Miss Neko

Miss Neko

Freitag, 24. August 2012

Pink haired Hime Gal & 1 year anniversary with my love ♥

Hi there (^-^)v
At the moment I love to wear Hime Gyaru inspired
outfits the most ♥ So I took some new pictures
with my current favourite outfit which is
inspired by Liz Lisa. As I just finished school and currently am
waiting for my studies to begin I can't affort lots of expensive brand clothes
(there sadly are other things to buy in life except of clothes...hard to admit but true, right ;D ) but I think it is still possible to be fashionable and to try out new trends even with few money.
Creativity and sense of fashion should be more important than how
much money you have to spend on certain brand items, right ? ^-^
I think it always depends on the overall look.
Which doesn't mean it isn't nice to buy more expensive things from
time to time ♥ I must admit Hime Gyaru fashion and especially
the style of Liz Lisa clothing is the prettiest to me, BUT
you can also find that kind of style at other stores/brands or make
something on your own. I like floral patterns a lot as well as
flowers or floral wreaths as hair accessory ♥
I got the floral wreath at Claire's ,
the rose necklace is also from there. 
♥ Liz Lisa : 

I think their fashion is just perfect ♥
I was lucky that it's still such perfect summer weather here in germany *-*
This thursday on the 23.8.12 my boyfriend and me had our
♥ 1 year anniversary ♥

This is the first Purikura we took together almost 1 year ago : 

[ yayy I must admit I'm so happy that he's much taller than me ♥
I'm even wearing heels on the picture ]
We went swimming that day and enjoyed the sunny weather
in an brine bath pool which was outside. I always have so much fun
going swimming with him ~ swimming is one of my favourite free time
activities. After swimming we bought some sweets and drove by bike
through our little town. We took our bikes with us on the train and drove to
his house. On the way you can always see lots of nature, corn fields and
forests. It all looks so charming in the summer. I think I need
to take some pictures of that scenery soon.
This morning he made this for me for breakfast :
♥ Blueberries with milk & sugar ♥
I love berries in general ♥ Hihi, he even gave me the pink spoon as I
said I'd like to take a picture. Get the pink spoon for your ohime-sama ! ;D
One thing we love to watch together is 'Adventure Time'
I described the series in a few former entries already.
We also use to sing the intro from time to time, one day
we sang it out of boredom while waiting at a traffic light and
suddenly a women told us we were such a cute cuple *-*
I wrote about that event in this entry.
This series really means a lot to me. It's just cute & weired ♥
See the world through the Ice kings eyes :
In the episode : Mortal Recoil
 Haha this could also be called "Sometimes in Neko's head"
Yesterday my boyfriend and I did a personality test just for fun
 called the Myers-Briggs Type indicator. It is scientific and quite reliable.
If you also want to do it click  here .
It is invented by the psychologist Carl Jung who founded analytical psychology and by Isabel Briggs Myers.
There are 16 types of persons,
none is better than the other, just different.
According to this test I am :
ENFP  -  "The inspirer"
But this was nothing new to me it basically said that I
follow my emotions the most and I act very spontaneously lots of times.
It also says that ENFPs have "great people skills", so get along
with others easily and are kind and friendly in general.
When I found this picture I really had to lough, as
this could SO be me  ^o^
Survivalist in every kind of situation ♪ ]
My boyfriend is a INTJ
They think very logical, are intelligent and rational
( exactly the influence I need in my life ;D ♥ )

Neko's music :
• [MMD] Galaxias! [ SeeU]

♥ Hatsune Miku - Concert ♥

 Zedd - Spectrum (feat.Matthew Koma)

• Turbostaat - Insel :

And the song which is my motto at the moment ;D
No, but sometimes when the sun is shining bright and I lay
in the garden with some friends or my honey ♥
Than this song is absolutely perfect *-*
 ♥ Pippi Langstrunpf - Faul sein ist wunderschön
"Being lazy is wonderful, there is yet lots of time for work.
When the sun is bright and the flowers bloom,
the world is so pretty and wide.
Being lazy is wonderful, dear mother belive me
when I come back again I will be hardworking, I promise."
[ poorly translated by me ;) ]
Thanks for reading,
Have a nice day ~ nyan ♪ 


  1. I totally agree with you when you say that creativity and sens of fashion are much more important the money spent in clothes! :) When I see how much I use to spend in clothes (and I don't buy that much yet) and what I could do with that money, it scares me sometimes :p.

    The floral hairpiece you found is really pretty <3

  2. i just did the test and i'm the same personality as your boyfriend, INTJ ^__^

  3. Aww thank you ♥ I totally agree ^-^

    @milkywaycat : Hihi that's cool *-*