Miss Neko

Miss Neko

Samstag, 29. September 2012

Pastel flower child, pictures of me and my love & big updates ♥

Hi there (^-^)v
Lots of things happened since my last entry.
As I mentioned I've been to the wedding of my boyfriend's sister
and now we finally got the pictures the photographer took that day ♥
Another big update is that I'm moving to Düsseldorf (Germany)!
I will move tomorrow and start living there because of my
studies about "modern Japan".
Another new project which finally got realised is this :
As I get asked a lot about my hair/make-up etc. I
finally made some youtube tutorials !
I've also given lots of information in this former post :
How to : my hair & make-up
I will upload the videos in a few weeks, stay tuned ♥
This is a snap shot I took after finishing one of the videos :
♥~ pastel flower child ~♥
My boyfriend and me dancing at the party after the wedding ♥
♥ You got me so wild ♥

 Dance at my Party \(^-^)/ ~♪
The last few days I had to do lots of things concerning my
commencing studies. I spent the rest of my free time
with my boyfriend who's going to start studying next month as well.
So I rested a little at his home and cuddled with his cat Luna.
She's so adorable *-*
I took some snap shots with my new Laptop I bought to study with.
Now I'm finally able to do web-cam chats again \(^-^)/
I also want to show you this blog I recently found :

It's a fashion blog about Fairy kei etc. ♥
She wrote about different styles like the sub-styles of fairy kei
and pastel goth in this blog entry.
She also took a picture of me for her description,
 Yayy ! That's so nice *blush* 
(*/∇\*) キャ 
This one, of one of my pastel goth outfits ♪
I like pastel goth a lot but as I don't have much money,
to spend on wigs/clothes etc.
( yes the cliché of the "poor student" is real ^_~ )
I need to get inventive quite a lot of times.
The shirt I'm wearing on the image above is made by me
as well as this one :
Some of you might also remember the choker I made
myself inspired by Creepyyeha ♥

So don't worry if you don't have lots of money to spend, I think
you can still be fashionable if you want to ^-^
Just try out some things ♥
Arctic Fox ♥
I'm really looking forward to winter time this year.
I have quite a lot ideas for new outfits in my mind which
would fit the weather quite well. My mother is also
crocheting  long & white overknee socks
 for me at the moment *-*
As I'm quite tall (1,78 cm) most overknee socks are not
long enough for my legs. So I'm really looking forward to getting
very long ones ♥ When I find the time I might also start
crocheting some pairs myself ^^
I will show you soon :3
Neko's music :
• Lisa Rowe - Black Light 
Just awesome !!

• The remix by Virtual Riot :

Marteria,Yasha & Miss Platnum - Lila Wolken 
This song is so intense ♥ I love it

• Super Sonico - Romeo and Cinderella
I love super Sonico ♥

• KG - また出逢えたなら ...duet with HanaH

Some music for the night made by my boyfriend ♥
• Your personal Tranquillizer -
survival lessons under the stars

The last song I want to share with you is
by my favourite artificial singer Hatsune Miku
• Deep sea girl :
Thanks for reading,
have a nice day ~ nyan nyan ♪ばいばい(⌒ー⌒)ノ~~~
The view of my window.
Er mah Gerd ! Double rainbow ^o^

Mittwoch, 12. September 2012

Accepted at University for Japanese & A day in Düsseldorf ♥

Hi there (^-^)v
I have big news !
I got accepted at university for japanese and english !
I will begin next month, the university is in my favourite town
Düsseldorf ♥ I also already got a place to live there.
I'm so happy that I finally don't need to worry about my future anymore.
This is really a dream coming true for me.
I wanted to do this since I'm 13.
On monday I went to Düsseldorf with my mother ♥
We did some things which had to be done at university,
ate in their canteen and explored the city.
I'm glad the food they offer there is very good and they focus on healthy
eating. They even had little signs there which said "Vegan" etc.
This is in front of one of the buildings to which I'll have to go :
And of course I also had to take some Purikura in Düsseldorf ♥
I took them together with my mother, she found it very funny,
she even edited the right picture by herself ^^
The duck at the right side reminds me of one of the best skeches I know :D
and we did talk about it earlier that day ^^
Loriot :
( it's in German )
♥ Mokona ♥
I also took some pictures on the grouds of the University
This is the sign that says "Welcome" 
This is their library, which is also the state library :
There are also some very neat places where you can relax ♥
 At the right side there is a little lake and in the background you can see a small waterfall ♥ So you could hear some relaxing burbling of water while sitting there.
 We also tried out lots of  bus connectins so I get to know the place better.
 While waiting for a bus we sat down at a well near the bus stop ♪
Today I went to the dentist. I had a small surgery as 2 of my wisdom teeth
still needed to get out. I had the same surgery about half a year ago
with my other 2 wisdom teeth, so I knew what I had to expect.
Luckily the people at my dentist are all very nice and friendly,
so I'm never uncomfortable there and always keep a positive
attitude towards this ^^
So this is how I looked right after the surgery :
 I can't really smile ~ *ailing-face day*   ;D
but don't worry I'm not sad and the pain is bearable.
While I'm writing this I'm sitting here with a cooling pack
that I hold to my cheek from time to time.
To everyone who also got out there wisdom teeth today
or will soon : Don't be afraid ! It can only get better ♥
Always have a positive mindset
 Neko's music :

awesome mood \(*O*)/
• Nero - Crush on you (Knife Party remix)
Thank you for reading ♥ nyan
Have an awesome day \(^-^)/ Bye ~♪

Went to the wedding of my boyfriend's sister ♥

 Hi there (^-^)v
The last weekend my boyfriend and I were invited to his
sister's wedding *-* ♥ It was just so lovely !
Better than in every fairy tale, there were even horses as the

bridal couple likes horses and each of them even has one :)
The whole thing took place near Mannheim, we went there by train
which took about 4 hours. The actual wedding ceremony happened outside
next to a lake near a hotel. The sun was shining bright and everything was
just perfect. My boyfriend played the piano during the ceremony ♥
I almost wept as it was just so romantic *-*
(I will only show you some pictures of us etc. due to privacy)
♥ Me honey and me ♥

This were our place cards. They wrote down our artists names.
Yayy *-*  How cool is that ! ♥
Waiting at a railway station ♪
He took his Monotron Duo ( Korg ) with him so he could play
some music during our trip ♥

I also took some snap shots of our hotel room.
It was quite cozy ♥
The view was great, we could see some parts of the big lake ♥
And  finally this :
The biggest and most delicious piece of cake I've ever eaten :D
I wish I could just eat this over and over again for the rest of my life.

So we had a really awesome weekend. 
I was just so moved by this beautiful wedding *-*
To me this really is the most beautiful and important event in a persons life ♥
In the evening there was a big party and we 
went to bed at about 4 o'clock in the morning. 
My honey and I also danced a walz & some other dances for couples.

Neko's Music :

something pieceful
• Mt. - Lecture on nothing 

Thanks for reading ♥ nyan
Have a nice day 

Mittwoch, 5. September 2012

FAQ: Miss Neko's hair & make-up ♥

Hi there (^-^)v
As people ask me over and over again which 
hair products and make-up I use I decided to write about it now.
I do strain my hair by dying, teasing, curling it etc. 
BUT I also care for it a lot so it doesn't break off.
I should also mention that my natural hair is extremely thick.
It looks thinner now because of my layered haircut and the straightening.
But when I was 13 my hair was so long it almost reached 
my butt and I looked like Hermione Granger from Harry Potter 1 
or like Mia from "The Princess diaries" before her makeover.
Me when I was about 12/13 :

But I must say I hated my hair back then so much !
Yes, if you dye your hair and do lots of things with it you will damage it,
but that doesn't mean you will loose lots of lenght !!
With the right care it can easily grow again ♥
I must admit I was never happier about my hair than I'm now.
Also I personally would recommand to never bleach all your hair twice !
I've only bleached mine once in my life and since then I only dye the
roots, of course. The pink colour only lays itself over your hair,
so it doesn't damage it as much as bleaching.

Pink hair :  I use carnation pink by Directions.
I dye it again every 1 1/2  months.
I always mix it with conditioner and silvershampoo.
You need to find out what's the best mixture for you.
I use 1/3 silvershampoo and 2/3 conditioner.
I don't mix the pink coulor with it ! 
I only put a little bit of the shampoo/conditioner mixture over the
pink in my hair 
while dying it.
I wait 1 hour before I wash the colour out.
When I dye my hair it looks like this on the next day :
This colour lasts about 1 week and a few days, I also redye 
it after this ammount of time. But when I redye it I only apply
few pink colour on wet hair and let it stay in for 40 minutes.
This way I maintain this pink colour for some more weeks.
Moreover I use to wash my hair with cold water, thus
the coulour particles stay in a bit longer.

♥ The hair products I use :
1. Niveau Long repair spray.
( for me it works perfectly, can't live without it !)
2. Nivea intense repair shampoo
3. Nivea intense repair conditioner
4. Silver shampoo by swiss o'par
(I always wash my hair with the silver shampoo as well)

♥ The make-up I use :
1. Manhattan X-treme-last mascara waterproof
( I do my upper lashes with it )
2. essence liquid eyeliner
( I always have 4 of it at home, I use it a lot, so I buy
cheap eyeliner. It works perfectly for me.)
3.essence long lasting eye pencil in silver
( I use to draw with it in the inside corners of my eyes,
after that I put white eye shadow over it.)
4. Max Factor soft resistant make-up
5. It's the same as 1. basically
6. P2 Duo power mascara
( It's perfect for the lower lashes ! I don't use the white side)

This is my foundation powder, I put it over my make-up :
For my normal make-up I use these eye shadows :
(the black one by essence is to slightly draw under the lower line I drew
with a liquid eyeliner.)

If you want to ask anything else feel free to ask me.

Maybe I still need to do a make-up tutorial.*thinks about it*
If you like flowers as hair accessory I have a tip for you now,
at H&M they have some cute new clips in the children's section now:

~(=^・ω・^)/。・:*:・゚☆ 月の猫

Neko's music :

♥ Moon Kana 
I admire her as an artist since I'm 13 *-*
Moon wings :

Iain Morrison & Daibhidh martin - Taketori
♥ I'm listening to this song since weeks ♥
It's just so lovely !
Have a nice day, nyan ~♥
ばいばい(⌒ー⌒)ノ~~~   .:*:・'°☆