Miss Neko

Miss Neko

Mittwoch, 5. September 2012

FAQ: Miss Neko's hair & make-up ♥

Hi there (^-^)v
As people ask me over and over again which 
hair products and make-up I use I decided to write about it now.
I do strain my hair by dying, teasing, curling it etc. 
BUT I also care for it a lot so it doesn't break off.
I should also mention that my natural hair is extremely thick.
It looks thinner now because of my layered haircut and the straightening.
But when I was 13 my hair was so long it almost reached 
my butt and I looked like Hermione Granger from Harry Potter 1 
or like Mia from "The Princess diaries" before her makeover.
Me when I was about 12/13 :

But I must say I hated my hair back then so much !
Yes, if you dye your hair and do lots of things with it you will damage it,
but that doesn't mean you will loose lots of lenght !!
With the right care it can easily grow again ♥
I must admit I was never happier about my hair than I'm now.
Also I personally would recommand to never bleach all your hair twice !
I've only bleached mine once in my life and since then I only dye the
roots, of course. The pink colour only lays itself over your hair,
so it doesn't damage it as much as bleaching.

Pink hair :  I use carnation pink by Directions.
I dye it again every 1 1/2  months.
I always mix it with conditioner and silvershampoo.
You need to find out what's the best mixture for you.
I use 1/3 silvershampoo and 2/3 conditioner.
I don't mix the pink coulor with it ! 
I only put a little bit of the shampoo/conditioner mixture over the
pink in my hair 
while dying it.
I wait 1 hour before I wash the colour out.
When I dye my hair it looks like this on the next day :
This colour lasts about 1 week and a few days, I also redye 
it after this ammount of time. But when I redye it I only apply
few pink colour on wet hair and let it stay in for 40 minutes.
This way I maintain this pink colour for some more weeks.
Moreover I use to wash my hair with cold water, thus
the coulour particles stay in a bit longer.

♥ The hair products I use :
1. Niveau Long repair spray.
( for me it works perfectly, can't live without it !)
2. Nivea intense repair shampoo
3. Nivea intense repair conditioner
4. Silver shampoo by swiss o'par
(I always wash my hair with the silver shampoo as well)

♥ The make-up I use :
1. Manhattan X-treme-last mascara waterproof
( I do my upper lashes with it )
2. essence liquid eyeliner
( I always have 4 of it at home, I use it a lot, so I buy
cheap eyeliner. It works perfectly for me.)
3.essence long lasting eye pencil in silver
( I use to draw with it in the inside corners of my eyes,
after that I put white eye shadow over it.)
4. Max Factor soft resistant make-up
5. It's the same as 1. basically
6. P2 Duo power mascara
( It's perfect for the lower lashes ! I don't use the white side)

This is my foundation powder, I put it over my make-up :
For my normal make-up I use these eye shadows :
(the black one by essence is to slightly draw under the lower line I drew
with a liquid eyeliner.)

If you want to ask anything else feel free to ask me.

Maybe I still need to do a make-up tutorial.*thinks about it*
If you like flowers as hair accessory I have a tip for you now,
at H&M they have some cute new clips in the children's section now:

~(=^・ω・^)/。・:*:・゚☆ 月の猫

Neko's music :

♥ Moon Kana 
I admire her as an artist since I'm 13 *-*
Moon wings :

Iain Morrison & Daibhidh martin - Taketori
♥ I'm listening to this song since weeks ♥
It's just so lovely !
Have a nice day, nyan ~♥
ばいばい(⌒ー⌒)ノ~~~   .:*:・'°☆ 


  1. thank you for letting me know how to do hair, mine will never look that good bcuz its soooo thin and baby fine, i hate it!!

    you said in some pics you have extensions, plzzzzzz i beg you to tell me what

    they are called and where you get them!! idk which ones to get. do you color them the same pink as your hair?
    do i buy pink color online???? why does it only last week and 1/2? my hair lady did pink on my "wispies" and it only lasted 5 days :(
    so thats the way ALL brands of pink color last? for you, week and 1/2, then you do more. brand is called "Directions"??? i will google it :)

    thx sweetest Princesse of PINK <3

    luv, Jiinx aka Whimsy