Miss Neko

Miss Neko

Samstag, 29. September 2012

Pastel flower child, pictures of me and my love & big updates ♥

Hi there (^-^)v
Lots of things happened since my last entry.
As I mentioned I've been to the wedding of my boyfriend's sister
and now we finally got the pictures the photographer took that day ♥
Another big update is that I'm moving to Düsseldorf (Germany)!
I will move tomorrow and start living there because of my
studies about "modern Japan".
Another new project which finally got realised is this :
As I get asked a lot about my hair/make-up etc. I
finally made some youtube tutorials !
I've also given lots of information in this former post :
How to : my hair & make-up
I will upload the videos in a few weeks, stay tuned ♥
This is a snap shot I took after finishing one of the videos :
♥~ pastel flower child ~♥
My boyfriend and me dancing at the party after the wedding ♥
♥ You got me so wild ♥

 Dance at my Party \(^-^)/ ~♪
The last few days I had to do lots of things concerning my
commencing studies. I spent the rest of my free time
with my boyfriend who's going to start studying next month as well.
So I rested a little at his home and cuddled with his cat Luna.
She's so adorable *-*
I took some snap shots with my new Laptop I bought to study with.
Now I'm finally able to do web-cam chats again \(^-^)/
I also want to show you this blog I recently found :

It's a fashion blog about Fairy kei etc. ♥
She wrote about different styles like the sub-styles of fairy kei
and pastel goth in this blog entry.
She also took a picture of me for her description,
 Yayy ! That's so nice *blush* 
(*/∇\*) キャ 
This one, of one of my pastel goth outfits ♪
I like pastel goth a lot but as I don't have much money,
to spend on wigs/clothes etc.
( yes the cliché of the "poor student" is real ^_~ )
I need to get inventive quite a lot of times.
The shirt I'm wearing on the image above is made by me
as well as this one :
Some of you might also remember the choker I made
myself inspired by Creepyyeha ♥

So don't worry if you don't have lots of money to spend, I think
you can still be fashionable if you want to ^-^
Just try out some things ♥
Arctic Fox ♥
I'm really looking forward to winter time this year.
I have quite a lot ideas for new outfits in my mind which
would fit the weather quite well. My mother is also
crocheting  long & white overknee socks
 for me at the moment *-*
As I'm quite tall (1,78 cm) most overknee socks are not
long enough for my legs. So I'm really looking forward to getting
very long ones ♥ When I find the time I might also start
crocheting some pairs myself ^^
I will show you soon :3
Neko's music :
• Lisa Rowe - Black Light 
Just awesome !!

• The remix by Virtual Riot :

Marteria,Yasha & Miss Platnum - Lila Wolken 
This song is so intense ♥ I love it

• Super Sonico - Romeo and Cinderella
I love super Sonico ♥

• KG - また出逢えたなら ...duet with HanaH

Some music for the night made by my boyfriend ♥
• Your personal Tranquillizer -
survival lessons under the stars

The last song I want to share with you is
by my favourite artificial singer Hatsune Miku
• Deep sea girl :
Thanks for reading,
have a nice day ~ nyan nyan ♪ばいばい(⌒ー⌒)ノ~~~
The view of my window.
Er mah Gerd ! Double rainbow ^o^


  1. Cute pics with your bf! I admire how much effort you put into your style ^^

  2. Ich hoffe der Umzug nach Düsseldorf verlief gut!
    Wünsche dir viel Erfolg mit dem Studium und vielleicht läuft man sich ja mal wieder über den Weg ;)

  3. Hab dich gerade am ddorf hbf gesehen, also du an den ubahn haltestellen langelaufen bist. Vllt hast du mich ja auch gesehen, hab rote Haare und hab dich glaub ich auch ziemlich doof angeschaut xD

  4. Aww thank you ♥ (*/∇\*) キャ

    @Usai : Ja das ging zum Glück alles gut ^^
    Vielen Dank ♥ Ja ich hoffe es *-*

    @Nivia : Hihi aww wie klein die Welt ...usw. ;D
    Ich war sicher etwas im Stress :D Achte leider im Alltag sehr selten auf das was um mich herum ist...und hab auch immer Musik im Ohr, hab leider nix mitbekommen >.<
    Vielleicht läuft man sich ja nochmal über den Weg ♥

    nyan ~♪

  5. I love Your style, it's sooo cute! <3