked SO cute ! 
Normally I'm not really into little children,
yes sorry I must admit I'm the type of girl who does not find babies cute.
Can't do anything about it. But when I saw this manga I
immediately wanted to have a baby ;D
Well, the right time will come ♥
I hope I will be able to read manga like this in the future.
*working hard at university to get forward with my Japanese*  ^^
Her hat and necklace are so sweet *-*
Yayy \(^-^)/ and these are the Purikura we took :
It's always funny with so many people as it's on time ^o^
This means you run around like crazy hoping to create a nice
positioning for the picture ♫
(*^0゚)v ィエーイ☆彡
 Neko's music : 

♥ Hime Trance 
'cause it's always good \(^-^)/
Have a nice day ~♥
Nyan ♪ Bye bye (^-^)v

Anniversary with my boyfriend & shopping in the Japanese district ♥

Hi there (^-^)v
Today it's the anniversary of my boyfriend and me ♥
(* ^)(^ *)、。・:* 【愛】
We're together since 1 year and 2 months now,
but it already feels like we've always been together ♥
As I am living in Düsseldorf since this october due to my japanese
studies he visits me during the week and we also spend
the weekends together ~♪ We went to the japanese shopping district,
took some Purikura and went to a restaurant.
Last week he got us a second Mamegoma plushie *o*
The blue one ♥
Below them are our smart phones ♪ They are both the same model ♥
Now they can be happy and are not alone anymore :3
"Sora Goma"
He also gave me this cute little eraser ♥
Now I'm happy each time I use it at university.
♥ Sitting together in the train ♥
Near my house there is a little playground with swings,
we sat on them and decided to draw a heart in the sand ^-^
His line is bigger ~ hihi ♥
We also bought some things in the asian stores :
Some spice for rice, Seaweed for Onigiri, Miso soup, some drinks
& a soup with meat ( for him )
I also bought this pencil sharpener by My Melody
 as I had none since several years.
What would I do without it now ♥ It's still available in the
OCS Store in Düsseldorf.
The japanese signs say "namae" which means "name"  :
This really is the cutest pencil sharpener I've ever seen in my live !
Way too cute for such a daily and simple item, but that's what
I love about most Japanese things. They are useful and pretty
 = enpitsu = pencil ♪
The Mamegoma eraser which was in this cute little
fish box ♥
I use this every day ♥
Always reminds me of my honey & some great days in Düsseldorf ♪
I think it's good to have such cute little things in your daily
life which make you happy by just looking at them. I love to have
little things which remind me of a great time I had ^-^
Another pen which is useful for learning Japanese,
also available in the OCS store.
And this was the bag the store gave us.
Hello Kitty ♥  ハローキティ
I had the luck to meet a very very kind girl who already studied at my University. She helped me with some things like finding rooms,
giving me some uselful advises etc. She even gave some
Japanese things she had to me *O*
I couldn't believe my luck !! ♥ How nice !!  
I really hadn't expected to meet such nice people at university,
but this really surpasses all my expectations ♪
Some "ichigo milk" sweets, papers for notes, chopsticks, yewelry
and some photographs of Japan ♥
This is the bag inside which the things were : 
She even gave me an Origami Crane as well.
It's so pretty *-*
Ichigo Milk sweets : 
And a notebook for japanese class ♥
Thank you so much again ! ♥♥♥
You really made my day  *-*
Among all the stress and fears of a newbie at University
you gave me some guidance and happiness.
As I already mentioned before my boyfriend came to visit me
several times. We went to Starbucks :
and to a restaurant :
But I also cooked some things for us myself ♥
It might look strange but I really like such food ;D
So I spend some lovely days with my honey and I can't wait for
all that still has to come.
There is no better person to sit with in the train.
(*^。^人^。^* )シアワセ! Shiawase !
Neko's music :

• Perfume - Love the world
soundtrack for the recent days ♫]
Have a nice day ! ♥
Nyan ~♪ ばいばい(⌒ー⌒)ノ~~