Miss Neko

Miss Neko

Samstag, 11. August 2012

My fashion evolution, No braces anymore & a Day Trip

Hi there (^-^)v
Finally I have no braces anymore !! I'm so happy now.
Now my teeth are straight and everything is fine.
I had braces once when I was 17  and after they got out my teeth went
crooked again so I got braces again at the age of 19 for some moths and now
finally everything went well ♥
I can't tell you how comfortable this feels ^o^
The ones among 
you that wear or wore  braces will understand.
But it was really worth it. Now I only got a loose retainer I
need to wear at night. I think that's actually quite cute :3
Mine is pink and has a small picture of a Panda on it.
I might take a picture of that soon.
Today I made a timeline photo collage of
the evolution of my style :
♪ Miss Neko Timeline ♪
When I was 13 ( in 2006 ) I began to wear japanese street fashion ♥
2007 at the age of 14 I found out about SPANK! fashioon / Fairy Kei 
and started to wear it for the first time.
I loved the pictures of a Spank! fashion show and on one picture
the girls seemed to wear something that looked like a gift decoration band,
and I thought it looked so cute I just had to wear it as well ^^
You can se it on the picture which is right under the text that says "(age 14)"
on the picture above.
In 2007 I also wore Decora fashion a lot ♥
I still love it but it's just not practical for me to wear and I prefere Hime Gyaru
inspired fashion recently.
In 2009 I tryed my first Gyaru and Yanmanba outfits.
I absolutely love Gyaru fashion and all it's sub styles *-*
Today I'm quite a mixture of :
• Hime Gyaru ( Liz Lisa and bohemian like fashion and the Hime hair
are my biggest inspiration ♥)
Fairy Kei ( the colours, accessories and the overall cute,
childish appearance)
• Neo Victorian fashion ( Emilie Autumn inspired, I love to wear corsets ♥)
• Gyaru fashion ( Ko-gal outfits give me the greatest inspiration for
daily outfits ♥ and of course it's the most inspiring style for hairdos !)
• Pastel gothic/rock,hardcore girl /random tumblr inspired fashion ♥
I think it's the most fun to get inspired and to create something own,
you're unique ~ enjoy that ♥
My only goal when I started to wear japanese street fashion was to look
like all these cute anime cat girls. That's what my name comes from.
I always wore cat ears when I was younger and I still do quite often.
So a friend started calling me Miss Neko and I thought he just
hit the mark with that, so I decided to make that my nick name.
And today my overall idea for my fashion is still to look like
all these cute anime Neko girls, even without wearing the
cat ears sometimes. You could almost say it became kind of the
spirit ~ Neko girls always look so motivated and heartwarming.
I wanted to capture that in my look and bring some brightness
and happieness to the world ~♥
This week I also went to the cinema and saw Brave in 3D 
with my friend Katalin.
It came out in Germany on the 02.08.12, that was the day we saw it ♥
It's my favourite animation movie by Disney ! ♥
Normally I don't like them that much but this movie sure
has restored 
my faith ^_~
Yesterday I went on a trip with my family. 
We spend the day walking through beautiful forrests
and trough fields of heather ♥ Nature is just so beautiful !
I love walking around, enjoying the scenery and listening to music ♥
A Bee-hive :
The coolest bench ever ! I love to let my legs dangle ^-^
Of course I also spend some days with my boyfriend this week ♥
I decided to walk around in his small village a little bit, as
it's such a peaceful, nice place ♥
On my way I met a little cat :
 While I was walking I enjoyed the evening breeze and listend to
some music ♥ He gave me some money so I could get some
Mountain Dew for us *-* Yayy
On my way home I took some pictures of the sunset :
Neko's music :

My boyfriend made a new remix
I must admit I just can't stop listening to this !
It makes you want to dance so badly ♥
The song feels like this summer to me ~
let your thoughts go and your emotions flow 

• Promises - Virtual Riot Party hard remix 

• Hatsune Miku - Haro / Hawayu
ハロ/ハワユ ─ 【リツカ version】
*sings along since weeks*
This song is pure love in every way ♥
"Thank you! 
Even if just for once, 
while I lament from the bottom of my heart, 
I actually want to say "thank you" ♥

Have a nice day ♪
Bye byeヾ(*^▽^*)oばいばい
( Yes, I absolutely LOVE Dinos since I was little *O*
I mean DINOSAURS ! ♥ )


  1. CUTE POST ^^ U look great with pink hair ^^

    love Emi


  2. Congratulations on getting your braces off!! Yayyy! :D
    My ex-bf used to have them and kind of know what's it like a little.. I've been thinking of getting ones, because my teeths are getting really misplaced. I asked for braces actually 6 years ago, but the stupid dentist didn't think I needed ones and now the situation is much worse.

    Fun to see how your style has developed and such a cute gift you got, I love lambs. ^^

    I think it's so nice to meet kitties outside, but I always kind of check what condition they are and try to see if they have a home. :)

    Nice post. ^^

    Frillycakes ♥

  3. wie süß, du warst ja immer schon so toll pink :3 yay am dienstag werd ich auch endlich eine japandosis in düsseldorf zu mir nehmen >.<

  4. Thank you ~♥ ^///^

    @Sasestar : Thanks ^^ I wish you best luck, maybe another dentist will give you braces, or you're lucky and only need a loose retainer :)
    That's really good ^^ Luckily I didn't need to check as the cat went back into the garden on the right side and it's owners were also sitting in the garden ♪
    Our cat runs around free as well, most of the time when I see cats in my little town or in my boyfriends village one can be sure it belongs to someone.Lots of families let their cats run outside there, mostly it's cute as one can easily regocnize to which house they belong.
    Greetings ~♥♥♥

    @Kitty : Viel spaß \(^-^)/ und vielen Dank ♥